Book 6: Chapter 97 - Whose Gun Is Faster

This is so direct. I blushed at the sight.

Ah Zong sat on the bed flirtatiously as he smiled sweetly at He Lei. He Lei creased his eyebrows and looked away. He blushed and asked through gritted teeth, “Where did your Great Ghost King come from?!” Although he looked embarrassed, we found him cute. Ah Zong covered his mouth and sniggered.

“You want to know? Come to my room,” Feng You gestured He Lei. “Or… Tell your beloved king to make some room for us?” Feng You looked at me and lifted her chin. She had a strongly provocative temperament. 

She obviously wasn’t asking for my approval, but commanding me to leave. The Great Ghost King’s men thought themselves to be high above every one of us. They didn’t put any Ghost King in their eyes.

Although I liked her character, I definitely wouldn’t back down in such a situation because I was the Ice Fire King, the owner of the room. No one could think about going over my head.

I took a step back and sat on the sofa behind me. I rested one leg over the other while I leaned back in a comfortable position. I lifted my chin and looked at Feng You, replying, “It doesn’t matter if you answer us, because I will eventually find out.”

Feng You’s smile grew dim and she squinted. “What an arrogant statement!” The corners of her lips lifted into a mocking smile.

“Do you eat humans?” I asked.

She gave me a funny look. She crossed her legs again and reined in her coy expression. She supported her head with one hand and smirked. “I know Ice Fire King specializes in killing Ghost Eclipsers who eat humans. What if…” She leaned forward and licked her red lips. “...I say I do?”

“Then our King might kill you,” Ah Zong said, smiling.

“I said you can’t speak! Wh*re!” Feng You suddenly drew her gun and aimed at Ah Zong.

Bang!” There was a gunshot. 

Ah Zong sat on the bed calmly, but he changed his direction by moving his legs to the other side. He flipped his long pink hair and smiled flirtatiously at Feng You, remarking, “In this world, no one can draw a gun faster than my King.”

He Lei glanced at Ah Zong, then looked at me grimly. My gun barrel was still warm from the heat of the laser. He creased his eyebrows, and a deep whirlpool churned in his eyes. He slowly drowned in anger and his chest undulated. He glared at Ah Zong coldly.

Feng You looked at her molten gun, its lower half left in her hand. Her hand quivered and she roared in a quivering voice, “This was! My favorite! Gun!” She stared at me.

I looked at my gun. No one could shoot however they pleased in front of me.

Hmph!” I humphed coldly and aimed my gun between Feng You’s eyebrows. She didn’t panic, but instead became calmer and smirked. “Now, I… am interested in you.”

“Do you eat humans?” I asked again.

She chuckled, “Do you think I’m like the old lady, Margaery, who died at your hands? Hmph…” She leaned back in her chair and said flirtatiously, “There’s only one kind of person that can kill me. That is…” Feng You glanced at He Lei coquettishly and revealed her amorous feelings. “Men who are my ecstasy.”

He Lei’s expression had grown grave since I’d defended Ah Zong. He looked ahead, and I could feel his rage even without Ah Zong reminding me.

“It seems that… Someone is jealous.” Feng You stood up and smiled at He Lei flirtatiously. “Even I could tell that your King dotes on Pink Baby more. My dear, I would spoil you more. You’re welcome to see me anytime,” Feng You said as she gave He Lei a flying kiss. She then turned and walked past me.

He Lei turned away further, trying not to look at her. His gloomy back tensed as though he were holding back his anger and murderous intentions.

Feng You paused in front of me and looked at me. “You’re the Great Ghost King’s guest. The Great Ghost King wants you alive in Ghost King City. Otherwise…”

“Otherwise what?” I lifted my chin and looked smugly at her. “Are you sure you would be the one to walk out alive?” I glared coldly at her beautiful face, while she fixed her green eyes upon mine. We stared at each other in the quiet room.

Her eyes were churning with burning flames like a warrior’s, while my gaze was cold because I had seen too many dead bodies through massacre. The soil drenched with blood, and the river of severed limbs and heads, made me fearless before the Ghost Eclipsers.

My chilliness deterred Feng You. Her eyes flickered and she looked away. She bit her lip and let out a light chuckle. Then, she lifted her hand and pointed at my face, yelling, “You’ll pay for my gun! Hmph!” She flipped her long hair arrogantly and walked away in huge strides.

I put away my gun after she left the room. “And I thought the gun was useless...”

“Thank you, Bing…” Ah Zong stood up and wanted to walk to me, but He Lei suddenly shoved him harshly. “Thud!” Ah Zong was pushed back onto the bed. He chuckled and looked at He Lei, asking, “Lei, are you angry?” Ah Zong bit his lip and smiled at He Lei.

“Don’t move around!” He Lei commanded solemnly, and his face turned grim. “It was the wrong decision to bring you!” he roared before turning to look at me.

“What are you angry about?” I looked at him with a strange expression as I put my gun away. Suddenly, there was a human breeze and he arrived in front of me. He placed his hands on my armrests and looked down at me with a burning gaze. “I told you, he’s too attractive! We have to keep a low profile, but he offended two of Great Ghost King’s men!”

“Lei, isn’t it great that I’m attractive?” Ah Zong said casually from the bed.

“Shut up!” He Lei looked to the side and roared. He glared at Ah Zong in the corner of his eyes. He said grimly, “This is not Honeycomb. If  you can’t change your habit of seducing people, go back to Honeycomb!”

Ah Zong was stunned. His smile froze, and his charming bicolor eyes faded.

“He Lei, you went overboard!” I pushed him away angrily and started to move away.

“Where are you going?!” He Lei immediately pulled me back, a wave of unfathomable anger in his eyes.

I looked at Ah Zong, but He Lei immediately stood between us and blocked my view. He fixed his gaze firmly on me as though he were an angry lion locked onto its target.

I looked to the side, saying, “Shower.” Then I pushed the toilet door open.

“Are you avoiding the question? Or do you really like that guy?!” He Lei kept blocking me and questioned me directly.

I felt awkward and I looked at Ah Zong again. Ah Zong lowered his head, and his long pink hair vaguely hid his face. He was unusually quiet. 


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