Book 6: Chapter 95 - Sexy and Hot

Gehenna quickly hugged her from behind after she shoved him away. He rubbed her fair stomach coquettishly too. “We haven’t met in so long. Didn’t you miss me?” Gehenna smiled cheekily as though he were trying to redirect Feng You’s attention onto himself.

Hmph.” Feng You smirked and immediately behaved flirtatiously. “I think… You missed me more!” She turned around and lifted Gehenna’s chin. “But today, I’m more interested in the person who could kill the old lady.”

“You will be disappointed.” Gehenna winked at her frivolously. 

Feng You pushed him again. Her soft arm seemed as if she were pushing him away yet welcoming him back. “I think you’re jealous.” Feng You turned around. smiling, and looked at Dian Yin, asking, “Which one of them is Ice Fire King?” 

Dian Yi licked his lips and smiled. He then leaned back in an exquisite flower carved chair, bent one knee and crossed his arms. He looked at us and smiled at Feng You, replying, “Gehenna is right. You will be disappointed.”

Feng You looked at us and saw He Lei. Her green eyes glistened like emeralds. “Says who? I think he’s not too shabby.” Feng You walked towards He Lei and rested her hand on He Lei’s muscular chest. “You killed the old lady. You did well. I never liked the old lady…”

“Not me. It’s him.” He Lei moved to the side and revealed me.

Feng You slowly looked down and saw me. She was instantly stunned. She blinked with a blank expression, asking, “You?” The woman was half a head taller than I was. She looked even more like a goddess of war.

“That’s right. He is our King, Ice Fire King.” Ah Zong introduced me to Feng You. His sweet yet hoarse voice seemed to be hard to differentiate between male and female. His intoxicating voice could make one’s limbs grow weak.

Feng You was surprised when she looked at Ah Zong. No one could resist Ah Zong’s charming smile.

Feng You’s eyes suddenly shot open. Rage soared as she cried, “Who are you?! How could someone sexier than I am exist?! I’m going to kill you!” She moved to draw her gun.

Ah Zong smiled and examined Feng You. It turned out that there were people who wanted to kill him after all. But judging from Ah Zong’s expression, he wasn’t on alert, nor was he anxious. It seemed that Feng You didn’t really want to kill him.

Gehenna ran to hug Feng You. “My Queen, calm down! He’s Ice Fire King’s man. Show mercy as respect.”

“He’s the Pink Baby that Gehenna wanted.” Dian Yin suddenly sniggered scornfully. He obviously thought it wasn’t chaotic enough.

Feng You’s face grew even gloomier. Her boobs undulated before me. Her cleavage moved up and down in the sunlight. I found He Lei’s calm strange. He stood next to me and was heavily guarded against everyone there, including the sexy woman in front of us.

Does He Lei even like women? Why doesn’t he respond to any woman? Would it be that he actually likes men, but he didn’t know it himself until he fell in love with me?

Gehenna immediately let go of Feng You and explained, “He’s a man. I was only curious as to what Pink Baby was like. But he’s a man. You know that I’m not interested in men. Feng You, you will forever be the goddess in my heart!”

Feng You seemed to look happier as Gehenna comforted her. She put on a satisfied smile.

“Boss, you mentioned another girl was the goddess in your heart earlier.” Vanish suddenly betrayed Gehenna.

Gehenna was stunned and looked at me in embarrassment. “Er…”

I looked away. What do I have to do with this? You’re my uncle.

“You’re a pervert!” Feng You roared and turned to pull the trigger at Gehenna.

Bang!” Gehenna fell to the ground, and there was a sexy lip print on his forehead. 

What… What is going on? Is this… some kind of new weapon?

“Don’t worry. Boss won’t die.” Earl pushed up his glasses and said, “Queen Feng You’s gun only makes people go into a coma. It isn’t lethal.”

Actually, I wasn’t worried about whether Gehenna would die. Gehenna wouldn’t be a Ghost King if he could die so easily.

“Phew. Much better.” Feng You put away her gun, while Dian Yin chuckled at the sight of Gehenna laid out on the ground.

Feng You turned around and flipped her long green hair. She rested one of her hands on her waist, saying, “You dared to kill Margaery, and you shouted at the Great Ghost King that you would kill anyone that offended you. You really do have guts. It made me curious as to how you would look in person. But… You’re only a child.” Feng You examined me. She wanted to lift my chin using her weapon’s barrel, but He Lei immediately pushed it down.

Feng You immediately smiled flirtatiously. She bit her lower lip and removed her weapon’s barrel from He Lei’s hand, saying, “I like to touch… guns the most… Especially thick ones…”

He Lei’s expression grew tense. He looked away and his expression grew grave.

Pfft!” Ah Zong covered his mouth and sniggered.

Feng You bit her lip and glanced at He Lei coquettishly, before she looked at me with a mature expression. “Mm… Little boy, you’d better be careful. There are a lot of men who would like a petite man like you.” Feng You glanced at Dian Yin.

Dian Yin looked away and sniggered. “Pfft.

“Queen Feng You, Flurry wanted to lay a finger on Ice Fire King and his man earlier, and Ice Fire King already taught him a lesson,” Vanish reported solemnly, as though Feng You were his actual master.

I realized that Gehenna’s underlings were like Gehenna, because they would abandon their boss without hesitation whenever they see a woman. They would devote their heart and soul to another woman instead, just like how they had thrown their boss into a deep pit in front of me back then. Especially Vanish. He looked as if he were the most loyal to Gehenna, yet he was the one who betrayed him the most.

It was such an interesting team. I really liked Gehenna’s men. All of them were drama queens that shifted allegiances like a weathervane.

Feng You raised her eyebrows, “Alright. I understand. Follow me.” Feng You looked at me, then she looked at He Lei next to me. Her expression immediately grew flirtatious again. “Your man is great. He has a great body too… Mm… I wonder why, tsk, he looks so familiar. I seem to… have seen you before somewhere…” Feng You leaned closer to He Lei, and she seemed to be flirting right in front of me.

He Lei quickly moved to my other side and suddenly grabbed my shoulder. He roared domineeringly, “I am not interested in women. I only love my King!” It was as if he were giving Feng You a warning.

My body instantly stiffened. I looked at Ah Zong and gave him an eye signal to save me from the difficult situation. Ah Zong smiled sweetly and expressed no intention to help me at all.

Feng You’s expression grew grave. “Oh well. I’m not Margaery. I wouldn’t force you, and I’ll still protect you. With me around, no man will dare to come close to you.”

Feng You glanced at Dian Yin, and he licked his lips and chuckled lightly. “Hmph.

“I’ll bring them with me, and continue to tour around with them. Excuse us.” Feng You swung her fair arm and placed her hand on her waist as she glanced sideways at Dian Yin.


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