Book 6: Chapter 107 - And the Prince!

“Hehe!” Earl suddenly chuckled in an eccentric way. Then he pushed his glasses up with his middle finger. “The Great Ghost King has his Queen, but the Prince is still single.”

“Hehehe, Earl, the Prince wants women. Since when does the Prince want men?” Feng You found what Earl said funny.

“It’s hard to say, because Ice Fire King is a charming person,” Earl said seriously. “I believe that the Great Ghost King has the same plan,” he continued.

“Don’t try to sound like the Great Ghost King’s adviser.” Feng You rolled her eyes at Earl. “Since when has the Great Ghost King started looking for a wife for the Prince? Plus, even if he were, he should be looking for a woman, like…” Feng You flipped her long green hair and ran her hands down her curvy figure. “Me!”

“Feng You, the Prince suddenly appeared one day. We aren’t certain of his preferences.” Flurry smiled gently at Feng You. “In the past two years, the Prince hasn’t been with any man or woman.”

The conversation sounded strange. It was as though the Prince had suddenly popped out of nowhere and they’d only known him for two years. Such a coincidence. It was close to the time I’d left Silver Moon City.

“Mm. That’s true. Plus, the Prince doesn’t like to talk. In short, the Great Ghost King is still the best!” Feng You began to fantasize again. There was admiration in her green eyes. “He has always been with the Queen. He has never looked for other women or men.”

“Our Great Ghost King is a loyal man,” Flurry said gently. “That’s why all the women admire our King, isn’t it, Feng You?” He looked at Feng You with a smile.

Feng You suddenly blushed. The arrogant Queen suddenly became shy. She looked away. “Hmph.

“Feng You, you’re blushing.” Suddenly, Dian Yin appeared next to us. Nubis was standing right behind him, and Spring Ghost led Napoleon over.

Spring Ghost looked at Feng You. He wore no expression. “Feng You, you are sexually aroused,” he said calmly.

“Go away!” Feng You hushed them away. “Walk through that entrance. Nubis smells like a rotten corpse. And you, Spring Ghost, don’t look at me with your lewd gaze.”

Spring Ghost didn’t bother to look at her as he said, “Feng You, you are imagining things.” Spring Ghost remained calm.

“So annoying! North Star, let’s go this way! Hmph!” Feng You stomped off in another direction, so we parted ways with Dian Yin and the rest.

Spring Ghost and Dian Yin exchanged a glance. Dian Yin licked his lips with a smile, while Spring Ghost wore no expression as usual. He led Napoleon to another entrance.

Feng You was angry. Flurry and the other men had seen through her mind. To a woman, it was embarrassing. However, as Feng You and Flurry walked ahead of us, He Lei and Ah Zong let out a breath of relief.

Feng You and Flurry led us through the door into a brightly lit area. An exquisite chandelier lit up the resplendent place before us. There was a plush red carpet with golden trim on the ground, and beautiful paintings on the wall. In the corners, there were various delicate vase decorations that made the place look elegant and noble.

They led us into an elevator. It was no longer part of the infrastructure like the earlier elevator; this one was luxuriously built. There was a vase of roses in the elevator too, filling the air with its fragrance.

When the elevator stopped, we saw a white corridor in front of us. On one side of the corridor, there was a protruding window. We could see thin clouds outside the window, and dim lights that were vaguely visible under the clouds. They were like stars on the ground. The sky had already turned dark without us noticing.

Gehenna wanted to place his hand on my shoulder. “Bro…” Suddenly, He Lei caught his hand and moved it back to his side.

Geenna looked at him stiffly, saying, “I’m talking to my bro. We need to be closer! Closer!” Gehenna said, emphasizing the distance. “How can we whisper if we aren’t close enough? Everyone will hear us.” 

“Bro, I can’t help you if you lie further,” Vanish said solemnly.

“Ice Fire King is the person we all want to protect. Please don’t approach him in such a way.” Earl pushed his glasses up with his middle finger.

“I raised you two!” Gehenna cried.

“Boss, you’re already our fathers’ age. Please behave yourself!” Vanish remarked.

Pfft!” Ah Zong covered his mouth and sniggered.

Gehenna had turned around and slapped his own face.

I looked at Gehenna in distress. “Uncle, who are they?” I asked softly while looking at Feng You and Flurry who were leading the way.

“They’re the sixteen Ghost Messengers. Including those you saw earlier, they’re all the Great Ghost King’s guards. They’re powerful.” Gehenna continued, “Flurry’s superpower is to control and spread sound. At the same time, he’s also a wind controller. That’s why… it’s useless for us to do this. He can hear everything…” Geenna said softer and softer. He dragged the last word out and turned to face Flurry.

Flurry suddenly stopped. Then, he turned and happened to greet Gehenna’s face that was moving closer to his.

Gehenna quickly moved back and rubbed his lips, muttering, “Ugh. I nearly kissed you.”

“Mister Gehenna, your room is here.” Flurry pointed at the white door to the side. The door opened, revealing a clean and tidy room. “Please hurry up and take a shower. Then put on your formal wear. It’s in the usual spot. Then, go up to the rooftop Galaxy Hall for the banquet.”

“Alright.” Gehenna walked to the door.

Flurry smiled at him and continued, “And please don’t whisper behind me. Not only can I hear you, I can also smell your…” He covered his nose. “Ugh… Breath.” He squinted and smiled.

Gehenna’s face instantly turned grim. “Flurry, do you want to lose another hand today…”

“Hurry up and get ready! Don’t waste time!” Vanish shoved Gehenna into the room and Earl followed behind him. He bowed at me and closed the door.

“Bro, let’s go to the banquet together later!” Gehenna shouted from in between Earl and Vanish. Then, they disappeared behind the closed door.

I felt bad for Gehenna’s status as a boss.

Flurry looked at Feng You with a smile and she rolled her eyes at him, saying, “Don’t even think about it. Go and take a shower.” 

Flurry bowed politely at Ah Zong. Then he turned and left. His wrist was still bandaged.

“Pervert.” Feng You rolled her eyes at him in disdain. Then she looked at us. “Your room is further ahead.”

She continued to walk forward. As we were reaching the end of the corridor, she stopped, and there was a room next to her.

She looked at me solemnly, saying, “Ice Fire King, the Queen wants everyone to attend the banquet in formal wear. As the Ghost Eclipsers have bad taste, the Queen has selected the outfit for you. It’s already been prepared. After you shower, we will send suitable formal wear to you.”

Then, she opened the door. The room was similar to Gehenna’s.


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