Book 6: Chapter 103 - The Fourth Ghost King

Feng You brought me to a high platform. On one side of the platform, there were exquisite railings and fences with flower engravings.

At the same time, three other platforms ascended near me. Flurry and Dian Yin brought Gehenna and Nubis to the platforms on either side. The platform behind me was empty as of then.

The entire place looked like a miniature theatre from the past.

Suddenly, I heard people whistling at Ah Zong. Some were seated, but others were standing as they scrutinized Ah Zong. They whispered into one another’s ears.

Some girls were looking at Ah Zong in surprise too. They seemed to be commenting on Ah Zong from their seats.

Ah Zong wasn’t bothered by their gazes. He was a Honeycomb boy. He was Pink Baby. He had always been the center of attention. He was eyed with admiration, infatuation, atrocity, and lust. 

He leaned against the railing of the platform lazily and looked out ahead. He looked elegant and poised without the profanity of a prostitute.

“This is so infuriating. My limelight was stolen by a gigolo,” Feng You rested one hand on her waist with disdain across her face. She glanced at Ah Zong scornfully and looked at me, snapping, “Ice Fire King, don’t bring that wh*re here next time!”

Hmph…” I chuckled lightly and glared at her. “His name is Ah Zong, not gigolo. Thank you,” I said and stared at her coldly.

Feng You stared at me with her emerald eyes in distress. Then, she turned and flipped her green hair. “Hmph. Don’t be so proud. Just you wait for the Great Ghost King’s review. Pfft.

The Great Ghost King’s review? I looked at Ah Zong and He Lei. They stood off to the side. He Lei’s expression showed that he was on high alert, as though he were prepared to bring us away at any time.

On the other side, Nubis began to stare at me grimly. I could strongly feel his desire to turn me into a rotten corpse. I met his gaze and stared back at him coldly.

His ghastly gaze let out an intense rotting smell. It was a dark, shapeless, and poisonous gas that turned into a poisonous snake behind him as it spurted unpleasant, lethal dark gases.

Nubis’s murderous intent became intense as we stared at each other. There was a faint foul smell of rotten eggs in the air.

“Corpse King!” Feng You immediately roared.

“I could smell a rotten corpse the moment I entered! Nubis, you have such intense murderous intent!” A tall and brawny man entered, speaking in a loud and bright voice.

He wore an exquisite maroon royal outfit, and a purple shirt with gold trim under it. He also wore a purple hat with a feather on the top to go with his formal wear. He had long, curly blue and white hair. A few strands hung in front of one of his eyes, and his exquisite monocle was vaguely visible.

There was an equally tall Eastern man next to him. His long black hair was braided behind his head, tied up with a green ribbon. He wore a long robe in the same green. 

“That’s an intense murderous vibe, bro.” The person walked up to Nubis’s platform along with a man and woman who looked like identical twins. They looked in my direction curiously, but their attention was caught by Ah Zong. They looked astonished.

Nubis slowly reined in his murderous vibe and turned to look at the man who had just come. “You’re late, old ghost.”

It had to be Napoleon. Napoleon smiled at him, replying, “I knew this would happen."

Hmph. You’re always late! If you were to be on time, that boy would have been dead in Queen Town!” Nubis glared at me grimly. Napoleon’s gaze followed his and he immediately saw Ah Zong, remarking, “Oh! Would that be the Pink Baby that Gehenna wanted?!”

“I told you to look at that kid! Not Pink Baby! All of you are perverts!” Nubis roared as he pointed at me. Gehenna stood by the side and sniggered as though he were watching a clown show.

Napoleon then moved his gaze to me. He was surprised, asking, “A kid like him killed Margaery? Did he attack Margaery while she was showing him love?”

“Ah!” Nubis roared in madness. It seemed that he was extremely infuriated that he couldn’t kill me.

Heheh!” Feng You rocked back and forth with laughter. “Corpse King, did you see that? I’m not the only one who thought so. Ice Fire King looks just like the kind of beautiful young man that Margaery liked! I said this before. Margaery would die at the hands of a beautiful young man one day. Oh!” Feng You covered her mouth. “I got it right again!” Feng You glanced at Flurry’s hand and chuckled.

“Spring, bring him away,” Dian Yin told the man in green as he leaned against the platform. Could that guy be Spring Ghost?

Spring Ghost looked serious. He wore no expression, as though he couldn’t be bothered with the others. He turned and walked away. Napoleon chuckled at me as he followed behind Spring Ghost. The pair of siblings behind him examined me curiously too. They followed their master and stood on the platform behind me. It had been prepared for the last Ghost King, as expected.

Rumble.” Just then, there was rumbling from the ground. There seemed to be something ascending again. The metahumans at the surrounding seats grew solemn. They immediately stood up and looked on in reverence. No one was joking anymore.

I turned to look ahead, and I saw a dignified black throne rising in front of us. The throne was like a dark cloud that looked ghastly and terrifying.

On the throne, there was a man in a silver mask. The mask looked like a demon’s face. It looked fierce, with a ferocious expression. There was a black gemstone in between his eyebrows. The man wore a slim-fitted silver robe and black leather vest. The shoulder of the vest protruded up like a horn.

When his throne stopped, Feng You and the people on the surrounding seated knelt on one knee. Gehenna and Nubis lowered their heads and bowed respectfully too.

“Great Ghost King!” A loud, polite call reverberated in the dim square.

The man in black and the man in silver standing behind the Great Ghost King had to be his guards. One of them had ash grey hair and his eyes looked tired. As he spoke, he was already yawning.

The other man had short black hair. He looked energetic and his eyes were brimming with vigor.

The two men and the people on the platform were no doubt people who served the Great Ghost King. Including Feng You, Flurry, and Dian Yin, there were a total of sixteen people.

I stood tall on the platform and faced the Great Ghost King seated directly opposite from me. The entire square fell silent, and everyone hung their heads low.

The Great Ghost King leaned forward. His gaze was extremely sharp behind the mask, as he asked, “Who are you exactly?!”

“Ice Dragon,” I replied immediately.

The surroundings were quiet. He stared at me for a long time, and the merest trace of a smile flashed across his eyes.


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