Book 6: Chapter 91 - The Great Ghost King’s Messenger

I wasn’t interested in his ‘scheme’. I replied, “Tell your men to leave during the chaos. Lead them on a little longer. I will kill Nubis after they leave.”

“Alright! Bro, don’t worry about it!” Gehenna cut off the connection happily. His expression looked just like that of a stingy person waiting for a petty advantage.

I called him uncle, while he called me his brother. What kind of a f*cked up relationship was this?

There were three people standing on Corpse King’s spacecraft. They were in black uniforms. It seemed that Gehenna was the only one who acted so casually among the Ghost Kings.

One of them waved his arm. Suddenly, the skulls pinned to the hull suddenly swarmed out and instantly covered the sky.

Suddenly, Old Iron flew up to us, a pair of wings behind him. As the skulls swarmed over, Old Iron spread his arms.

“Ah!” Old Iron shouted, and a white shield expanded into the air like a huge folding fan. It was a magnificent sight! If it weren’t a war, it would have been a great scene to watch. Even sci-fi films couldn’t achieve such astonishing effects.

Hong!” There was a loud clash, and a silver dragon descended from the sky above!

The dragon instantly made the sea clouds explode, and a swirl of darkness enveloped the universe. The sky above us was instantly covered in dark clouds that crackled with lightning.

Terrifying flashes of purple and red lightning struck from among the dark clouds and isolated us from Nubis’s spacecraft like an electric fence.

Lightning on this scale was beyond what ordinary lightning metahumans could create!

“My goodness! Thunder God is here!” Gehenna’s image flickered back on. He looked astonished as he cried, “The Great Ghost King’s man is here too, bro!” He looked excited.

Just as Gehenna exclaimed in surprise, Old Iron retracted the protective shield. When he put away the huge folding fan, a human figure slowly appeared among the flashes of lightning. He hovered in the air as his long purple hair fluttered.

“The Great Ghost King commands you to go to Ghost King City!” Suddenly, there was a deafening roar in the air and a huge human face appeared in the dark, churning clouds. Lightning flashed past its eyes made of clouds. “Withdraw your troops,” the huge face commanded, and his voice shook our flying vehicle.

Old Iron looked at the human figure, and the lightning lit up his tense expression. He gulped and quickly flew back to Gehenna’s spacecraft. The other party began to withdraw their troops too.

Judging from Old Iron’s expression and Gehenna’s exclamation, it was easy to tell that they held reservations against the so-called Thunder God. Geenna said that he was the Great Ghost King’s man.

The Great Ghost King was an extremely mysterious existence. Seventeen years ago, that person had suddenly appeared. He had united the Ghost Eclipsers, and so had become the Great Ghost King.

The Ghost Eclipsers were unscrupulous, vicious, and powerful metahumans. No one knew how he had united them, but his superpower was definitely so strong that even those demons would hesitate.

After all, that was the Ghost Eclipsers’ law of nature. The one with the biggest fist was always right. You’d be bound to be eaten if you were weak.

That was why I had killed Totole by myself, so that Margaery’s underlings would know their place and not provoke me.

But Thunder God could summon a thunderstorm. He was truly powerful.

Thunderstorm creation was a superpower that all metahumans feared. This kind of lightning was extremely powerful, and the intensity of the storm he summoned would do more than just give someone a shock. Most people would just disintegrate if they were hit.

There were very few people who could resist such an electric shock. Even many defensive metahumans wouldn’t be able to resist. Judging from Old Iron’s expression, his protective shield wouldn’t work against Thunder God’s thunderstorm.

Even I wasn’t sure if I could win against him. He could fly high in the air, while I could only use my superpower on the ground. The blue crystal attack I used couldn’t reach such a height.

The dark clouds in the sky gradually dispersed, and the white clouds formed into the human face again. “Same old rules. Every Ghost King can only bring two followers.” In its wide open mouth, there was Thunder God. The sunlight poured over him, and his purple leather jacket looked extremely eye-catching. It was covered in shimmering silver lightning print, as though he were a rock star hovering in the air.

An underling of the Great Ghost King could serve as a deterrent force to other Ghost Kings. So, the metahumans around the Great Ghost Kings should be the strongest metahumans among the Ghost Eclipsers.

Just then, on my other side, another bigger silver spacecraft gradually appeared in the air opposite Gehenna’s spacecraft.

The sleek lines of the spacecraft were gentle yet elegant. The blue light belts along the hull of the spacecraft twinkled. The design was extremely similar to those of Silver Moon City. It looked familiar. Had they stolen Silver Moon City’s property again?

They’d once taken one of Silver Moon City’s energy mining machines. It wasn’t surprising that they could steal a spacecraft. 

Thunder God flew to the silver spacecraft. At the same time, a miniature spaceship flew toward it from Nubis’ spacecraft.

“Bro, the Great Ghost King ordered us to attend the negotiation. You must head to the Underworld River. We’ll be fine. Let’s meet there, and I’ll explain to you in detail. Luckily, his man came. Otherwise, it would have been a tough battle,” Gehenna said and cut off the connection.

Then, I saw Gehenna’s flying vehicle exit from his spacecraft. They flew up to us. Vanish waved at us from inside and beckoned us to follow.

I looked at He Lei and Xiao Ye. Xiao Ye seemed nervous, and he looked at the huge Underworld River tensely. He Lei and I exchanged a glance and nodded. We followed behind Gehenna.

I contacted Ghostie, saying, “Ghostie, Ah Zong, the Great Ghost King sent his man to tell us to meet at Ghost King City.”

“Don’t go! It’s dangerous!” Ghostie immediately responded.

Ah Zong looked at me with concern, asking, “Bing, what happened? Why did the Great Ghost King suddenly send his man?”

“Gehenna came too,” He Lei added.

Ghostie let out a breath of relief. “No wonder we saw two spacecraft. Then, there are three. We are considering if we should come over.”

“One of them is Gehenna’s, and the other one was the Great Ghost King’s Underworld River,” He Lei looked at Ghostie and Ah Zong. “Gehenna said that the Great Ghost King came to mediate the dispute.”

“Oh yeah. Gehenna mentioned before that the Great Ghost King commanded the Ghost Kings not to fight personally. Phew…” Ah Zong let out a breath of relief too. He always paid attention to everything that everyone said. He was pure in heart and spirit.

“Ah Zong, you go with me,” I said. Just as I spoke, Xiao Ye obviously let out a breath of relief.

Ah Zong looked at me in surprise. “Me?” His beautiful bicolor eyes glistened.

“Ah Zong?” He Lei looked at me and creased his eyebrows slightly.

I looked at He Lei, “Ah Zong is good at socializing. I can only bring two men with me.”

“Yes, Ah Zong is a suitable candidate,” Ghostie agreed. “Plus, Ah Zong is very likable. He is suitable for diplomatic meetings,” Ghostie smirked maliciously.


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