Book 6: Chapter 99 - Sharing a Secret

“Ah? Is that so?” I looked at Ah Zong, confused.

He maintained his smile and his charming eyes were as fascinating, “To him, you died once, and he lost you once. He of course especially cherishes the time he has with you. Plus, you have Raffles. So, he doesn’t need to worry about whether you would be lonely if he left you, because he knows that you have a lover with you. Of course, I think… He would prefer you to stay with him. He probably knows that you wouldn’t like being with Sayee.” Ah Zong looked at He Lei, who was sleeping soundly.

“Mm… He asked me a similar question…” I lowered my head. “He asked me if he was willing to share Sayee, but he’s definitely aware that I’m not willing to…” 

“The longer one suppresses his lower part, the bigger the explosion…” Ah Zong extended his hand and stroked He Lei’s face with the back of his hand. “We’re different. My identity is too low in his eyes. But he’s the general of the Aurora Legion. You’ve been defending me today, but you didn’t do the same for him. He’s jealous. He’s angry. Hmph… Such a ferocious lion!” Ah Zong tapped He Lei’s face and said, “So cute.”

“Ah Zong, stop playing with him.” I looked at Ah Zong making fun of He Lei and I felt even more agitated. “Oh yeah, what did you do to him?”

Ah Zong slowly turned back and pointed at his head, “The mind controls emotions. I realized that I’m not controlling one’s emotions or merely hormones, but something else. Raffles said that it’s the chemical composition system in the brain. Hormones are made of chemical compounds, the brain controls the composition of chemical compounds, and the chemical compounds control human emotions. So… I only made him feel tired, very, very tired… so he would want to sleep for a while.”

“You can do that too?!” I looked at Ah Zong, delighted. “Ah Zong, your superpower grew stronger!”

Ah Zong shook his head with a smile. “My superpower only works within a certain range. Only like…” He leaned in closer to me. He moved close to my face and his eyes were charmingly beautiful. “this close…”

I sat in front of him and looked at him. His eyes were beautiful, so beautiful that they were like two magical worlds. They made you want to enter their world and enjoy the most magical happiness.

His pink hair hung loosely by the sides of his face. I slowly lifted my hand and tucked the loose hairs behind his ears. He was stunned and his eyes turned dim. He watched me in infatuation. His red lips were slightly spread. He never put on any lip gloss, but they were always glistening in peach. He was like a beautiful seductress.

I combed my fingers through his hair. He blinked and moved closer to me. “Bing…” he called me with his hoarse voice and leaned on my shoulder. His hair rubbed against my face with a tinge of refreshing scent. I couldn’t help but let loose his tied hair. His long pink hair poured over my hand. It was a cooling sensation that felt like flowing light.

I combed his long hair tenderly, as though I were touching a pink long-coated cat. His long hair was so smooth that it was hard to braid.

“Thank you, Ah Zong.” I moved my hand behind his body and tied his hair up. “I was… frightened…” If it weren’t for Ah Zong resolving the incident earlier, I had no idea how it would have turned out. I might have pushed or punched He Lei. Then, we would be in an awkward relationship. It would have been difficult to return to normal.

He didn’t move an inch as he lay on my shoulder like a lazy, clingy cat, saying, “He loves you and is willing to share the most precious girl in his world with you…”

“But in my world, it’s a ridiculous thing to do. Heh…” I couldn’t help but laugh. The people in this peculiar world had to change their worldviews to adapt to the changed environment. I was still working hard to understand the situation. 

“Your world…?” Ah Zong was surprised.

I was stunned but somehow felt at ease as I asked, “Did I say that out loud? ‘My world’?”

“Yes, you did.” Ah Zong immediately left my shoulder and looked at me with a confused expression. “Bing, why did you say that? Bing, you’re so perfect. You definitely came from a beautiful place…” There was a glimpse of yearning in Ah Zong’s charming eyes.

I continued to braid his long hair and smiled faintly, “I came from… a place where supply is far greater than demand…”

“Supply… far greater than demand?” Ah Zong was even more confused. He turned to face me and stared straight at me, confused. “What does that mean?”

“That means… Our cupboards never lacked snacks. We threw away a lot of leftovers after every banquet. Ugly looking apples were thrown away. Once, when I saw a worm in the vegetable I was washing, I threw all the vegetables away…”

“What? Kansa Star has such a place?!” Ah Zong was astonished. He was utterly confused. “Impossible. There’s no such place on Kansa Star. That sounds so wasteful. Too wasteful… I’ve only had two apples in my entire life…” Ah Zong was doubtful and he said with pity, “Why did you throw away the vegetables? I haven’t even seen vegetables before…”

I chuckled as I braided his hair. “Ah Zong, I’m not from Kansa Star.”

“You really came from Silver Moon City?!” Ah Zong suddenly came to a realization and looked at me. But he looked confused again, saying, “But it’s strictly prohibited to waste resources in Silver Moon City, too…”

I placed his braided hair in front of his chest and he looked even prettier. I stroked his smooth, warm face. “I’m not from Silver Moon City, either. Ah Zong, I came from a different planet. A planet that is very far away. That planet, my home, is called Earth.”

Ah Zong was shocked. He gawked in surprise, revealing his beautiful, neat teeth and his red tongue.

I chuckled and leaned on his shoulder. “You’re the third person to discover my secret. The other two are Raffles and Harry…”

I turned and leaned against his body in a comfortable position. I lay against his soft chest and bent my knees on the bed. I treated the dumbfounded Ah Zong as the back of a chair and fiddled with his braided pink hair.

“Earth has a population of over seven billion people. There, we practice monogamy. If a guy were to tell his girlfriend he wanted to be with another girl, he would be screwed. People on Earth usually wouldn’t accept that. In the beginning, it took a long time for me to be able to accept Harry and Raffles…” I closed my eyes and slowly sank lower, resting my head on his soft thighs. “Let me sleep for a while… I’m a little… homesick…”

He sat there quietly without giving any response. I reckoned he was frightened.


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