Book 6: Chapter 88 - Enemy Came

Haggs’ face grew grave, “That’s why he hated Harry.”

“He must be the one who killed Harry!” Raffles spatted angrily, “We weren’t sure of his superpower then. He once used his superpower and made a rose for Arsenal. Arsenal still keeps the rose, and it hasn’t changed at all over the years. It hasn’t turned into black wheat either. We have been guessing whether he was a plant mutator. Maybe he can mutate all other living things as well?” I suddenly stood up and exclaimed, “I remember now! There was one time when Xing Chuan turned me into an octopus!”

“What?!” Raffles and Haggs were surprised. Their eyes glistened, and they looked at each other, “If such a transformation was irreversible, could it be Xing Chuan who did that to Harry?!”

I was thrilled with excitement, “That’s right. As long as we get our hands on Xing Chuan, Harry can come back!” I knew that he had something to do with what happened to Harry, but I felt complicated when I saw a sliver of hope of turning Harry back to normal.

That b*stard! It’d be too lenient if I were just to kill him! It’d be best if I could turn him into a water ghost so he could experience Ghostie’s pain over the years.  

Raffles was happy and excited, “Let's head out to look for Xing Chuan!”

“Not yet,” Haggs was calm. “We still aren’t Silver Moon City’s match. If we were to let Bing go to Silver Moon City alone, she might not be able to bring Xing Chuan down. On the contrary, Bing possibly might get trapped in Silver Moon City. You forget that Xing Chuan is not the only one in Silver Moon City, but there is also Cang Yu.”

“Yeah, there’s Cang Yu too. Cang Yu’s superpower is unknown,” Raffles became anxious, and he started pacing back and forth. “Cang Yu seems to be very powerful. Even though I haven’t seen him using his superpower, somehow, he strikes fear in people. There are so many metahumans in Silver Moon City. How do we catch Xing Chuan?” He was a scientist but not a strategist.

I slowly calmed down too. “We can’t act recklessly. There are many skillful people in Silver Moon City. Plus, it is located in space. There are too many factors to consider when in space. To catch Xing Chuan, it’d be best if we first drag Silver Moon City down from space! Then, it wouldn’t be able to escape!”

“Hence, we have to absorb the Ghost Eclipsers’ power,” Haggs looked outside the window. “Metahumans like Moto, Eletta, and the other beautiful young men. We need our army—an army that could be evenly matched with Silver Moon City. On top of that, we need battleships that could enter space. Raffles, it seems like we are going to be very busy.” 

“This is what I am looking forward to!” Raffles looked at Haggs energetically, “Let’s build Bing a space fortress! Charge out of Kansas Star!”


Raffles and Haggs held their hands together firmly. The golden sunlight engulfed their interlaced hands like a mighty divine power spreading from their hands.

After we took care of the Ghost Eclipsers, our next target was Silver Moon City that needed a spanking. We had to smack down the high and mighty Silver Moon City! Just like how Hou Yi shot the suns down!

Raffles put on a smart-looking shirt while Haggs picked up the disguise devices.

I looked at them and put them down.

Raffles and Haggs looked at me, confused.

I creased my eyebrows, “I promised He Lei that I’d tell him the truth. He was frank about his feelings for me, and he put his feelings down. I shouldn’t hide anything from him."

I looked at Raffles and Haggs. They didn’t oppose the idea.

Haggs remained calm, “I’d prefer you to revert to your female self.” He lifted the corners of his lips into a proud smile, “Then, the entire world will know that we have the most outstanding woman in the world. How about you, Raffles?” Haggs glanced at Raffles, who looked down and smirked, “You definitely want to hide her. You are so insecure.”

“No, not that…” Raffles sounded guilty. “I, I always respect Bing’s decision.” I held Raffles’ hand and looked at him. I then leaned on his chest and said in a spoilt way, “Raffles, I will forever be your Bing. Don’t worry.”

Raffles smiled sweetly. I hardly did that.

“Bing acted spoilt with you. You made me jealous,” Haggs’ face grew grave. Raffles suddenly held me tightly and placed his chin on my head as he felt secretly glad.

“Woo!” Suddenly, the alarm in Queen Town was set off.

I sighed and picked up my disguise devices. It seemed that the truth had to wait.

The shadow outside landed. It was Lucifer. He was anxious, “Sister Bing! The enemy is here! There are many of them!” He looked at Raffles and me, then at Haggs. He suddenly blushed and pointed at his face, “I want a kiss today too.”

“Humph,” Haggs chuckled softly, “Don’t act spoilt just because you are a child!”

Lucifer blinked and pouted. He looked at Haggs with a pitiful look, “Brother Haggs is so fierce.”

Haggs’ face grew grave. Just as Raffles wanted to advise Haggs, Haggs walked to the window and kissed Lucifer’s face, “I kissed you. Your Sister Bing has no time now. Hurry up and inform everyone to gather.”

“Yes!” Lucifer became energetic, and he flew away.

“It is easy to comfort Lucifer,” Raffles sighed.

I smiled at Haggs, “It turns out that you know how to comfort children.”

Haggs blushed. Then, he turned away so he wouldn’t be looking at Raffles and me.

In that kiss, I saw the soft side of Haggs.

I put on the disguise devices. I was already in a neutral short-sleeved shirt and long pants. I kept my chin up and chest out. I became a man again, “Prepare for war!”

We didn’t put down our guards. When we took care of four zones out of the eleven zones, three zones were left that were Margaery’s trusted subordinates. Plus, the other zones were unclear in their stance. I was certain that they wouldn’t work together with the other Ghost Eclipsers, but it was hard to say if they would come and save their family like Silver Snake.

Although Silver Snake got in touch with a few chiefs that he was close with, there were some who Silver Snake didn’t know personally.

Hence, it was a matter of time until the enemy would come by. It was uncertain if it were the chiefs of the three zones or the other zones.

When the alarm set off, the enemy was actually still a thousand miles away. It was necessary because it was a war between metahumans. It would be too late if the metahumans already arrived at the entrance. 

It was just like how we had launched a surprise attack on Margaery’s Queen Town.

Every single minute and second mattered in the war between metahumans.

Moto and the beautiful young men were gathered at the square. I looked at Uncle Mason, “Uncle Mason, Sis Ceci, Ying, and Pelos. Stay guard in Queen Town!”


“How about us?” Moto and his men looked like they couldn’t wait any more to go into battle.

I looked at them solemnly, “You can’t go to war today. It’s your duty to listen to Lieutenant Mason and Lieutenant Ceci’s commands and guard Queen Town!”

Moto and Eletta looked disappointed.

I placed my hands on their shoulders. “Don’t worry. You will eventually get to go to war!”

They flashed a smile.

Ghostie, He Lei, and Ah Zong stood in front of Ice Dragon and the other spaceships handsomely as they waited for me to depart.


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