Book 6: Chapter 105 - No Objection

The Great Ghost King looked at him. “So, Napoleon, you have no objection to Luo Bing being a Ghost King?”

“Of course not.” Napoleon bowed. He then turned to wave at me like an actor taking a curtain call, crying, “Welcome the North Star to the Kingdom of the Ghost Eclipsers!"

“What are you doing?!” Nubis roared. “As you already know, he’s Luo Bing, Silver Moon City’s man! All the more reason we should kill him! Why are you behaving like that?! Am I the only one sane here?!” Nubis clutched the fence in front of him, and it instantly took on a rust-spotted, sorry state.

“He’s no longer Silver Moon City’s man!” Gehenna immediately shouted. “Luo Bing said that he’ll never return to Silver Moon City, and he even wants to defeat Silver Moon City!”

The surrounding people immediately gasped in surprise.

“The North Star betrayed Silver Moon City?!”

“We have a show to watch!”

“Haha, it’s Silver Moon City’s time to shiver in fear.”

“Didn’t they say the North Star died?”

“Did you forget your brain in the toilet? Isn’t he standing right there?!”

“But he did go missing for almost two years. Silver Moon City assumed that he was dead.”

“Silver Moon City probably said that he was dead so others wouldn’t look for him.”

“Oh, I don’t know how to react. The Ice Fire King killed Margaery. Then, the Ice Fire King suddenly became the North Star! What’s the occasion today?”

Gehenna let out a breath of relief. He looked confused too. He didn’t seem to understand how the Great Ghost King had found out my identity. He looked at me anxiously and waved. He seemed to be saying that it wasn’t him who had sold me out.

“He said that he wouldn’t return to Silver Moon City, and you just believed what he said!” Nubis roared and looked at everyone. “He brought He Lei too! He Lei is from the Aurora Legion! He killed our men before our eyes. What happened to all of you? Are you allowing the people of Silver Moon City and the Aurora Legion to behave insolently in our Ghost Eclipsers’ territory?! Great Ghost King, have you turned blind too?!” Nubis said through gritted teeth and looked at the Great Ghost King.

The Great Ghost King’s gaze turned grim and he stared at Nubis behind his mask.

Nubis’s chest heaved with anger. Every time it moved, his ribcage became more visible as though a skeleton were resurrecting.

Hmph…” Napoleon adjusted his monocle and looked at Nubis seriously. “No one else would dare to say the Great Ghost King is blind. But, Your Majesty, Nubis seems to be making sense too. Luo Bing killed the Ghost Eclipsers before our eyes. He killed all of Margaery’s ex-followers. His next target should be us.” Napoleon smiled.

“Napoleon, you fence-sitter!” Gehenna looked at him in disdain. He stepped on the fence and looked down at Napoleon. “Totole and the others were all Margaery’s men. A new Ghost King took the position and he, of course, had to wipe them out. There’s nothing wrong with that. Luo Bing didn’t do anything wrong. You, Nubis, and I, didn’t we do the same thing in the past? When Margaery killed the previous Ghost King, did she kill fewer people?”

The entire square became a vigorous debate. The center of the debate was me.

I continued to keep quiet and watched them fight. He Lei, Ah Zong, and I watched the Ghost Kings together. It was a chance to get to know them.

Napoleon leaned his head sideways and thought. He did another beautiful dance move towards Nubis, saying, “Nubis, Gehenna is right too. When we became Ghost Kings back then, we killed many of their men.”

“Napoleon, that’s enough dancing! You agreed to let him become a Ghost King, but I don’t. I want a duel with Luo Bing. This is the Ghost Eclipsers’ rule, and it is my right. I can challenge him to a duel."

Since the beginning until then, I had never spoken. It was merely a conversation among Gehenna, Napoleon and Nubis.

Gehenna was protecting me. He looked silly normally, but great wisdom hid behind a foolish look. Nubis merely wanted to kill me. He’d never changed his mind. He really liked Margaery. The most interesting person was Napoleon. He was a fence-sitter. No wonder Nubis was so infuriated.

So, Nubis suggested fighting a decisive battle against me. I thought it a great idea. It was a solution that would resolve things once and for all.

“I agree.” I looked at the Great Ghost King, and everyone else looked at him too.

Nubis stared at me grimly, as though he could wait no more to tear me apart and take revenge for his beloved Margaery.

“This is interesting.” Feng You swung her gun around her index finger, “You can showcase your superpower to everyone too. Let’s see if you’re really that impressive.”

Flurry and Dian Yin shot their gazes at me too. They were anticipating the bloody duel between Nubis and me.

I was something of a legend in this world.

The legend said that Silver Moon City had a North Star, that was amazing because the title ‘North Star’ was only given to the strongest metahuman in Silver Moon City. The legend said that North Star had massacred a city overnight and left no one alive, not even a corpse.

These were all legends. Judging from Feng You, Dian Yin and the others’ gazes, they were doubtful. Because no one had seen what happened in Steel Ghost City that night. Many thought that it had been one of Silver Moon City’s new weapons, a weapon that instantly suppressed all metahumans’ superpowers. Then, blue crystal energy based weapons destroyed Steel Ghost City.

That was the legend about me that had spread across the world. Even I had bought the story. For instance, when I’d lost control of my emotions, Silver Moon City might really have launched a mysterious weapon. They had always possessed unknown dark technologies.

The battle had become a huge rock pressing down on my chest. It was suffocating. I’d wanted to shake off the history and the war, because I had never viewed it as a symbol of merit.

“Nubis, think twice.” Gehenna put on a serious look. “I warned Margaery back then, but she insisted on bringing him away. I was having a meal then. I had yet to warm my seat, and he came out and told me that he’d killed her. I was caught by surprise. That was Margaery, the Bloody Queen! He killed her in mere seconds. I really couldn’t imagine what happened between them! Plus, he was very calm. His expression looked just like a death god’s. I was so frightened that my limbs grew weak… Then, he said that he wanted to come to the Ghost Eclipsers. How could I possibly reject him? What if he killed me too?” Gehenna was exaggerating. He was turning into Napoleon, who was still dancing below us, but he was performing a stage play on the platform instead.

“What?!” Napoleon started putting up an act. He placed one hand over his chest and pointed at Nubis with his right hand, crying, “No, Nubis! Don’t challenge him! I already lost Margaery. I can’t lose you too! You’ll die! Just like the other brothers in Steel Ghost City, without a corpse!”

My head was starting to ache. They constantly brought up the incident that I wanted to talk about the least. I felt my heart drop. I, Luo Bing, am not a butcher.


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