Book 6: Chapter 92 - The Ghost in the Underworld River

Everyone knew that Ah Zong got along well with people of all kinds. 

Ah Zong bit his lower lip and smiled after Ghostie said that. He smiled sweetly at Ghostie, asking “If I went… Would you be at ease?”

“Why wouldn’t I be at ease?” Ghostie looked at Ah Zong with a smile. The smile across the water ghost’s face was Harry’s conceited expression. “You can go and help Lil’ Bing to gain some popularity.”

Ah Zong leaned close to Ghostie and looked into his eyes. “Aren’t you worried that I might… seduce… Bing?”

Ghostie wasn’t deceived by Ah Zong at all. He chuckled and teased, “Go ahead if you can.” Ghostie was certain that I wouldn’t be seduced by Ah Zong.

“That’s enough!” I couldn’t stand when the two of them flirted in front of me. One of them was my man after all! I was actually jealous of Ah Zong.

It was Ah Zong’s existence that made my men feel insecure. I was the one who felt insecure. I felt that it was only a matter of time until Ah Zong took away all my men.

Ah Zong and Ghostie turned to smile at me at the same time. They were even becoming more well-coordinated.

My expression grew grim. I didn’t ask for He Lei’s opinion but instead said directly, “Come over. I’ll get Xiao Ye to pick you up.” Then I turned to look at Xiao Ye. “Xiao Ye, you can go back first.”

“Thank you, King!” Xiao Ye was so happy, as though he had been rescued. He immediately opened a portal and ran away.

“Are you sure you want Ah Zong to come?” He Lei asked as he fixed his gaze ahead. He flew the flying vehicle and kept a distance from Gehenna. He said in his deep voice, “He’s too charming, and he’s good at captivating people. He might cause unnecessary trouble.”

“Are you saying that the others would fight over Ah Zong?” I understood what He Lei meant.

“Those are the Ghost Eclipsers.” He Lei stole a glance at me. “Did you forget that Gehenna went to Blue Shield City for Ah Zong?”

“Do you not want me to go along so badly? Are you worried that I would be in the way, Lei?” Ah Zong sat behind He Lei and leaned forward toward the side of He Lei’s seat as he looked at He Lei seductively.

He Lei instantly became unnaturally uncomfortable. He looked away and his expression grew strange. He suddenly increased in speed, and Ah Zong fell back into his seat due to the sudden plunge.

He Lei didn’t say another word as Ah Zong continued to smile at him sweetly. I suddenly realized that Ah Zong was like He Lei’s natural enemy. It was a wise choice to pick Ah Zong. At least, it could bring the relationship between He Lei and me back to normal temporarily. I had to ask Ah Zong how I should deal with He Lei’s changes later, I thought; he might have a good suggestion.

The Underworld River ahead opened its hatch. The opening, that hadn’t been clearly visible from afar, was the entrance. As we flew closer, we felt exactly how huge the Underworld River was.

When can I have such a huge vessel?

We swarmed in one after another like bees. There was a spacious landing bay in front of us. The lock on the ground latched on and locked our flying vehicle in place. Now, Gehenna’s, Nubis’, and our flying vehicles were neatly lined up in the cabin. None of us disembarked.

The huge cabin door before us rose up and an elegant man walked out. He wore an angelic smile and he wore a long black jacket. His fringe and sideburns were short and they were dyed navy blue. Strands of hair rested against his skin, and his hairstyle revealed the huge silver earrings dangling from his earlobes. From behind his ears to the back of his head, his hair was longer, hanging down to the back of his knees.

“This person… holds violent rage…” Ah Zong scanned the gentle-looking man from top to bottom.

“Please disembark from the vehicle.” The man smiled at the door, exuding an elegant air in his black shirt.

I looked to one side. Gehenna opened his door and walked out along with Vanish and Earl.

I looked to the other side. There was no movement. It didn’t look as if anyone would be coming out.

“Please disembark from the vehicle.” Suddenly, a deafening roar pierced through the noise-isolation glass.

Just then, Nubis’ flying vehicle opened. I immediately saw a scrawny pale man walking out of the vehicle! There was no color in his cheeks, no sanguine complexion, no fairness of a white person, no paleness of a flying corpse, only the whiteness of a sheet.

The moment he walked out, his gaze was fixed furiously on me. He wore a red cape and no shirt, offsetting his skin to look even more glaring white. He wore green skin-tight leather trousers, and his ash green hair curled outwards loosely. On both sides of his chest, two entirely black pearls stood erect.

He was so scrawny that his bones could be clearly seen. His ribcage poked out of his skin under the red cape. He looked like a skull covered in a blood-red cape as he walked out.

He fixed his gaze on my flying vehicle the entire time as he stepped down from his own. Then, he turned to look ahead of him.

The two following behind him were comparatively brawny. They were like huge rock statues. They were almost two meters tall, and they were muscular, their veins bulging outward. One of them was red-skinned. He reminded me of Yama, but even Yama wasn’t as red as him.

Yama was a natural red. He didn’t look strange, but more so like a human. However, this man’s red made him look as if he were covered in glowing red paint.

He Lei, Ah Zong and I exchanged a glance. Then we opened our door too. I jumped out of the flying vehicle and Nubis immediately looked at me. It seemed that he was surprised because my image was different from what he’d imagined it to be.

The loud talker who had greeted us flashed an intrigued gaze when he saw me. He inspected me from top to bottom. At the very next moment, his attention was caught by those behind me, because He Lei and Ah Zong came down too.

The one who had caught his attention should be Ah Zong. As he was captivated, the two persons next to Nubis looked surprised too. They seemed to have forgotten to breathe, gawing blindly when they saw Ah Zong.

“Oh my… Would that be the legendary Honeycomb Princess, Pink Baby…” They couldn’t take their eyes off Ah Zong. 

Ah Zong stood next to me. He rested one hand on his waist as he leaned on my side lazily. His pink hair hung behind him casually, while strands of his hair fell in front of his slender, fair neck. His flirtatious bearing made his white battle uniform look gorgeous. 

“He is the Soul-stirring Ghost, Flurry!” Gehenna suddenly moved next to me and whispered softly, “He likes playing that game. Take care of your Ah Zong.”  

“Playin what?” I asked Gehenna softly, while He Lei was already watching Flurry with his guard up.

“That one.” Geenna made eyes and sent a signal. “In bed, I mean. He is a sadist.”

I was surprised. An elegant looking man like that was actually an animal. But Ah Zong had actually noticed long ago and felt his rage.

The Soul-stirring Ghost watched Ah Zong and walked toward him with an elegant smile.


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