Book 6: Chapter 96 - Female Ghost Teasing He Lei

“Whatever you say, my Queen.” Dian Yin bowed politely, but there was evil intent in the corners of his lips.

“Leave.” Feng You reined in her gaze. Then she pointed at Ah Zong disdainfully, saying, “Stay away from me. Don’t let me see you again. This is so frustrating! A man who looks so sexy! Hmph!” Feng You flipped her hair arrogantly. Her green hair swept past me, and I caught a whiff of fragrance. 

She turned and marched past Gehenna’s “dead body” as she rested her hands on her waist. Earl and Vanish quickly came forward to carry Gehenna and followed behind Feng You. Feng You’s curvaceous figure and her green ombre hair made her look like an arrogant peacock. 

He Lei shielded me with his body to block Dian Yin’s gaze as we advanced, while Ah Zong walked behind me to catch people’s attention with his graceful bearing. Iwas in between them, almost completely blocked from sight.

“Don’t walk around the spacecraft without me around.” Feng You walked with her head held high. She wore tall boots, and her heels tapped on the ground like those of an OL. “Don’t think about snooping around for information either.” She turned back and smiled, continuing, “Because… You’ll get nothing.”

She winked at He Lei, then turned back and swayed her hips coquettishly as she walked. Her butt looked extremely perky and plump in her skin-tight trousers. She swayed her hips sexily for the men, who all but lost their instinct to breathe. Even I couldn’t help but get distracted by her sexy butt.

How did He Lei remain calm and composed? He wasn’t attracted at all.

One of the cabins before us suddenly opened and Flurry walked out. His right hand was swathed in bandages. His gaze fastened on us the moment he saw us. His body was soaring with the rage of a jackal. 

“Hey, Flurry. What happened to your hand?” Feng You stopped in front of him and asked a question she knew the answer to. She extended her hand and touched his chest. “Did you… touch anything that you shouldn’t have touched? Hahaha! I told you long ago that it was only a matter of time until your hand rotted. I’m going to tell the Great Ghost King that I turned out to be a fortune teller too!” Feng You laughed smugly at his misfortunes.

Hmph. You’re bringing them around now?” Flurry reined in his glare at me and replaced it with a smile at Feng You. “Let me do this. The Great Ghost King commanded me to play host to our guests.”

“I’m sorry. They are… mine now.” Feng You pressed towards Flurry and kissed his earlobe gently. “Who told you to misbehave yourself and make a move towards our guests?” Then, Feng You gestured to us and advanced arrogantly.

Flurry chuckled lightly, exclaiming, “Who wants your old men?!” Then he looked to Vanish and Earl, saying, “I’ll bring you to the guest cabin.”

Vanish and Earl looked at me with Gehenna in their arms. Vanish said seriously, “The Great Ghost King will definitely separate us. You’ll be fine with Queen Feng You.”

“Thanks.” I felt that I would be fine with Feng You too, because the one who would be in trouble was He Lei.

Vanish and Earl walked toward Flurry while carrying Gehenna. As we walked past Flurry, he suddenly stretched his hand to touch Ah Zong’s long hair. Suddenly, Feng You, who had been walking in front of us, instantly turned back and drew her gun. “Bang!” A lip print was left on Flurry’s bandage!

Flurry’s hand paused in the air and he maintained his gentle smile, remarking, “I can’t even touch him? You shouldn’t be interested in his type.”

Phew.” Feng You blew a puff of air at the gun barrel and kissed it. “I just said it. They’re mine now. Although I don’t like the pink one, I won’t allow anyone to touch him.” Feng You squinted, and a murderous intent spread across her face.

“Hey, hey. I know your temperament.” Flurry turned and walked to Vanish. His navy hair that hung behind his knees swayed as he walked.

I faintly felt that the lip print wouldn’t be any ordinary lip print. Plus, what kind of gun could shoot out lip prints? I want to get one of those too. It’s interesting.

Hmph!” Feng You chuckled scornfully. She flipped her long hair, turned, and put away her gun as she continued forward. She just had to be in He Lei’s sight.

Although Feng You had been constantly trying to seduce He Lei, I had a good opinion of her. I hoped that she wasn’t a complete Ghost Eclipser. I hoped we wouldn’t become enemies, because I liked her character very much.

It might have been because I didn’t like He Lei that way. So, I wasn’t jealous or angry when Feng You disturbed He Lei. On the contrary, I found it interesting. It was fun to see He Lei’s response.

After we finished touring the Underworld River, Feng You brought us into a spacious guest cabin.

The guest cabin was round. On one side, there was a round convex window. It displayed a wide view, and we could see the boundless sky and churning clouds. It was as though we were walking among clouds, giving us a heart-lightening view.

In the middle of the guest cabin, there was a king-sized bed. Opposite the larger bed were two smaller beds. There were glass cupboards installed against the wall in between the beds. There was a floating flower in the cupboard that gave off a delicate aroma.

The spacecraft was like a luxurious yacht. Every corner of the guest cabin showed a sense of belonging.

The guest cabin was well-stocked with all kinds of leisure facilities, a sofa, and a table. There was a toilet on the other side too. It was fully equipped, unlike the Ghost Eclipsers’ spacecrafts.

The Ghost Eclipsers’ spacecrafts could be as extravagant as Margaery’s, as messy as Gehenna’s, as terrifying as Nubis’, but not like this, because the Ghost Eclipsers didn’t have such good taste.

“Did you take this spacecraft from someone?” I looked around the guest cabin and asked Feng You as I walked to the window. The spacecraft looked too much like Silver Moon City’s.

Feng You lay on a comfortable deck chair and watched He Lei inspect the room, with one hand supporting her head. “Would one that had been stolen be so great? Our Great Ghost King designed this personally.”

The Great Ghost King designed it?

“Then he has good taste.”

“Of course…” Feng You’s gaze turned dim when we brought up the Great Ghost King. She no longer looked at He Lei, but into the distance in admiration. “He is the most far-sighted, the most knowledgeable, and the sexiest…” Feng You put her hands on her cheeks as she leaned on the deck chair and lifted both her legs. The formerly arrogant queen suddenly sounded like a young girl admiring her idol.

The most far-sighted, the most knowledgeable… Why does the description sound like Cang Yu?

I looked around while Ah Zong sat on the bed with his arms supporting his body weight. He said, “This looks like Silver Moon City’s style…” He glanced flirtatiously at Feng You asking,  “Did the Great Ghost King… come from Silver Moon City?”

“Pink one! Shut up! I said it before. I don’t want to see you!” Feng You glared at Ah Zong coldly, while he smiled sweetly at her.

Feng You rolled her eyes at him and sat straight with her legs crossed. She carried the bearing of a queen as she replied primly, “You want to pry for information so quickly? Make someone else ask. I might tell you.” Feng You bit her lip as she looked at He Lei. She slowly lowered and spread her crossed legs, too.


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