Book 6: Chapter 93 - Soul-stirring Ghost

“You must deter him right from the beginning!” Gehenna reminded me softly and quickly retreated to keep his distance from me.

What does he mean?

Flurry had already walked up to me by then. He ignored me and extended his hand to touch Ah Zong.

It turned out that was what Gehenna had meant. He wanted to use his strong superpower and take my man. So I had to deter him, so he would give up the idea of taking Ah Zong. 

Slap!” I immediately grabbed Flurry’s wrist. He turned to look at me and smiled, saying, “You are cute too. You and Pink Baby follow me, and you can be a king in peace.”

“I’m sorry. Ah Zong is mine.” Rage soared as I spoke.

Whoop.” He Lei brought Ah Zong to the farthest corner. Then, Gehenna, Vanish, and Earl, who had been next to me, quickly moved back to the farthest end too.

Flurry’s gaze measured Gehenna and He Lei as they hid in the corner.

Due to He Lei and Gehenna’s immediate retreat, Nubis and his men looked confused. They looked at Gehenna, while Gehenna waved back at them and smiled. “Don’t be afraid. My bro isn’t that powerful. He won’t be able to hurt you. Don’t be scared. You can stand there. It’s really okay,” Gehenna emphasized.

Nubis rolled his eyes and began to move back.

Flurry looked at them and chuckled lightly. Then, he turned to look at me, saying, “I’d love to see your superpower…”

Before he finished his sentence, blue light motes burned in my palm.

“Ah!” He instantly let out a shrill scream that pierced my ears.

I let go and covered my hurting ears. He immediately backed off. He was in such great pain that his right hand was shivering. There were only bones left on his hand, and there, blue light continued to erode his bones.

I rubbed my ears and lifted my hand towards him. He immediately backed off while I began to absorb the blue crystal energy. The blue light slowly flew towards me from his hand bones. He stood on the spot blankly. His blood instantly flowed out and tainted the floor as the blue crystal energy vanished.

I glared at him coldly, saying, “Don’t come near me and my men. Otherwise, I wouldn’t even give you a chance to groan in pain.”

There was chilliness in Flurry’s gentle eyes.

“Hahahaha!” Suddenly, a burst of laughter came from the side with the door. A purple figure flashed out from there. He lifted the corners of his similarly purple lips into a smirk as he looked at Flurry, saying, “Flurry, this is the first time I’ve seen you in a fix. I should have recorded this.” It was Thunder God. 

Flurry glared at him and said through gritted teeth, “What nonsense are you talking about?! F*ck off!”

Thunder God looked at him as he creased his eyebrows and shook his head, “Tsk, tsk, tsk. You are so badly injured, and you still stubbornly refuse to admit your mistake. Don’t strain yourself. Ice Fire King’s superpower is obviously radiation. Hurry up and heal your wound. You won’t be able to play with any men if you go any later.” Thunder God smirked.

Flurry clenched his teeth and glared at me. Then, he turned and left with his bleeding hand. When he walked past Thunder God, Thunder God didn’t bother looking at him but looked at his own nails. There was lightning flashing among his fingers as he said, “Leave. I’ll take care of this.”

“Humph!” Flurry stomped away. He’d instantly lost his earlier gentleness and elegance. Ah Zong was good at judging people after all.

Thunder God walked forward and detoured around Flurry’s blood on the floor. He bowed and greeted me, saying, “Ice Fire King, welcome to the Underworld River. I apologize for what happened earlier. Flurry has no idea of your capability. Pardon him. But don’t think all the metahumans on the Underworld River are as weak as Flurry.” He squinted, and lightning flashed in his eyes.

“Hey, Thunder God. Long time no see!” Gehenna came forward and clapped his shoulders.

Thunder God looked at Gehenna with a smile. “Didn’t you go to Blue Shield City to get Pink Baby?” Thunder God looked at Ah Zong and observed him, remarking, “You didn’t get him. On top of that, he was a man?”

“It’s because he is a man. That’s why I gave him to my younger brother. Bro, come here. This is the Great Ghost King’s favorite general, Thunder God, Mister Dian Yin.” Gehenna introduced me to Thunder God. 

He Lei brought Ah Zong back, and they stood by my side again.

Thunder God walked toward us. The ends of his purple hair were curly. His hair was a purple and red ombre toward the base, and all purple at the ends. It was a brilliant color.

His facial features were extremely gorgeous and flirtatious, too. The purple eyeshadow at the corners of his eyes made his beauty resemble that of a beautiful butterfly.

In my imagination, Thunder God had initially been the bird head from The Gods, then Uncle Elvis Tsui with his long, messy hair and stubble.

Dian Yin walked before me and smiled as he moved to the side. “This way, Ice Fire King.” He lifted the corners of his lips and formed a charming smile.

“Bro, let’s go.” Gehenna quickly came forward to pull me along. He Lei immediately stood in between Gehenna and me. He put his hand around my waist and protected me.

Dian Yin glanced at Nubis, saying, “Corpse King, come along.”

Nubis looked at him grimly and walked toward the door with his followers. But he kept his distance from the rest of us.

Dian Yin walked casually in front of us, as though he were bringing us on a tour around the spacecraft.

“This is the main tunnel. This can lead us to any location in the Underworld River…”

We saw many people working on the Underworld River along the way. They were in uniform too. The silver catsuit was clean and neat, unlike the slovenly Ghost Eclipsers.

“Not interested…” Suddenly, Nubis, who hadn’t spoken earlier, spoke with a hoarse voice. He kept his distance from us. He looked at Dian Yin grimly, saying, “I have seen this. You can bring the newbies around.” Nubis stared at me spookily. He didn’t leave, nor did he say anything else. But he kept staring straight at me.

Suddenly, Gehenna, Vanish, and Earl stood in between us and Nubis. “What are you looking at, old ghost?” Gehenna smirked at Nubis.

Nubis glared at him coldly. Then, he turned and left with his two followers. He looked like he really knew his way around.

“Ice Fire King. This way,” Dian Yin walked up to me with a smile.

He Lei suddenly pulled me to his other side. He looked as if he wanted to block Dian Yin’s gaze using his body. At the same time, Ah Zong took my original spot and smiled sweetly at Dian Yin, asking, “Mister Dian Yin, are you looking at me?” Ah Zong’s flirtatious smile caught Dian Yin’s attention.

Dian Yi chuckled as he looked at Ah Zong. He placed his hand into his pocket, replying, “So Pink Baby turned out to be a man.”

“I can be a woman too.” Ah Zong lifted his hand to tuck his pink hair behind his ears. In the blink of an eye, he turned into a tall woman.

Vanish and Earl looked relaxed then. They watched Ah Zong’s flirtatious, womanly body, and they grew free from tension. It was as though someone had given them a massage, and they were lying on a bed of flowers while watching the blue sky and white clouds.


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