Book 6: Chapter 89 - Lei Is In Love

I waved and beckoned, “Let’s go!”

Everyone immediately got on the spaceship and left Queen Town.

I brought the earlier war troops along because everyone had a great battle experience, and they were also my senior troop.

He Lei, Ghostie, Ah Zong, and I gathered in the meeting room. A perfect replica of the enemy spacecraft was displayed on the table.

“The spacecraft didn’t look like it belongs to Margeary’s ex-underlings,” He Lei looked at the spacecraft glumly. “Margery’s ex-underlings shouldn’t have a spacecraft of this scale.” As usual, he put down his confusing feelings and reverted to his decisive self. When he faced me, there wasn’t any awkwardness, and he was more straightforward than before.

“Would it be… other Ghost Kings?” Ah Zong glanced at me. My eyebrows were tightly knitted at that moment. If it were a Ghost King, it wouldn’t be easy to deal with.

I tapped my fingers on the table and looked at everyone, “If it is a Ghost King, we have to stop him at a five hundred mile distance. We can’t let him get any closer to Queen Town. Then, it wouldn’t cause severe damage to Queen Town if I were to use my superpower.”

“Shh. You mean you are going to kill,” Ghostie broke into a smile and looked at me while he placed one hand on his waist.

“I think it’s doable,” He Lei looked at the map. “They will pass by a level four radiation zone. There aren’t any people in that zone.”

I pointed at the spaceship, “I can head in the direction of the incoming spacecraft to check if it really is a Ghost King. I can hit them down from the air. Then, there would be lighter radiation damage on the ground.”

“Alright,” He Lei looked at everyone, “I’ll take Xiao Ye and Bing. Then, Xiao Ye and I will retreat.”

“Mm, alright,” Ah Zong agreed. “Xiao Ye’s superpower is limited to places he has been. So, you have to take him to their location, and he can then bring you back."

“Look, they stopped,” Ghostie pointed at the spacecraft that suddenly stopped advancing. He looked worried, “Did they notice us?”

“Let’s fight a quick battle then!” He Lei looked at everyone.

Everyone exchanged a glance and nodded simultaneously, “Agreed!” When fighting against a spacecraft full of metahumans, any hesitation would delay the opportunity to fight.

Plus, the battle location was suitable for my superpower. If he were a Ghost King, I would absolutely kill anyone that came by without hesitation!

He Lei, Xiao Ye, and I left Ice Dragon in a flying vehicle while Ah Zong, Ghostie, and the rest of the troops wait for the command.

The flying vehicle left Ice Dragon and traveled at high speed among the sea of cloud. It undulated as it stirred cloud waves.

He Lei was next to me. He was on the co-pilot seat while Xiao Ye sat behind him.

The cockpit was quiet as we focused on driving. I was glad that He Lei and I could get along as usual. Normally, after a confession, both parties would be awkward together. However, He Lei wasn’t. And because he wasn’t behaving awkwardly, neither was I.

“I heard from Harry that you shared great tacit understanding when you drove together,” He Lei suddenly looked at me sideways, and he gave a gentle smile. “He always raced with you."

“Yeah,” I smiled faintly. I couldn’t help but lifted the corners of my lips when I recalled the old times, “We used to race a lot.”

“Why not race now?” he suddenly said. There was a glimpse of competitiveness that lit a fire in his eyes.

“Huh?” When I looked at him, he was smiling and had already lifted his right hand to press the detached button, “Detach.” 

Xiao Ye instantly became anxious and he quickly gripped his armrests firmly.

Our flying vehicle began to detach. The few connecting mechanics quickly retracted, and the seat started to seal up. We flew apart in the air.

I chuckled, “Sure!” I turned and looked in front of us. As He Lei sped, I charged forward too.

We flew and flipped in the sea of clouds. We crisscrossed, dodged each other, drove parallel like two eagles flying and chasing in the sea of clouds.

“You are aimed by the other opponent,” the monitor in front of me flashed a warning. It was a special training system used during flying vehicle racing. It could also enter mock battle mode.

I immediately turned off the power, and my flying vehicle instantly fell into the sea of clouds. I suddenly dropped out of He Lei’s aim and into the sea of white clouds.

In the thick sea cloud, it was entirely white. There were memories about racing with Harry that surged in my head. His face, his eyes, his smile, and the tattoo on his chest.

Raffles and Haggs said that the symbiotic flower was a peculiar spiritual creature. There were different rooting positions. They were guessing that the symbiotic flower lived on human feelings.

Harry’s symbiotic flower was rooted in his chest because I was there. The tattoo related to me was there.

I restarted the power in the snow-white world, and the flying vehicle stopped falling. I turned around and did a backflip before I ascended.

When I pierced out of the sea clouds, He Lei’s flying vehicle was in sight. I aimed and fired. Then, the monitor displayed a sign of my victory.

He Lei hovered in the air, and I landed next to him. 

“I lost?” He Lei smiled at me. There was heat in his eyes.

I extended my hand and pressed on the connector, “You sound like you don’t want to admit defeat.”

Suddenly, he placed his hand over mine that was on the connector. His burning hand held mine tightly without hesitation. Then, he interlaced his fingers with mine naturally as though we were lovers.

I was surprised. My heartbeat inevitably sped up because of his sudden intimate action. I looked at him, but he looked to the front calmly. He didn’t mind that Xiao Ye was in the vehicle too.

Xiao Ye immediately looked away in embarrassment. He gazed at the sea of clouds on the side and pretended that he didn’t see anything. However, his tensed expression said everything. Ah Zong would definitely find out when we returned!

“You mentioned yesterday that I could see the truth today. What is it?” He held my hand and continued to fly the vehicle.

I wanted to pull my hand, but he gripped it tightly.

“He Lei, we are preparing for war,” I pulled my hand again.

He smiled at me and clenched my hand, “This doesn’t affect us fighting a war. Plus…” He moved slightly closer to me and gazed deeply into my eyes, “I have to hold your hand like this when we move using my super-speed too.”

My face immediately burned, and I suddenly felt the flying vehicle very stuffy.

He Lei smiled and sat back. He continued to look in the front and fly the flying vehicle.

Xiao Ye’s body was tenser than before.

I felt that I might be wrong.

I thought He Lei put down his feelings towards me, and he would behave as usual. But I was wrong. He felt more like… a boy in a relationship, and he was a little…

I looked down at his hand that was holding mine firmly. He was domineering.

“Bing, what is it that you wanted to tell me?” He seemed to change into a different person, and his voice sounded extremely gentle too.

He remained steady, mature, and decisive in the meeting room earlier. There wasn’t anything strange.


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