Book 6: Chapter 98 - Infuriated Lion

I felt agitated. My view had been blocked by He Lei’s body again. I didn’t know why He Lei would suddenly throw a tantrum and get Ah Zong involved.

“I don’t!” I turned away in distress. I knew that my answer would upset Ah Zong, but He Lei would definitely question me closely if I didn’t answer. He Lei had become strange since that day, and he would constantly put me in difficult positions. Judging from his look, it seemed that he would take a while until he calmed down.

I slammed the door behind me. “Bang!” But he suddenly stopped the door from closing.

I gave him a confused look, saying, “I want to shower.”

“Then, let’s shower together.” He suddenly barged into the toilet. He shut the door behind him as I retreated from his approach.

I suddenly panicked and lost my cool, yelling, “He Lei!”

“We are men.” He Lei took off his clothes without looking at me. When he took off his clothes, his naked upper body and his healthy tanned skin instantly filled my sight. He left me no time to avoid looking.

Who would have guessed that He Lei had such a sexy, muscular body under his clothes? Every muscle of his was well-proportioned. They weren’t protruding uncomfortably like a bodybuilder’s, nor were they flat like those of a young man who just started to hit the gym.

Those muscles were well distributed across He Lei’s body. They were in great shape too. His chest undulated as he breathed. The two manly nipples were eye-catching too. His perfect ab lines outlined his equally perfect ab muscles, and his merman lines extended below his waistband. His skin was tight due to his toned muscles, and he was glistening with a healthy luster.

He Lei’s body was an adult man’s body. It looked entirely different from that of Raffles, who sat in the lab all year round. It was a male body fueled by wildness and aggression. Every single cell of his exuded intense sexiness and testosterone. It was almost suffocating to have him  there.

“Bing, you should know that I love you!” Suddenly, He Lei pressed closer, and I took a step back.

He grabbed me by the waist. Then, his strong arms lifted me up and placed me on the wash table behind me. I had nowhere to lean on and had to face his direct approach.

He held my waist, which was far narrower than his, firmly. His hot hands burned through my shirt, “You love Harry and Raffles. I understand that, but the one outside-!” He creased his eyebrows and there was anger in his eyes. “I don’t agree! If he can receive your love, why can’t I?!” He suddenly questioned me loudly.

I looked at him in surprise. His burning gaze bored into mine. He suddenly cupped my face forcefully and kissed me. He locked my face with such strength that I couldn’t move. His unusually burning lips pressed into mine. His legs suddenly barged in between mine and pushed down on my body.

His deep breathing instantly sucked away all my oxygen. He instantly pulled my waist closer, bringing me right up against his muscular chest. His chest was pressing against mine, and I instantly felt his intense attack!

Everything happened so quickly that I didn’t even have the time to react before I was engulfed in his passion and couldn’t escape.

Suddenly, his body stumbled and he left my lips. He held his head, moaning, “Why, why…” He looked weary, as though he were falling asleep.

Suddenly, the door opened and revealed Ah Zong, who stood by the door. His pink hair fluttered across his lips, and he smiled at He Lei, who looked exhausted.

He Lei stumbled and turned. He saw Ah Zong and shook his head, moaning, “You, you…” His body suddenly turned weak and he collapsed on the ground.

I sat at the wash table and had yet to come back to reality from the earlier situation. He Lei, whom I’d thought had always viewed me as his younger brother, had done that to me…

He’d been very swift to act, too. The way he’d approached me was as resolute as he had always been in battle. He was fast and dexterous, leaving no chance for a counterattack.

Ah Zong walked up to He Lei seductively and squatted down. He leaned his head sideways and smiled at him. He pushed away He Lei’s scattered hair and smiled. “My superpower isn’t just turning men into women. I can make people sleep, too. You’ve been naughty.” Ah Zong tapped He Lei’s face as he lay deep in slumber. He stood up and crossed He Lei’s body. He came up to me and looked at me gently, saying, “Bing…”

I came back to reality and pounced at Ah Zong without much thinking. Ah Zong’s body stiffened at my sudden hug.

I hugged Ah Zong’s body, which was much softer compared to He Lei’s; despite that, he gave me a stronger sense of security. I slowly calmed down. His body slowly emitted a nice fragrance that dismissed the suffocating mood in the toilet.

“Did he scare you? He’s just jealous,” Ah Zong was so considerate. “But… He was so forceful. This isn’t too good. Our Lil Bing doesn’t like to be violated…” Ah Zong said softly as his hands hung loosely by his sides. He didn’t touch me at all.

I slowly calmed down and let go of him, saying, “Put He Lei to bed.”

“Mm…” Ah Zong turned around and his pink hair fluttered past me. He helped He Lei up and carried him out. Ah Zong wasn’t girly at all. He was a true man, and he carried He Lei with ease.

I jumped off the wash table and followed behind them. My head was still buzzing. It had happened so quickly that I hadn’t even felt He Lei’s kiss.

Ah Zong placed He Lei on one of the smaller beds. Then he sat by He Lei’s bed. He slid his finger along He Lei’s muscles and commented, “His body figure is great. Judging from his body, his duration shouldn’t be short.”

“Ah Zong!” I cried. Unbelievably, Ah Zong was still in the mood to say that.

Ah Zong smiled sweetly. He leaned his head sideways and bit his lip when he watched me sit down in front of him. “Why don’t you accept him? I can tell that you like him.”

I creased my eyebrows, “But it isn’t that kind of like. Why is he acting like this? Before he confessed, he was fine. After he confessed, he suddenly behaved like this. Oh yeah, he confessed his feelings to me last night.” I regretted it. If I’d known, I would have preferred him keeping it in.

“Because he unlocked his heart. Of course his love was released, and he could pursue you all he wanted. He let a beast out…” Ah Zong said, smiling.

I glanced at him, “But he said that he could let go of his feelings. He even said that he had a fiancee, Sayee, that he had to take responsibility for.”

“But Sayee isn’t with him now. You are.” Ah Zong smiled, “I think what he meant by letting go wasn’t his love towards you, but his hesitation to pursue you. He will return to Sayee at the end of the day. Why not enjoy a short romance with you now? To him, it would already be a lifetime of happiness…” Ah Zong looked to the side. In his charming eyes, there was a glimpse of envy.


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