Book 6: Chapter 102 - The Great Ghost King’s Review

As we followed behind Feng You and the other Great Ghost King’s men and stepped out onto the green field, the Underworld River behind us slowly ascended like a huge silver whale flying into the sky.

There was a layer of platforms vaguely visible among the clouds above. There were thick, sturdy pillars made of black metal nearby, too. Just how many levels were there in Ghost King City?

He Lei and Ah Zong looked around like I did. We examined the mysterious fortress carefully.

“What are you looking at, Ice Fire King?” Feng You looked at me flirtatiously as she fiddled with her new gun. I looked at her and she smiled charmingly, saying, “Everyone is waiting to see who killed Bloody Queen Margaery.” Feng You glanced at Nubis flirtatiously and asked, “Corpse King, aren’t you surprised? Margaery was killed by a nobody. I think he was definitely showing his love when he killed her."

“Ugh!” Nubis let out an angry bellow. Suddenly, the field under his feet started to wither and rot. There was a whiff of unpleasant smell.

“Tsk. This is so disgusting. Can’t you control yourself, Nubis?!” Feng You held her nose and gave Flurry an eye signal in disdain.

Flurry smiled at Nubis, “Corpse King, this is the Great Ghost King’s palace. The Queen will be very angry if you destroy the green field.” Nubis glared at Flurry grimly and looked away. The green field stopped rotting. However, those parts that were rotten couldn’t recover, but continued to give off foul smells.

Looking at the rotten grass, I could tell the origins of Corpse King Nubis. His superpower probably had something to do with rotting, but he definitely had greater power than the others I had come across. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have become one of the four Ghost Kings.

Dian Yin looked at a soldier off to the side, commanding, “Go and get Spring Ghost to take care of the field.”

“Yes!” The soldier immediately left.

It turned out that the Great Ghost King had a Queen. But that wasn’t strange.

There were very few women in this world. The Ghost Eclipsers normally gave women to their leaders as tribute when they found any. Hence, the Ghost Kings naturally had women, and so too would the Great Ghost King. However, judging from Dian Yin’s tone, the Great Ghost King’s Queen wasn’t anyone ordinary. She was treated with honor and reverence by Dian Yin. In other words, the Queen was most likely a metahuman with a great superpower.

I looked around again. No wonder there were roses, fields, bunnies, and deer around. It was as beautiful as a fairy tale. It did look like a garden that a woman had set up.

Feng You continued to walk forward again. We walked past a rose wall that was neatly trimmed. The rose wall made for a pleasant scene, unlike a scary Ghost Eclipser town.

Suddenly, we heard buzzing from behind. We stopped and looked back.

Another spacecraft had landed. It was completely black, and its two wings were raised high like sickles. On the hull of the spacecraft, there was a golden scepter symbol.

Tsk tsk tsk. Ice Fire Dragon, look how charming you are. Once they heard that you were coming to the city, the last Ghost King rushed over here too,” Feng You looked at the dignified spacecraft with a smile. She suddenly leaned close to He Lei and looked at him flirtatiously, saying, “It’s rare for the four Ghost Kings to gather. They’ll normally appear only if the Great Ghost King summons them. But this time… It’s because of you.” She glanced at me, but she extended her hand and wanted to lean on He Lei. He suddenly disappeared and reappeared next to me.

Feng You leaned into the air and her expression froze. There was a chilliness in her smile. At the same time, Flurry and Dian Yin looked at He Lei, who was already standing next to me.

“You are really fast…” Feng You stood up straight and looked at He Lei flirtatiously. “I like it fast.” Feng You lifted her gun and licked the barrel.

“Wouldn’t you not feel anything if he’s too fast?” Dian Yin made fun of her as he looked at me. There was an unrestrained wildness in his lightning eyes.

Hmph. That’s none of your business,” Feng You rolled her eyes at him, while he chuckled lightly and licked his lips.

“That’s Trial,” Gehenna moved next to me and muttered softly, a solemn look on his face. “Napoleon is here.” He took another step closer to me. “Napoleon is also the old lady Margaery’s lover.”

“But he might not be an enemy. Am I right?” Ah Zong looked sideways at Gehenna. Gehenna’s expression froze as he looked at Ah Zong blankly. Then, he gulped.

“Baby, you’re right.” Flurry’s voice became gentle. “Margaery had many lovers. Gehenna was also one of them, but he didn’t become your Ice Fire King’s enemy. Flurry looked at Ah Zong with a gentle smile, and there was overflowing desire in his eyes. Ah Zong smiled sweetly and looked away, but Flurry continued to look at him gently without moving his gaze away.

“Let’s go. There will be people to greet Napoleon,” Feng You said and continued forward.

We looked at the spacecraft named Trial again, but it didn’t open its door. The place was heavily guarded. It was as though one couldn’t exit their spacecraft as they wished if the Great Ghost King’s men weren’t present.

The Great Ghost King was strict with the four Ghost Kings. The four Ghost Kings obviously held deep reverence towards the Great Ghost King, too.

When we fought against the Ghost Eclipsers back then, we hadn’t even seen the shadow of the four Ghost Kings, and we’d still suffered great losses.

Just when we’d thought the four Ghost Kings were the most impressive roles under the Great Ghost King in the Ghost Eclipsers, they behaved with great caution in front of Feng You and the other Great Ghost King’s men. The legendary Four Ghost Kings were people who didn’t even dare to exit their spacecraft recklessly when they were here.

The position of Feng You and the other Great Ghost King’s men was definitely higher than that of four Ghost Kings. Their superpowers might not be as powerful as those of the four Ghost Kings, but it was no doubt sufficient to make them cautious.

We followed behind Feng You and arrived at a dark fortress. Then, we saw those sturdy, towering black pillars. They stood high and tall on both sides of the square in front of the fortress. They were like observatory elevators that connected to the highest heavens among the clouds.

Feng You, Flurry and Dian Yin led us into a black pillar building. Then, the glass surface opened, and there was really an elevator there. The surface was a two-way mirror. At the bottom, there was a black, metallic round plate that looked heavy. On the round plate, there were complicated engravings like a circuit board. 

We ascended into the sky next to the fortress. The fortress was lofty and its dark surface made it look even more mysterious.

When we entered, the elevator ascended quickly. The entire fortress plunged down before our eyes. Before we could see its entire shape, we were plunged into darkness. Only the lights in the tunnel flashed by.

Suddenly, the area was brightly lit. We arrived at a huge central ring containing a half ring of seats. People were scattered around the area, either seated or standing. They were dressed differently and had different hair colors. They were handsome men like Dian Yin and Flurry.

There were three women there, however. They sat in their seats and waved at Feng You.They seemed cute, quiet, and sweet. There were so many female metahumans among the Ghost Eclipsers! Although they were my enemies, I felt a sense of belonging at the bottom of my heart.


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