Book 6: Chapter 94 - Ecstasy Ghost

Suddenly, Dian Yin was stunned. He smirked as he examined Ah Zong. “I see. You’re actually a shape-shifting metahuman…”

“Bro, you can’t spread Ah Zong’s legs either, huh?” Gehenna walked next to Dian Yin and said lightheartedly, “I wanted to take Ah Zong back then. In the end, my brother, Ice Fire, took him instead. Hahaha.”

Ah Zong returned to his male form and flipped his long pink hair as they conversed. His every movement was flirtatious and seductive.

“It’s a pity that he’s a man. Sigh…” Gehenna shook his head.

Dian Yin smirked and looked at Gehenna. “Hmph!” He chuckled lightly. He didn’t look at Ah Zong again, but instead turned to me. “Ice Fire King, please continue to tour around the Underworld River.” Then, he turned and continued forward. His brightly colored leather jacket twinkled under the lights.

Ah Zong returned to my side. He leaned his head sideways and stared at Dian Yin in front of us. “He isn’t interested in me…” Ah Zong said slowly.

He Lei immediately glanced at him, and Ah Zong glanced back, continuing, “He’s interested in Bing…”

Hmph.” He Lei humphed scornfully. He suddenly held my hand and laced his fingers through mine, clasping our hands together firmly.

Ah Zong blinked and looked at He Lei carefully. I looked at Ah Zong, but his gaze was fixed on He Lei’s grim expression.

“Dian Yin, what are the Great Ghost King’s orders lately?” Gehenna came forward with Vanish and Earl, coming up next to Dian Yin.

Earl and Vanish walked behind us as though they were shielding a retreat. They watched both sides with their guard up. They greeted me softly, saying, “How do you do, Ice Fire King.”

He Lei held my hand firmly and I could only turn my head slightly, replying, “Thank you for coming.”

“We’re sorry that our boss held you back again,” Earl pushed his glasses up with his middle finger. It had been a while since I’d seen that familiar sight. “Please forgive our boss’ stupidity."

I chuckled. “I’m used to it.”

“Private fights aren’t allowed among the Ghost Kings. You’re new and didn’t know about the rule. So the boss actually wanted to seize the chance to take over Nubis’s livable zone. Who could have guessed that the Great Ghost King’s man would come so soon?” Vanish watched Dian Yin closely, saying, “Dian Yin is hard to deal with. He’s a binary metahuman.”

“Binary metahuman?” It was a new term I’d never heard before. It caught Ah Zong and He Lei’s attention too. They turned back simultaneously.

Earl pushed up his glasses as he said, “There are many binary metahumans around the Great Ghost Kings. They possess two superpowers simultaneously, unlike us.” Earl’s eyebrows were tightly knitted together, revealing his solemnity.

“Dian Yin controls everything from static electricity to thunderstorms. He’s very powerful,” Vanish warned. He stole a glance at Dian Yin and said softly, “This guy is always watching you. He’s definitely interested in your superpower. You must be careful. The metahumans around the Great Ghost King love to fight. They like to challenge the strong.”

I was surprised at what Vanish and Earl said. Even Silver Moon City didn’t have any binary metahumans, but the Great Ghost King had them. A cruel environment could better stimulate superpower development after all. No matter how meticulous design in a lab was, it couldn’t surpass warriors who went through nature and survival of the fittest.

“How could there be binary metahumans…” He Lei sighed.

“You will see more in the future.” Vanish lowered his voice, continuing, “Including Flurry, whom you hurt earlier. He’s one too. It’s simply because Brother Bing made the first move. If he were to be the first, Brother Bing, you might not be able to hurt him.” Vanish looked extremely serious. He wasn’t joking.

That’s really impressive, I thought.

“The Great Ghost King’s men aren’t people you want to offend.” Earl shook his head solemnly. “So, the four Ghost Kings know their place.”

I looked at He Lei and Ah Zong. He Lei’s expression grew solemn. Ah Zong creased his eyebrows and lifted his gaze to stare at Dian Yin, who was chatting happily with Gehenna.

There were many undiscovered talents around the Great Ghost King, indeed. If he weren’t powerful himself, how could he unite the Ghost Eclipsers? He definitely had powerful people around him. I reckoned we had to be more careful.

The scale of the Underworld River was no smaller than Silver Moon City’s spacecraft. On top of that, their layout and facilities were very familiar.

The people in Silver Moon City paid attention to taste and quality. The same character was displayed by the Underworld River too. A delicately painted corridor, a clean dining area, and a leisure ecology garden. It made one feel as if it weren’t a Ghost Eclipser’s spacecraft, but another Silver Moon City.

“This is our ecology garden,” Dian Yin said. There were exquisite chairs in the garden. 

The chairs surrounded by a bed of flowers reminded me of Cang Yu’s garden library. His slender, elegant back and his long braid gave off the mysterious air and wisdom of an ancient book.

Who is he? What is his purpose?

He is like a person standing behind layers of curtains. He is vaguely seen, yet unreachable.

Would he have all the answers to the mystery of this world?

“Who is the one that killed the old lady, Margaery?” Suddenly, a loud mezzo voice rang out. We looked to the source of the voice and were surprised.

We saw a tall woman with long green hair. There was a tinge of heroic spirit and handsomeness in her beauty. Not only was she tall, her figure was also attractive. She was dressed in extremely revealing clothes, too. 

She only wore a gold leather bra for a top. Her bulging boobs overflowed from her bra and quivered as she took huge strides. They were like two white bunnies leaping on her chest.

Besides that piece of cloth, there was nothing else. Her exposed body was merely covered vaguely by her hair, which gave off an extremely sexy and seductive effect.

She wore a pair of skin-tight palazzo trousers made of the same gold leather. The hem of her trousers was like a mermaid tail. The skin-tight material put her body figure on full display.

She wore a belt, and a long-barreled gun embellished with colored jade hung off it. The gun looked almost like a fashion accessory on her waist. It made her look even more handsome, like an Amazonian female warrior.

Another female Ghost Eclipser. Female metahumans were rarely seen among the Ghost Eclipsers. The last one I’d seen was Margaery, which had left a very bad impression of female metahumans among the Ghost Eclipsers.

“Ah! It’s Queen Feng You. You’re here?” Gehenna’s eyes immediately fluttered the moment he saw the woman. He went up to the beautiful, sexy woman, and his eyes were fixed on her pair of fair boobs.

“Go away!” The woman named Feng You slapped Gehenna away. “You pervert! I’m here to see the person who killed Margaery.”

“That’s Ecstasy Ghost, Sis Feng You. We call her the Queen,” Vanish said softly.

Dian Yin looked at us too. His evil gaze fixed on my face and he smirked. He stuck his tongue out and licked the corner of his lip gently.

I saw his desire to tease and conquer in his eyes. I felt as if his skin were itching, and he wanted me to beat him up.

“Don’t worry. She likes brawny middle-aged men like our boss. She isn’t interested in beautiful young men, but she dotes on them,” Earl said, so I had an understanding of Feng You.


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