Book 6: Chapter 100 - Took Care of It with a Punch

“Ghost Kings, we will arrive at Ghost King City in the evening…” Flurry’s gentle voice resounded from the speakers. “You can rest in your respective rooms. If you need anything, please inform the robot servant.” Flurry’s voice sounded even more magnetic through the speakers, just like a voice actor who would keep one company until one fell asleep at night.

Robot servant... I miss Little Carl.

I had been busy preparing for war, while Little Carl was the main force in maintenance. There were too many things we’d needed to rebuild and create in Queen Town. Raffles and Hagrid were really busy, and Little Carl was their best assistant because he was a robot and didn’t need to sleep; instead, he recharged under the sun.

I hadn’t seen my robot son for very long. I missed his cute behavior of calling Raffles and me his mom and dad.

I rested my head on Ah Zong’s thigh and opened my eyes to see the swirling clouds outside the window. The world was as quiet and beautiful as a painting. I didn’t know how long I stayed there, but by the end, the sea of clouds was tinted in faint gold. The entire universe became dim and warm.

Raffles liked this kind of scenery. He hoped for the world to become as beautiful as this… I hoped to give him this kind of world soon, too…

“Is what you said earlier… true?” Ah Zong came back to reality and looked down at me blankly. “Did you… come down from a different star?”


“How is this possible?” Ah Zong’s world seemed to have been turned upside down. He found it unbelievable. “You, you’re an alien!”

Heh, am I an alien in this world?

On Earth, people always used to think that aliens would be stronger than humans. If they visited, surely they would cause a commotion. They would either come to save the Earth or destroy it.

But to the metahumans on Kansa Star, no doubt I would have seemed like the worst and lousiest alien when I first came here.

“When I first came to this world, I met Xing Chuan and He Lei…” I lifted my hand and placed it by my side casually. I happened to hit He Lei’s toned thigh. I squeezed it and found it to be firm. “I had a great impression of them. If I had been with any one of them right at the beginning, I might have fallen in love with them…” I patted He Lei’s thigh and sat up.

I looked at Ah Zong’s surprised face and continued, “But that’s impossible now. Harry turned into a water ghost because of Xing Chuan, and I will never forgive him. As for He Lei…” I turned to look at He Li who was sleeping soundly. “I admired him. I always wanted to see him after we parted ways. I wanted to be his best friend. I don’t want to lose him as a friend. He’s very important to me. That’s why I said that I wouldn’t avoid him after he confessed his feelings to me. But I never expected…”

I was upset. I didn’t know how I should deal with him when he woke up later. Would our relationship be in an awkward place again?

“Bing…” Ah Zong held my hand gently. When I looked into Ah Zong’s beautiful eyes, there was pity. Suddenly, his hand exerted strength and he pulled me into his embrace. He hugged me tightly in his arms, and leaned his face against the back of my head. “You won’t be alone. We’ll always keep you company. Regardless of whether it’s day or night, we’ll be by your side. We won’t leave you alone…” He hugged me tightly and spread his warmth to my body and my heart.

I was stunned in Ah Zong’s arms. It was his first time taking the initiative to pull me into his arms. Or, I should say, it was his first time after he found out I was a girl. It was different from the time he had forced me to stay by his side when I was a guy.

Ah Zong had his domineering moments, too.

But after he’d found out that I was a girl, he’d never come close. He was always as humble as a servant to me. He’d rather be my guy best friend, and my girl best friend. He loved me the way Raffles and Harry loved me. He protected me the way they protected me in silence, too. But he stayed in his place from satisfaction and didn’t come any closer. My feelings towards Ah Zong had become more complicated and deep because of that.

“Ah Zong, what should I do when He Lei wakes up?” He was always my best relationship consultant.

Hmph…” He smiled and let go of me. “Sleep with him.”

My expression grew sour, while Ah Zong’s smile grew wider. “Alright. If you were a girl… That would be a little awkward. But now that you’re a man, we men only use one thing to solve problems.” Ah Zong raised his fist and smiled. I understood then.

“Ghost Kings, we are arriving at Ghost King City. Please be prepared.” As Flurry announced this, it became obvious that the spacecraft was slowly descending.

I immediately got up and went to the observation window. The spacecraft was slowly descending, as if it were submerging into a golden sea of clouds. The clouds churned and a bustling city gradually appeared below. Everything in sight was covered in lofty black buildings, large patches of plants, and blue ponds.

The scale of the city was astonishing. It looked as if it had been meticulously designed.

The futuristic buildings were covered in black, shiny windows. The streets went around the buildings neatly. Tracks in the sky connected in all directions, and lights shone within. Under the tall black buildings, there were neatly organized gardens that made the city look like an oasis in a desert. At the same time, the black buildings made the oasis look dignified and mysterious, like an impenetrable demon’s land.

Suddenly, another city came into my sight. It was a city that hovered in the air.

No, it wasn’t hovering in the air. There was a huge building supporting its huge body from underneath, so it could stand high above the land. 

It towered high in the air, and the black building rose into the clouds like a fortress. In front of the fortress, there was a spacious square. From a fountain, a golden water curtain glistened in the sunset, surrounded by green walls that were covered in beautiful roses. In the field, cute bunnies and deer hopped around. It was hard to believe that this was the Ghost Eclipsers’ castle. It looked more like a mysterious prince’s secret garden.  

The spacecraft slowly moved closer to the fortress. Ah Zong looked astonished too, saying, “This Great Ghost King… is definitely not a true Ghost Eclipser.”

I could tell, too. Why would a Ghost Eclipser keep pets? Bunnies and deer were merely food to them. I was extremely surprised to see them on the ground.

“Mm!” There was a groan from the bed. Ah Zong turned and smiled in the direction of the bed, saying, “He woke up…”

I turned to look, and I saw He Lei holding his head as he slowly got up. The silk blanket slid off his muscular, naked body and revealed his sexy build. 

He rubbed his temples and slowly opened his eyes. He seemed to recall something, crying, “Ah!” He grabbed the silk blanket to block his body, and he looked at me, flustered. I quickly walked towards him and gave him a punch to the face.


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