Book 6: Chapter 90 - Three Kings Gathered

At the very moment, he obviously ignored Xiao Ye entirely.

He behaved as though he was an eighteen years old young man when he was with me. His eyes were filled with happiness. He was no longer the He Lei laden with anxiety. 

I had never expected that He Lei’s ‘let-down’ would cause me to fall into unprecedented awkwardness. I was happy early. I thought everything was normal, but it turned out that he hadn’t shown it. 

He Lei wasn’t Xing Chuan. I could reject Xing Chuan straightforwardly. I would definitely hit him if he were to lay a finger on me.

But what should I do about He Lei?

I had never come across such a situation. He Lei was my best friend. Plus, he had already confessed to me the day before. If I were to retract my hand by force, everyone would feel awkward.

Plus, Ah Zong and I always held hands when we were watching stars and moon together. He Lei, Ghostie, and Raffles knew about that too.

Ghostie and Raffles knew that I viewed Ah Zong as my best friend. Plus, Ah Zong would normally turn into a girl. He was a considerate person. He knew that his appearance as a man would make Ghostie and Raffles uncomfortable. Only when he was a girl, no one would think of his identity as a man.

He Lei knew about my relationship with Ah Zong too. But he obviously didn’t want to be my best friend when he held my hand.

However, his situation was similar to Ah Zong. They loved me. Hence, if I were to be willing to hold hands with Ah Zong, why not with him? How should I explain if he were to ask me that?

“Bing?” He Lei clenched my hand. He seemed to notice that I had gotten carried away. 

I turned back to look at him, “Oh, it’s not fun to tell you like this. I want to surprise you.” I massaged my hand he was holding. “My hand is numb,” I found a ridiculous reason. 

He Lei looked nervous, “Your hand is numb? I’m sorry. I think I held your hand too tightly,” He quickly let go.

He Lei believed in what I said!

It turns out that no matter how smart a person was, his intelligence would be at a linear fall.

Just as I wanted to rein back my hand, he held it in his hand and massaged it gently.

This is getting worse!

I looked at He Lei stiffly. His eyebrows were tightly knitted, and he was focused on massaging my hand.

I saw Xiao Ye stretch out his neck to peep at me from the corner of my eyes. When our gaze met, we looked as though we were actually the ones having an affair.

“Is it better now?” He Lei looked at me gently with concern.

I found an opportunity to take my hand and swung it in the air. “Much better.”

He turned to the front and continued flying. “Surprise? Hehe,” He Lei chuckled on his own. I peeped at him stiffly. Did I harm He Lei? He really became silly. He was laughing on his own! It was a symptom of intermediate romantic brain damage!

“I am looking forward to what you have that could surprise me,” he smiled. It was a day he smiled the most ever since I had met him. He was fueled with youthful happiness.

I turned back stiffly. I felt that the situation was getting worse!

He was obviously completely different from Ah Zong.

Ah Zong was self-abased due to his identity as a Honeycomb boy. Hence, even though he expressed his love for me, he didn’t carry extravagant hope towards our relationship. The feelings he had for me were reverence, worship, and admiration. He kept his distance carefully. It could even be said that he maintained the distance with extreme care because the distance made us get along well, and I wouldn’t feel sick of him.

However, He Lei didn’t seem like he was going to keep our relationship as friends or best friends like Ah Zong. I could vaguely feel his overbearing invasion. His personal intention to draw our distance closer was making me uncomfortable. 

“We are nearing the sky above the enemy’s spacecraft!” The flying vehicle suddenly reminded. Just then, He Lei’s expression grew glum, and his smile faded. He resumed his usual self. He stared right in front, and he entered a war-prepared mode.

I immediately focused and watched the front seriously, “Prepare to descend. Enter the invisible mode.” It seemed that only war could make He Lei ‘normal.’

“Entering invisible mode,” the flying vehicle repeated after me. We slowly descended into the clouds.

We slowly appeared at the bottom of the clouds, and it was a sight of boundless barren land.

Just then, the clouds above us began to churn. There was a gigantic black object that slowly appeared before us. The hull of the black spacecraft was covered in human skulls!

The skulls looked like they were pinned on the black hull by some mysterious forces. They covered the entire outer case of the spacecraft, and it gave people the creeps. It was like the ruler of the underworld had come to the human world to reap all the lives!  

Suddenly, there was a light that burst out at us. They noticed us. Before metahumans, such an invisible function was nullified.

Just as we prepared to dodge, a huge shield suddenly expanded before us.

The white bone shield looked familiar. Just then, the clouds on the other side churned. There was another spacecraft that plunged out. It was Gehenna!

Vanish, and Old Iron stood tall and straight right in front of their spacecraft. Their hair fluttered in the cold breeze.

The two huge spacecrafts were locked in a confrontation. We turned off the invisible mood and appeared between them. But we looked so small before their gigantic spacecrafts, like a white pigeon between two huge flying dragons.

“Master, the opponent, requests to speak,” Ice Dragon reported.


Gehenna’s image immediately appeared on the screen. His eyebrows were tightly knitted, and he looked solemn. He immediately said when he saw me, “Corpse King Nubis is here.”

“It is really a Ghost King,” He Lei’s face grew grave.

“I am holding him back now. But this b*stard is difficult to deal with. He is a strange guy. It might possibly be a tough war after this,” Gehenna scratched his head in distress. “It is impossible to communicate with him. He is here to take revenge for Margaery. I rushed here the moment I heard the news. Luckily, I caught up.”

“Uncle, leave,” I said.

“Huh?!” Gehenna gawked at me, “I finally caught up with him to protect you, and you are telling me to go?!”

“I am afraid I would hurt you!” I creased my eyebrows and looked at him.

He was stunned, and he rubbed his chin. Then, he suddenly shot his eyes wide open, “You are going to massacre again! Don’t, don’t, don’t! There are my men there! Mm…” He clenched his fist and creased his eyebrows, “Wait for a moment. I will get my men to leave first.”

“Look! Their men have come out!” Xiao Ye immediately pointed.

We looked out simultaneously, and a few people had appeared on the spacecraft that was covered in skulls.

“It is too late to back off,” He Lei stood up and prepared for war.

“Pak!” Gehenna slapped his forehead. “I am superfluous. If I knew you are going to do this, I would have informed my men not to enter the Ghost King’s spacecraft. After you were done killing the Ghost King, Corpse King City would have been mine."

“Huh?” I squinted my eyes, and he immediately laughed to hide his embarrassment, “Hahahaha! Why did I say it out loud? Hahaha!” 

“…” Gehenna was still as silly.


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