Book 6: Chapter 101 - Arrived at Ghost King City


“Mm!” He Lei let out a muffled noise and covered the side of his face that I’d punched.

“Have you calmed down?!” I bellowed, trying to resolve our awkward encounter. It was great to be a man. If we were women, it would be strange if our relationship didn’t fall apart after that punch.

He rubbed his face and gasped. “Pfft! Ah…” He creased his eyebrows and said, “I already calmed down. You didn’t have to punch me so hard.”

“I’m sorry.” I blushed.

He continued to rub his face and looked away regretfully. “The one who should apologize is me. I was a b*stard.”

“Bing wouldn’t take it to heart…” Ah Zong leaned against the window and smiled at He Lei. His hoarse voice made everyone’s heart melt.

He Lei’s chest heaved, but eventually, he finally regained calm. He turned and looked down, saying, “I know why you brought Ah Zong. You made the right choice.” He looked up at me. His calm expression showed that he was back to normal.

Ah Zong kept flashing his sweet smile at He Lei while He Lei looked back at him solemnly. “You attracted everyone’s attention so they wouldn’t pay too much attention to Bing and me. In short, we got to stay comparatively low profile."

Ah Zong smiled sweetly and blinked. His seductive looks would be the center of attention even if he did nothing but stand there.

I picked up He Lei’s clothes and threw them at him. “Put on your clothes. We’re here.”

“Mm,” He Lei immediately put on his clothes. Men could really resolve everything with a punch.

I returned to the window. He put on his clothes and quickly took his position in between Ah Zong and me. He buttoned his shirt while he looked at the city in astonishment. “This is…”

“Ghost King City.” Ah Zong’s gaze moved down, following He Lei’s hand as he buttoned his shirt. He looked past He Lei’s shirt to his body and chest muscles. “No wonder Feng You has her eye on you. Your body…” Ah Zong extended his hand and stroked his bulging chest muscles. “ amazing.” 

“Don’t touch me!” He Lei slapped Ah Zong’s hand away. He immediately buttoned up the last two buttons on his chest. “Can you be serious?” Although He Lei was saying something rude, his attitude towards Ah Zong had obviously become different. Usually, He Lei didn’t bother talking to Ah Zong at all.

Ah Zong leaned at the window lazily and smiled sweetly at He Lei, asking, “Only for our Bing?”

“Don’t joke around!” He Lei said in a deep voice. His ears turned red and he turned his back to me. “You’re embarrassing me. I will never... do that ever again. If I ever lose control again, stop me.” He Lei’s solemn remark sounded like a command. He was telling Ah Zong, not because he belittled him, but because he trusted him.

“Yes, Lieutenant He Lei...” Ah Zong replied, smiling.

I peeped at them. It was my first time seeing He Lei and Ah Zong standing so close. I was happy for Ah Zong. He was finally in a better relationship with He Lei.

He Lei turned around to look at the magnificent city. The tall buildings that were used as support pillars looked even grander as we got closer.

“This is Ghost King City. It looks even more impressive than Silver Moon City,” He Lei found it hard to believe that the bustling city and the sky fortress before his eyes formed the capital city of the Ghost Eclipsers.

“It’s because this is on the ground. Silver Moon City has a limited surface area after all.” I crossed my arms and continued, “Silver Moon City has to come down at the end of the day. Elder Alufa used to say, ‘How could floating in the sky be better than being grounded on land?’”

“Be careful... I sense that the murderous vibe here is very intense. This place has definitely gathered many Ghost Eclipsers with strong superpowers.” Ah Zong’s expression grew serious, and he stared closely at the sky city that was getting closer. It seemed that we would get off the spacecraft soon.

The Underworld River was so huge, but it only looked like a ship sailing into port next to the dark sky fortress. It was obvious that the fortress was humongous.

The Underworld River slowed down in speed and stopped as we got close to the sky city. Our view from the observation window wasn’t the side that was facing the sky fortress, so all we saw were buildings that towered into the clouds.

I had seen these buildings in other historical sites, but they were well repaired here. They were no longer broken, but shimmering in lustrous black. Their crystalline bodies towered in the sunset, like brawny demons standing tall in the dark as they safeguarded the fear-inducing demon land.

Swoosh!” Our guest cabin door opened. Feng You appeared in the doorway again, wearing a different gun on her waist. She raised her eyebrows at us and looked at He Lei flirtatiously, saying, “My dear, we’re here. Follow me.” Feng You lifted her finger and beckoned He Lei suggestively. 

He Lei creased his eyebrows and looked away. He stretched his hand out and beckoned me to go first.

Feng You smiled sweetly. Then, she turned and began to sway her hips again. I led He Lei and Ah Zong behind her as she swayed her perky butt in front of me. That was a sexy butt that only an adult woman could possess. Her tight pants put her full, round posterior on full display.

At the end of the world where women were often lacking physically, it was a lethal temptation. I admired He Lei’s determination.

Very soon, we met Gehenna, Earl, and Vanish, who were led by Flurry. Then we met Corpse King Nubis and his men, led by Dian Yin.

Three parties met in front of the huge cabin door. Then, soldiers dressed in black ran neatly up to us. They lined up on either side of us. Their style of work was just like Silver Moon City’s. Everything was organized and filled with strict military discipline.

Corpse King stared at me intensely again. Every time I appeared in front of him, he would stare at me like a death god. The moment he was out of Feng You and the other Great Ghost King’s men’s sight, he would throw out his shackles and tie me up from the neck down to take revenge for his lover.

We approached each other and the mood became tenser.

Flurry couldn’t take his eyes off Ah Zong. He obviously had yet to give up on him.

Dian Ying stole a glance at me, and there were flashes of lightning in his eyes. Even without Ah Zong’s reminder, I could feel intense murderous intent and a desire to conquer. Every cell of his was moving restlessly. They were dying to fight a battle with me.

Feng You, Flurry and Dian Yin walked in a straight line, while Gehenna was on my left and Nubis was on my right. Gehenna looked sideways at Nubis, while Nubis stared back at him grimly.

There was a low rumble as the huge cabin door before us opened slowly. The faint golden sunset poured in with whiffs of rose fragrance.

A long plank extended from the Underworld River and connected to the green field in front of us. The faint golden sunlight showered down like flowing sand. It was hard to believe that we were in the Ghost Eclipsers’ land.

Feng You, Dian Yin, and Flurry advanced simultaneously. Servants dressed in black immediately ran out from in front of us and stood at both sides of the walkway. The arrayed men didn’t look as though they were welcoming our arrival, but rather seemed to be escorting us.


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