Book 6: Chapter 108 - Gown

“General He Lei, I’ll be waiting for you. There’s a lot of alcohol here. Later… Let’s grab a drink together.” Feng You winked at He Lei coquettishly.

He Lei immediately turned to enter the room. He ignored Feng You and began to check the room. Feng You bit her lip and smiled. Then she swayed her hips as she left.

The room was huge. It could be considered a three-bedroom suite. The moment we entered, we found ourselves in a living room. There were two rooms on one side and a bigger room on the other end. Every room came with its own toilet.

“I’ll go and shower first.” He Lei looked embarrassed. He immediately entered one of the rooms and shut the door behind him.

Ah Zong chuckled, saying, “He’s embarrassed.” He turned to look at me. “I’m going to shower too.” He walked into the room next to He Lei.

The room was decorated in silver and gray. It looked very futuristic. Although I realized that whatever I found futuristic would be from Kansa Star’s past.

Until then, I hadn’t contacted Raffles and Harry. I saw that there was a monitor on the wall and turned it on.

“How may I help you?” a female AI appeared on the display and said.

“Connect to Queen Town,” I said directly, but I wasn’t sure if I had the authority to connect to the outside world. When I’d been in Silver Moon City, I hadn’t been given the authority to contact Raffles and the rest.

However, everything was unknown as of now. The Great Ghost King’s stance was ambiguous. He looked as if he weren’t guarded against me, but neither did he believe in me. He wore a face mask, and it was even harder to guess his mind.

“Alright. Face recognition, Luo Bing. Connection granted. Connecting Queen Town. Connected. Image loading…”

Raffles and Ghostie’s anxious faces appeared on the display.

“Lil’ Bing, are you okay?!” Raffles asked.

Ghostie immediately moved next to him, asking, “How’s Ghost King City?”

“Don’t worry. Everything is fine. All four Ghost Kings are here.” I was glad that I could contact them, even if our call was definitely under surveillance. Still, it didn’t matter then, because they only wanted to know if I was safe in Ghost King City.

“Four Ghost Kings?!” Ghostie rubbed his chin. “That’s interesting. I haven’t seen the other two Ghost Kings.”

“Hey! How’s Ah Zong?!” Zi Yi suddenly squeezed in with an anxious look. Zi Yi was always like this without Ah Zong. The only way he could stay calm was if Ah Zong were in his sight.

“Ah Zong is fine. He’s doing great,” I replied.

“I want to see him!” Zi Yi shouted. He was obviously fidgeting as he asked, “Where is he? I can’t be at ease if I don’t see him!”

“He’s taking a shower,” I said.

Zi Yi’s expression instantly froze. Even Raffles and Ghostie were dumbfounded.

“Sho, shower…” Raffles blushed. “Then, we’d better not interrupt you…” Raffles wanted to turn away. I knew that he’d definitely misunderstood us. I immediately explained, “We’re going to a banquet! The Queen has a rule that everyone has to take a shower and change into formal wear before attending the banquet!”

“Huh?” Raffles turned back again.

Zi Yi seemed to relax, but suddenly, a hand pushed him away. It was Xiao Ying. “Banquet? Wow! The Ghost Eclipsers have banquets?”

“Mm, these people aren’t like the regular Ghost Eclipsers.” I creased my eyebrows.

“What do you mean?” Ghostie looked at me confusedly.

I looked around and continued, “I’m not sure. The design of Ghost King City is very similar to Silver Moon City’s. I have a strange feeling here. I’m attending the Great Ghost King’s banquet tonight, but I should return after that. Don’t worry.”

Everyone on the display monitor nodded.

“Oh yeah, Bing. The rest of Margaery’s underlings ran away,” Ghostie broke into a smile. “They ran off to Corpse King’s livable zone.”

I chuckled, “That’s great. You go and take over. We have to redevelop Margaery’s livable zone.”

“I’ll take care of it!” Ghostie gave me a thumbs-up. “Oh, no, we!” Ghostie grabbed Raffles’s hand and made him do a thumbs-up too.

It felt heartwarming when I looked at them, because they were my sturdiest backing. With them, I could be fearless wherever I went!

After I ended the connection with Raffles, I felt at ease. I could finally go and enjoy the banquet and delicacies.

I didn’t find the Queen’s preferencess strange. If an originally elegant woman had come to the Ghost Eclipsers and became their Queen, she had the authority to request for all Ghost Eclipsers who attended the banquet to be clean and tidy.

After all, the Ghost Eclipsers were just too dirty. Judging from the design of the garden, the Queen wouldn’t be an ordinary person. She seemed educated, maybe a Princess like Arsenal who had been held captive. 

My bedroom was the master bedroom. It was huge and had a round bed right in the middle. By the side of the bed was a bathing pool set in the ground. I removed all my disguises and soaked myself in the rose bath.

The Queen must have liked roses, because there were roses all over. The shower that they prepared for us was rose-scented too.

I stood up and the water in the bathing pool was instantly sucked dry. Then hot air blew down from above to dry me off. A robot arm extended from the side of the bathing pool. It was holding a lotion in rose fragrance.

The Queen definitely found the unpleasant smell of the Ghost Eclipsers unbearable.

As I was putting on the lotion, I heard an engine whirring. I looked up and saw an ice blue gown descending from above. The elegant hem of the dress fluttered slightly like a fairy’s wings.

It’s a gown! It isn’t a suit!

The gown fluttered as it descended. It looked as if it were embellished with diamonds, but it couldn’t be. If they were diamonds, the gown wouldn’t be so light, and it wouldn’t be able to flutter in the air. Still, it shimmered with amazing brilliance.

At that very moment, I understood that the Great Ghost King knew my true identity. Besides that, the gown had been chosen by the Queen. So the Queen knew that I was a girl too.

I felt unusually calm. I wasn’t surprised that they knew that I was a girl. Nor was I anxious. On the contrary, I felt at ease. I felt relaxed, as though I had removed a heavy rock over my heart.

I was surprised at how calm I felt. I’d finally become a girl again. I no longer needed to put on a disguise in front of everyone.

I’d known that it would be a matter of time until I revealed myself as a woman again, for the entire world to know. However, I never expected that it would happen here in the Ghost Eclipser kingdom.

I looked at the gown, and it felt as if there were another me standing there in silence. She was the real me.

Napoleon said that they lacked a Queen? Hmph, fine, I shall give them a Queen.


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