Book 6: Chapter 104 - Ghost King

I stood before him fearlessly and met his gaze calmly. I faintly felt that his question wasn’t really asking who I was, but that he already knew the answer. He leaned back in his throne and waved his hand.

“Get up. Yawn.” The man with long ash gray hair said listlessly. Everyone got up, but stood in reverence.

Gehenna didn’t dare to look at me much. He stood on his platform and stole glances at me, as though he were a primary school kid who wanted to play petty tricks in front of a dignified teacher, yet didn’t dare to.

“Do you know that you killed a Ghost King?” The Great Ghost King’s voice reverberated through the square.

“I do,” I replied.

The two guards behind the Great Ghost King fixed their gazes upon me.

“You killed the previous Ghost King. According to the rules of the Ghost Eclipsers, you can become the new Ghost King, but the people here must acknowledge you.” The Great Ghost King’s sharp gaze swept past Nubis. “Hence, you have to go through a review,” the Great Ghost King said grimly.

“I didn’t do any wrong. Why do I have to go through a review?” I asked in reply. I was neither haughty or humble.

“Is that so…? Are you unhappy with that too?” The Great Ghost King asked, “Why did you kill Margaery?”

“Because she wanted to eat me!” I answered loudly. I raised my hand and pointed at Gehenna. Gehenna’s expression grew tense and his body stiffened to dodge, but Vanish and Earl restrained his movements so he couldn’t dodge anywhere, “Gehenna can be a witness!”

The Great Ghost King immediately looked at Gehenna. “Gehenna, is that true?” Nubis redirected his grim stare at Gehenna.

Geenna’s smile stiffened. He coughed in his fist, replying, “Great Ghost King, you know Margaery’s fetish. She saw my little brother and wanted him to stay. I know that you advocate peace, so I couldn’t fall out with Margaery over him. But I reminded Margaery to not touch him. She obviously… didn’t listen to me.”

“Mm… That’s true.” The Great Ghost King rubbed his chin. “Margaery wanted to eat him and he fought back. In the end, Margaery was killed in the process. That’s nothing wrong. Isn’t that so, Nubis?”

Nubis looked away grimly without uttering a word.

“I know your relationship with Napoleon and Margaery. But you are Ghost Kings. It’s nothing to lose a woman.” The Great Ghost King looked at Nubis and Napoleon, continuing, “Although we are Ghost Eclipsers, we should be reasonable.”

“Great Ghost King, there are many women among the Ghost Eclipsers, but there is only one Queen.” Napoleon chuckled, “Great Ghost King, without a queen among the four Ghost Kings, don’t you think it’s lacking something?”

“Oh.” The Great Ghost King leaned back again. “Napoleon, what you mean to say is that if Ice Fire King were a woman, you would be fine?”

“Of course.” Napoleon bowed. “It would be more perfect if there were a Queen, but…” Napoleon looked at me with a smile, “Can Ice Fire King turn into a Queen?” 

“He might. Ice Fire King, can you?” The Great Ghost King’s gaze under his mask was fixed on me. It was as though he had seen through everything. “If I am not mistaken, the one behind you should be General He Lei from the Aurora Legion, right?”

“He Lei?!” Feng You immediately exclaimed in surprise. She looked at He Lei, saying, “No wonder I found you familiar. It turned out that you were He Lei!”

The surrounding gazes immediately gathered on He Lei. Dian Yin and Flurry looked surprised too. He Lei was immediately on high alert, and he held my arm. 

The Great Ghost King continued to fix his gaze upon He Lei. He lifted his hand and chuckled at ease, “Don’t be anxious, my child. We won’t catch you. You are very powerful. I think highly of you. I am glad that you join the Ghost Eclipsers. I didn’t even have an opportunity to invite you to the Ghost Eclipsers to take a look. I never expected that you would be here today. Hahahaha…”

The Great Ghost King laughed atop his throne. Nubis’s expression turned even gloomier in the face of the Great Ghost King’s laughter.

He Lei took a step closer to me, and Ah Zong extended his hand to stop He Lei. Ah Zong shook his head. “We can’t escape,” Ah Zong said softly. He Lei’s expression immediately became solemn.

Ah Zong smiled sweetly at him and muttered softly, “The Great Ghost King…” Ah Zong stole a glance at the Great Ghost King and looked at He Lei. “...admires our King."

He Lei creased his eyebrows and retracted his hand from my arm. Then, he retreated to his original spot.

The Great Ghost King’s smile slowly faded. He leaned forward and looked at me, saying, “But, what made me happier was that you came! North Star, Luo Bing!”

He Lei and Ah Zong immediately revealed an astonished expression. They looked at me simultaneously. I was surprised but I remained calm. I nodded at them calmly, while they looked around on high alert.

I wasn’t surprised that he’d found out I was Luo Bing. Since I had come to the Ghost Eclipsers with Gehenna, there were many signs that could trace back to my identity. I was just surprised that the Ghost Eclipsers had such great intelligence.

“What?! He’s the North Star?!”


“Let me see! Let me take a look! The North Star is a kid?!”

“Flurry, it seems that he was being generous to only take one of your hands.” Dian Yin looked at Flurry nearby with a smile. The smile on Flurry’s face stiffened.

“My goodness! You’re Luo Bing?!” Feng You looked at me in surprise. “No wonder you could kill Margaery! You massacred Steel Ghost City! Wow! Although I’m a Ghost Eclipser, I’m not as ferocious as you…” Feng You clicked her tongue and shook her head. 

I felt heavy-hearted. The war at Steel Ghost City was the last thing I’d wanted to bring up.

Silver Moon City had belittled the Ghost Eclipsers. It made me even more certain that there were Ghost Eclipser spies in Silver Moon City. Then, would Silver Moon City’s spies be among the Ghost Eclipsers?

“Oh! He’s Luo Bing! It’s Luo Bing! That North Star!” Suddenly, Napoleon jumped off his platform like a theater performer. He landed under my platform and clutched his chest with a fearful look, saying, “Oh, I’m so scared. He landed in Steel Ghost City like a meteorite and destroyed the city overnight. I’m so scared… I’m scared! Hahahaha! Hahaha!” He then burst out in laughter. “Nubis, we’re doomed. Ugh!” He then slowly fell, like a theatre performer dying. But he suddenly stopped thirty centimeters away from the ground, in an extreme movement even Michael Jackson couldn’t pull off.

Then, he slowly got up and looked at Nubis. He took off his monocle casually and wiped it. As he wiped his monocle, he said, “Nubis, Margaery asked for it. Don’t take revenge for her. It isn’t worth it to die for that loose woman, Margaery.” Napoleon blew on his monocle and put it back on.


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