Book 2: Chapter 11 - Emergency

“Elder Alufa, I’ll send some food to Second Sis first,” I informed Elder Alufa. He nodded and replied, “Alright. Bring her here to take a look too. She’s going to be a mother soon.” Elder Alufa’s suggestion shocked Sis Ceci and Uncle Mason.

“Elder Alufa!” Sis Ceci wanted to comment but Elder Alufa cut her off. Uncle Mason wore the same worried look as Sis Ceci. 

“Don’t worry. I believe in Second Sis’ maternal instinct,” he said. My heart felt warmed by Elder Alufa’s words; he was truly a wise and magnanimous elder.

I rushed back to the warehouse. Inside, Second Sis was already anxiously pacing back and forth. However, her behavior seemed different from when she wanted to use the loo.

When she wanted to go to the loo, she’d pace for a bit and sit for a bit, then pace again in a repeating cycle. However, this time, she was anxiously just pacing back and forth without stopping. I’d never seen her like that before.

“Second Sis, we are going out.” I went to lead the way. But Second Sis paused in the doorway, turning her face about in the air as if she was trying to sniff out the right direction.

Second Sis was behaving strangely.

“Second Sis, what’s wrong with you?” I asked.

She determined a direction and started walking very fast. When she reached the fork, she abruptly turned down a different path! This wasn’t the road to the exit, but to West Zone where everyone was waiting!

Did she feel it? Is some kind of pregnant mother’s instinct? After all, the flying corpses’ sensory perception was much stronger than humans’.

As expected, she really was running towards Sis Meizi’s house.

“Ah…” As we got closer, we heard a blood-curdling scream. I shivered; I would never again think that giving birth was as easy as shown on TV.

Second Sis was trembling all over. Visibly anxious, her white eyes stared straight at Sis Meizi’s room, her hands subconsciously caressing her belly.

The flying corpses’ body structure was very different from humans’. Leaving aside the fact that they had wings, they also appeared to have fewer rib bones than us. This was probably for the sake of decreasing weight to aid flight.

Hence, below the ribcage, the stomach would usually concave inwards - just like a yogi who had sucked in a deep breath and let their stomach flatten against their back.

“Don’t worry,” I touched Second Sis’s arm and reassured her, “Giving birth is very fast - ”

“Ah--!” Before I could even finish my sentence, another blood-curdling scream had sounded. Oops, my bad.

“Her water broke!” Ming You quickly ran out, beaming with joy. “Ah Gu! Hurry up!”

“Yes!” One guy broke away from the medical team outside Sis Meizi’s room to rush inside after her.

I brought Second Sis back to the long table. Glancing curiously in the direction of the guy who’d entered, I asked, “What did that guy head in for?”

“To take on her pain,” Arsenal explained, her gaze still fixed on Sis Meizi’s room. “Ah Gu’s superpower is to transfer someone’s pain. That’s why he’s a vital member of the medical team; it comes in handy during birthings too.”

What? There’s actually a superpower that can help someone to endure their pain?!

I was shocked. It turned out that the metahumans in Noah City weren’t limited to the DR team or the scouting troop members, but actually existed unseen across various other industries too. Their superpowers even ran the full gamut of powers I’d never even thought of.

Not long after Ah Gu entered, I heard another scream, “Ah!!!!”

What!? It is a man’s voice?

“Ah!!! Ah!!!” A man was screaming in pain, the sound much more heartbreaking than Sis Meizi’s earlier. Obviously, the early labor pains had been nothing in comparison. It even gave the illusion that a man was the one giving birth inside.

“Ah!” Suddenly, Second Sis groaned in pain. Alarmed, I turned to see that she had curled her body in agony, holding her belly with her arms.

Immediately I became agitated, and my heart started racing! Is she going to give birth now? Impossible! She doesn’t even have a baby bump yet!

Elder Alufa, Arsenal, Sis Ceci, Uncle Mason and everyone else looked in our direction, startled. Second Sis fell to the ground in pain, and I panicked. “Second Sis! Second Sis! What happened to you?!” Second Sis was too big in size, I couldn’t help her up at all when she fell. The people around us were too stunned to act in time too.

“She must be too nervous!” Raffles ran over, yelling, “Tell her to calm down!” He sounded full of nerves himself.

Harry and the other teammates on the second floor leaned over to see what was going on. Catching sight of us, Harry couldn’t help but leap down and run over too.

“Raffles! Hurry up and take a look!” Elder Alufa became anxious too. “You must save Second Sis’ baby!”

Landing before Raffles, Harry grabbed him and pulled him along quickly over to our side.

Panting heavily, Raffles gasped out, “Luo Bing, it’s not easy for flying corpses to conceive because of the way their bodies mutated. Their uterus lining is too thin, so it’ll be hard for her to keep the baby! You have to calm her down! She’s too worked up now - it must be her senses overloading in reaction to Sis Meizi giving birth! A flying corpse’s sixth sense becomes more sensitive during pregnancy!” 

“Ming You! Where’s Ming You!” Unnerved, I grabbed Raffles by the arm. “Get Ming You to take a look at her!”

“It’s no use, Ming You can only heal. She can’t do anything about the body structure of a flying corpse.” Raffles was upset too. “It’s a pity, the flying corpse’s child is extremely precious for the reverse research potential.”

“She’s bleeding!” Sis Ceci exclaimed in shock; blood was flowing from Second Sis’ lower body.

Arsenal, Elder Alufa and the rest of the Noah City’s people were nervous too. They milled around anxiously, throwing Second Sis worried looks while chiming in. 

“Raffles! Figure out a way to save Second Sis and her child. Her child is a human too!”

“Elder Alufa, how about getting the medical team to look at her too?”

“But Sis Meizi is still giving birth.”

Raffles was distressed. “Maybe after Sis Meizi gives birth, her influence on Second Sis will be cut off. But time is ticking. What to do, what to do?!” He hit his forehead as if that would let him think faster

“Calm down! Raffles!” Harry held Raffles’ shoulders to calm him down.

Agitated, I could only hold Second Sis’s hand and urge her, “Second Sis, you must hold on!”

“Ah! Ah!”

“Ah! Ahh!!” The entire square was filled with Ah Gu’s and Second Sis’ wails, resonating with the cries of two pregnant mothers.

“Unless, I strengthen the human DNA!” Raffles blurted, facing me with a solemn expression. “I could use the injection! Luo Bing, I’ve already improved my medication, it won’t hurt Second Sis at all!”

Second Sis panted as she looked at Raffles. The blood at her lower body left a trail that made people shudder.

I grabbed Raffles by his wrist. “What about the baby?!”

Raffles blinked rapidly. He lowered his head and didn’t dare to meet my gaze. “Fif…Fifty-fifty. But if I had more time, I’d definitely make it one hundred percent safe!”

But right now, we were in lack of time!


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