Book 6: Chapter 86 - Fell Asleep

He waved at Raffles and me. He seemed to be urging Raffles to bring me back to rest.

Raffles became more emotional as he watched Ghostie. Ghostie was confused. I quickly pulled Raffles with me and bid farewell to Ghostie.

Ghostie waved at us smilingly and watched us leave in the moonlight. The vague scene looked like a thin gauze between us, and he was bidding us farewell in another space.

I finally relaxed when I returned to the room. There was nothing better than taking a shower. After showed, Raffles was already sitting on the bed in his pajamas. He was using his tablet again. He had not rested recently.

I jumped on the bed, and he stiffened.

“Raffles, you should rest too. Haggs too. The two of you should rest!” I took away the tablet from his hand and lay on his body incidentally. His warm, soft chest was the most comfortable cushion.

“What are you looking at…” I lifted his tablet to look, but I realized that it was empty. “There’s nothing… Yawn.” I couldn’t help but close my eyes.

“Bing…” He sounded anxious.

“Mm…” I turned to sleep on his chest. This is so comfortable. I’m so tired.

Lub-dub! Lub-dub! Lub-dub!” But the heartbeat was a little too fast.

“Mm… What did you mean by provoking He Lei?”

“Ah… He Lei confessed to me. He likes men.”

“What?! Then?”

“Then…” I was falling asleep. “He… he promised Sayee.. that they will get married… So… He… put down his feelings towards me…."

“Phew… Actually… He Lei is not too shabby… Ah Zong as well… I am not their match…”

“Don’t beat yourself up!” Suddenly, Haggs’ voice sounded. “Bing is our wife. Raffles, you must remember! Bing, we…”

There was a kiss planted on my lips. Then, it stopped.

Suddenly, it left. I could faintly hear Haggs’s voice, “It’s all your fault. Why did you even bother chatting? Bing is asleep now!” “She’s tired. We should let her rest… You shouldn’t…”

“You are such a slowpoke! That’s why Harry had to help you back them! Humph!

“Stop it. Let Bing rest…”

Phew… Phew…” Raffles, Haggs, I’m sorry. I am exhausted. I can’t keep you company.

Sometimes, humans might have such a feeling where their bodies fall non-stop, as though they were falling into hell.

When I opened my eyes, I was in West Port. I never expected that the West Port before me looked entirely different from the last time I visited. There was no spirit tree or spirit flower on the ground. Various robots were busy here and there. They were moving building materials and spare parts. It was a bustling scene.

“Jun went to see his girlfriend.” Suddenly, Zong Ben landed next to me. His clothes looked like black torn cloth. When the hem of his shirt fluttered, I saw his naked legs and his pair of super-tight leather shorts.

The chains on him clanged because he moved his limbs.

He draped his arm over my shoulders and rubbed the tip of his nose against the side of my face. “Sniff. You smell refreshing. Jun went to see his girlfriend. Let me keep you company…” His hoarse voice sounded like a beast bellowing at me.

“Girlfriend? Jun has a girlfriend?!” I had a complicated feeling, and I was sad too. I should be happy that Jun reunited with his girlfriend, but... I felt depressed the moment I realized that his girlfriend had turned into a spirit too.

“You aren’t jealous, are you…? That guy has a lot of girlfriends. He has always been a charmer!” He rubbed the tip of his nose against my face, and I pushed him away, “I am not in a mood to play with you. Don’t you think that Jun’s girlfriend turned into a spirit too, and she is pitiful?” I turned to look at him. 

He had always been wary of the worldly matters. He was stunned, and he looked at me for a while. Then, he supported his head, single-handedly, “Pfft. You are such a party pooper. I hate it the most when people try to trigger my kindness.”

“Zong Ben...” I extended my arm and held his. He was stunned as I leaned on his shoulder. “Do you miss your family?”

He slowly relaxed his body, “If my woman became a spirit, I could see her but couldn’t touch her... I’d rather she be dead.”

In Zong Ben’s conversation, it was always about death.

To him, death was like a good thing.

But to them, death might really be a better option.

“Then... How about the resurrection?” I didn’t know why I would have such an idea pop in my head.

“Resurrection?” Zong Ben turned to look at me suspiciously. “Are you brain dead? Pfft. Women who fight are stupid. Let me enlighten you.” He suddenly turned and pressed down on my body. His dull gaze was replaced with a burning desire. “It’s rare that Jun is not around to interrupt us...”

“But why can I survive in the Center of the radiation zone?” I locked Zong Ben’s body that was pressing against mine. “Think about it. The counter control of the superconnection robot, the temporary spirit form of Earth Monster in the radiation zone’s Center. What if, what if it could be reversed? If the human body could resist higher radiation, does it mean that it could become your container?”

The flame in Zong Ben’s eyes extinguished, and he kept staring at me.

“Bang!” Suddenly, he was kicked away. Jun stood next to me, angrily, “Zong Ben! I’m really going to be angry if you behave like this!”

Jun quickly helped me up and looked at me with concern, “Are you okay? You only need to beat him up if it happens again.”

“Pfft. Why did you come back so soon...” Zong Ben stood up and looked at Jun glumly. “You are everywhere. So annoying!”

“How can I not watch you? The moment I am away, you do that to Bing!” Jun was really angry. “You are already dead! Why do you have to have sex?!”

Zong Ben rolled his eyes at Jun. Then, he put his hands into his pockets, “Pfft. It is human nature to pursue physical satisfaction. Jun, you are going against your instincts.”

Jun didn’t bother looking at Zong Ben but blocked me from him. “I think I really can’t leave your side!” He told Zong Ben.

Zong Ben lifted corners of his lips, “Yes. I have no choice but to admit that this is my final goal. I wanted to have sex with Bing because I wanted to provoke you. It’s enough that I love you….” Jun took a deep breath and let out a heavy sigh.

Hahaha! Hahahaha!” Zong Ben laughed hysterically. He seemed to be in a great mood.

I asked with concern, “Jun, where’s your girlfriend?”

“Girlfriend?” Jun was confused.

“You should go back for some intimacy with Raffles.” Suddenly, Zong Ben pounced at me and pushed me out of Jun’s embrace. I instantly fell out of the dream.


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