Book 6: Chapter 106 - The Ghost Kings and Queen

Nubis’ expression grew stiff and he froze on the platform. He stood there blankly without uttering a word.

“Nubis, are you really sure?” The Great Ghost King finally spoke again. In front of the drama queens, his endurance was respectable. “If you have decided, let’s discuss as to who should take over Nubis’s livable zone next,” the Great Ghost King said determinedly. It was as though he was certain that Nubis would die and they were preparing for his funeral.

The Great Ghost King’s confident tone made Nubis’s two followers turn pale. I suddenly felt as if this were a scene where their boss was going to pass away and everyone was preparing to take a piece of his cake.

“How about splitting equally, Napoleon?” Gehenna immediately became energetic.

Napoleon returned to his solemn self, saying, “I like the sea in the south. I have always wanted a sea, but the Great Ghost King definitely already has a person in mind!”

Gehenna heard him and understood, replying, “That should be for the Prince!” Gehenna immediately licked his boots. “Great Ghost King, the Prince has yet to have any livable zones. Nubis’s livable zone looks luxuriant all year round, and the fragrance of the fruit trees fills the air. In the south, there are blue skies and seas. It’d be best to give it to the Prince!”

There was a Ghost Prince? In other words, the Great Ghost King should be around middle-aged.

Nubis suddenly came back to reality as Gegenna finished his sentence. He clenched his fists and shouted, “Wait a minute!” He said through gritted teeth, “Let me think about it again.” He looked unwilling to admit defeat.

Gehenna chuckled and looked at Nubis while he continued to stand on the fence like a gangster.

The Great Ghost King looked at Nubis behind his mask. He tapped one of his feet while his fingers tapped his knee.

“He’s scared…” Ah Zong said softly with a smile.

The corners of He Lei’s lips lifted into an arrogant smile. “Hmph.

Napoleon moonwalked toward Nubis. He lowered his head and spoke softly, but loud enough for everyone to hear him. “Losing the entire livable zone for Margaery ain’t worth it. After you died, the livable zone would belong to the Prince.”

Nubis clenched his teeth and suddenly roared at everyone, “You will regret this. You will definitely regret this!” Nubis yelled, but he no longer declared war against me. He turned around angrily and panted heavily. He couldn’t calm himself down and grabbed the fence in front of him tightly.

Napoleon leaned against his platform and crossed his arms. “You made a wise choice. Great Ghost King,” He looked up at the Great Ghost King and continued, “Nubis has no opinion.”

The Great Ghost King nodded, saying, “As everyone is fine with it, let us welcome our new Ghost King, the North Star, Luo Bing!” He raised his hand and there was a burst of applause.

The Great Ghost King beckoned and the applause stopped. He looked at me, saying, “North Star, welcome. You are the youngest Ghost King among us. Margaery’s livable zone will be yours. The life and death of the people within the zones lies within your hand. You can tell the capital if you need anything. We share the same goal: To take down the moon in the sky.”

“Thank you, Great Ghost King.” I gave the Great Ghost King a serious look.

“When can we attack Silver Moon City?!” Nubis turned back furiously. He was dying for a place to vent his anger. He pointed his shriveled arm at me. “As he is the North Star, let him go!”

“That’s right, Great Ghost King. Ice Fire King is so amazing. Him alone would be sufficient.” Napoleon began to follow the crowd again.

“No way!” Gehenna immediately waved. “Firstly, we don’t have a way to reach Silver Moon City yet. Secondly, you’ve seen that Luo Bing’s superpower led to Steel Ghost City’s current situation; it’s all gone. No one can enter. The Great Ghost King wants the complete Silver Moon City. But if Silver Moon City takes one of his hits, what use does it have? We can’t even enter it.”

Napoleon looked to the side, remarking, “Psst… Gehenna, you are right. Why do we need a destroyed Silver Moon City? I heard that the girls there are very cute…” Napoleon supported his cheeks with his palms as he lifted one of his legs behind him.

The Great Ghost King leaned back. “It is only a matter of time until Silver Moon City will fall into our hands. With the North Star joining us, Silver Moon City is right in front of us. But now, let us celebrate the North Star’s arrival. Everyone, join the dinner banquet.”

Everyone whistled and the people were excited. Gehenna let out a breath of relief and wiped his sweat.

The platform under our feet began to descend. The throne that the Great Ghost King was seated on descended too. His smiling gaze could be seen behind his mask.

Does he really trust me?

No, he doesn’t. It’s only because we share the same goal.

He has no feelings for the Ghost Eclipsers either. That’s why the Ghost Kings can decide the others’ life and death as they please.

He didn’t consider it a shame that he’d lost Margaery. The current Ghost Eclipsers were merely a community that shared the same goal. They would first fight against Silver Moon City in the sky. Then, they would resolve their internal disputes.

Hmph, how long could the peace among the Great Ghost King and the Ghost Kings remain? The moment Silver Moon City fell was also the moment the Kingdom of the Ghost Eclipsers would dissolve. I figured it would only result in chaos then.

In the end, would the beneficiary be the Ghost Eclipsers, or the Aurora Legion that was currently taking a back seat? No one knew. I faintly felt that a storm and tsunami were beginning to descend.

Gehenna quickly ran up to me after the Great Ghost King left. He explained himself hastily, saying, “I really didn’t say anything!”

“Oh!” Napoleon suddenly snuck in and eyed Gehenna. “You knew his identity long ago!”

Gehenna immediately draped his arm around my shoulders and walked with me. “Let’s go and join the banquet. The rule is that to join the Great Ghost King’s banquet, everyone has to take a shower first. The Queen doesn’t like smelly Ghost Eclipsers.”

“This way.” Feng You came over and walked up to He Lei. “General He Lei, follow me to the showers."

“When can we leave?” He Lei replied casually as he switched his position with Ah Zong.  Ah Zong covered his mouth and sniggered.

“The Great Ghost King wants the North Star to stay here and tour the area for another two days.” Suddenly, Flurry squeezed in between He Lei and Ah Zong, and said this while facing Ah Zong. Ah Zong creased his eyebrows and moved away, making it look as though Feng You and Flurry were my followers.

“That’s great,” Gehenna raised his eyebrows and said.

“Boss, don’t you feel guilty?” Vanish pointed out frankly. “The Great Ghost King made one of us stay behind. Are you sure it is a good thing? What if the Great Ghost King takes a fancy to him?”

“Vanish, you’re worrying for nothing. The Great Ghost King has loved women all this time.” Feng You used the gun barrel to comb through her long green hair and continued, “And the Queen is strict. The Great Ghost King only has eyes for her.”

The Great Ghost King was loyal to his Queen. It was rare among the Ghost Eclipsers.

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