Book 6: Chapter 87 - Woke Up

I suddenly woke up and saw Raffles looking deeply into my eyes. The morning sunlight was pouring in.

His gaze was fixed upon me like a prince watched the sleeping beauty. His gentle gaze was filled with great affection.

I blinked, and my heart raced in his affectionate gaze.

Raffles’s grayish-blue eyes quivered, and he blushed, “You… what did you dream of?” He asked bashfully.

“I… went to look for Jun and Zong Ben.”

“Oh…” He blinked in disappointment. “There are so many men that you are concerned about….”

“They are my good friends. Why are you jealous again?” I cupped his face. “Oh yeah. Jun is doing fine. He went to see his girlfriend.”

“That’s great!” Raffles replied happily. He looked at me for a while. “Then, I…” He leaned in and planted a burning kiss on my lips, and the heat from his lips transmitted on mine. Soon, my body began to heat up too.  

His grayish blue long hair slid past our faces. They were as cool as silk. He slowly pressed his body down against mine.

His hand slowly removed my pajamas, and his somehow naked body was against mine.

“I’m sorry… Bing…” He seemed to be polite and apologetic, “I, I know that you are tired, but I, I want you….” He said bashfully and locked my lips. He used his heat to set fire on a refreshing morning.

Raffles is a bunny. Harry used to say that.

Harry said that he was shy and timid. He would hide when he sees girls, just like a frightened bunny.

The relationship between Raffles and me wasn’t rough. Harry had always been helping on the side. To him, it wasn’t easy. Every step he took was an accumulation of his courage and his personal breakthrough.

He wasn’t like Haggs. Haggs had clear goals. He was decisive when he came to the things he wanted. He would stop at nothing to achieve his goal.

But Haggs was suppressed at the bottom of his heart then until the romance between Harry and me took place. Haggs was provoked, and he conquered Raffles’ body.

When we reunited in Noah City, the authoritative Haggs took over. This time it was really Raffles taking the initiative.

We sat on the balcony, and Raffles combed my hair.

The morning was tranquil. It was so quiet that I could hear the rustle of the wind touching the sprouts. It was as though the Wind God was combing the Goddess Earth’s hair gently too.

The air was filled with the refreshing scent of the soil. The green tainted the sign of vigor on the black earth.

Raffles gently combed my long hair and sighed, “When can I see your long hair again? Your hair was really long when you left.” Raffles combed carefully. Actually, my hair was smooth, and there was no need to comb it for so long, but he was reluctant to let go. He combed my hair so meticulously as though he was conducting an experiment.

“When the world is at peace, I can grow my hair long,” I supported my head on my hand on the gemstone balcony. “Otherwise, it is bothersome during the war. The enemy could pull my hair too. It would hurt.”

“Who knows when the world is going to be at peace…” Raffles sighed.

“Raffles, you worry too much.” Suddenly, Haggs appeared next to me and leaned against the balcony. He looked at Raffles calmly, "I believe Bing will unite the world very soon.”

“Then, are we still going back to Noah?” Raffles looked at Haggs with anticipation.

Haggs looked at him coldly. “Why should we go back? We should, of course, build our own city. That’s our home!”

Raffles stopped combing my hair and stopped talking.

I turned to hold Raffles’s hand, “We will go back, but that’s no longer my home…”

There was a glimpse of melancholy in his eyes. He had grown up there. Noah was, of course, his hometown and home. His eyes were filled with a yearning for his hometown.

“It grew again,” Haggs suddenly grabbed my arm and looked at the symbiotic flower on my arm. “symbiotic flower is a unique spiritual plant. I saw that Ghostie had one on his body, but it didn’t grow as fast as  yours.”

“symbiotic flower might consume feelings as fertilizer.” Raffles finally regained vigor again. He stood next to Haggs and watched the symbiotic flower on my arm carefully, “Everyone has a different rooting point. Ghostie’s is on his chest….”

“Then… Why is Xing Chuan’s on his butt?” I curiously looked at the two great scientists in front of me. “How can one’s butt has any feelings?”

The two scientists were instantly stunned at my question.

They blinked and exchanged a glance. It was as though their conclusion was refuted, and they were embarrassed.

“What you saw should be an adult flower. Its root might not be… Cough. On his butt,” Haggs coughed on his fist and blushed, which was rare.

“Lil Bing… How did you know that Xing Chuan’s symbiotic flower rooted on his butt?” Raffles seemed to notice something, and he became angry. “He took off his clothes in front of you?! Did he?!” Raffles paused and blushed.

Raffles and Haggs looked at me with a cold gaze.

Raffles had come to Silver Moon City when Harry and Xing Chuan had gone to war. Xing Chuan was behaving much better back then. He was the one who had brought Raffles up to keep me company. Harry was happy that Raffles could come up to Silver Moon City to keep me company too.

Xing Chuan and I had reconciled then. Hence, I hadn’t told Raffles about what had happened in the past. However, Silver Moon City had rumors about Xing Chuan and me. Raffled had reckoned it was Xing Chuan’s one-sided feelings. He didn’t know what exactly Xing Chuan had done to me.

Plus, he was deeply attracted to Cang Yu the moment he went to Silver Moon City. He was always hanging around in the lab. He was a scientist. A scientific experiment was obviously much more tempting to him than gossip. If he were to go and find out gossip, he would find it a waste of time.

My face grew grave, “I was a man then. He always came by to sleep in my room, and he liked to sleep naked.”

“Sleep naked?!” Raffles exclaimed in surprise.

Haggs squinted his eyes, and there was a coldness in his gaze, “We totally missed it because we focused too much on the experiments.”

“I went to sleep in Harry’s room later on. He didn’t do anything to me. Plus, he went down for war after that.” It was in the past, and there was no need to keep it at heart. Everything about Xing Chuan had no right to stay in my heart.

The love and hatred between Xing Chuan and me had completely ended when I left Silver Moon City. From then onwards, I didn’t want anything to do with him. I didn’t want to even lay an eye on him! 


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