Book 2: Chapter 9 - The World Without Cucumber Is Innocent

Harry retracted his hands, and Ice Dragon steadily descended into the huge cave. Just like during our takeoff, the surrounding green rings of light lit up as we descended. Above, the opening closed and blocked out the bright sunlight.

After Ice Dragon had parked itself, Harry leaped out from the cockpit. Cockily, he lifted his head. “Did you see that? There’s nothing that your captain, I, can’t drive.” Harry put his hands on his waist, smug with success. The guys surrounded him and he started boasting like a windbag again. I didn’t reveal him; if I did, wouldn’t I expose myself too?

“Captain, how does it feel?” Everyone crowded around him, their eyes filled with envy.

When they were focusing on Harry, I took the chance to quietly exit from the other side. I’d yet to recover, and knew my face must have been very pale. It’d be bad if they realized the truth.

“Isn’t it awesome?” Joey asked enviously. “Raffles say it uses blue crystal resources! It must be super fast!”

“Captain, captain, just how fast was it? Can I drive it too?”

“Get lost. You wouldn’t be able to control it.” Harry flipped his hair. “Only I can!”

“Just like how you can control Luo Bing?” Williams commented cheekily. Harry’s smile stiffened.

“Hahahaha…” Everyone burst out into laughter.

I hid by the side to catch my breath. In the world I’d been in before I came here, there had been this saying, ‘I will bring you along to soar through the sky and take you to new heights of glory.’

I did soar through the sky but it didn’t make me feel glorious at all. Instead I’d been throwing up in agony. The most distressing part was that I’d vomited all my food out, even benefiting a flock of crows with my puke.

I took a few deep breaths before I finally felt much better.

Raffles popped his head out from the crowd of guys. Having spotted me, he ran over to my side. Xue Gie, Sis Cannon and Xiao Ying walked over to me from the other side as well.

“How was it? Is it easy to control?” Raffles quickly took out his notebook and asked. There was excitement in his eyes after seeing that first successful launch. “You have to tell me if there is any discomfort, so that I can make amendments accordingly.” He looked at me with anticipation, eager to extract from me the data and feelings of flying firsthand.

I really have to talk to him about this!

I extended my hands and placed them squarely on his shoulders. He was stunned and his eyes blinked bashfully, before he quickly looked away. He was taller than me but his body slowly slouched down.

Because I got taller and taller, I was looking down at him, straight into his eyes. “Raffles!”

“Huh?” He blushed so hard that he didn’t dare to look at me.

“Please, put in an operating lever!”

“Huh?” He was stunned and looked back at me in confusion.

I let go of his shoulders, and he stood straight before he replied, “But Ice Dragon is equipped with the latest nerve control technology. It has far outstripped the operating lever. It…”

“Add an operating lever! Or steering wheel! Whatever there is!” I was going crazy. I didn’t care about nerve control technology. I wasn’t used to it! I held my right hand up and made a gesture of holding a lever, “As long as I can touch it or feel it, that will do!” I was having a really hard time adapting to the nerve control technology; I didn’t feel secure without something to hold.

Raffles nodded, taking in my emotional feedback. “Oh, uh, how thick should it be then?”

“As thick as a cucumber.” I instantly paused. What the hell… did… I… just… say! I am such an idiot!

*Pfft!* Sis Cannon couldn’t hold back her laughter, “Hahaha…” She laughed hysterically, her laughter ringing loud and clear. 

“Sis Cannon, what are you laughing about?” Xiao Ying looked at Sis Cannon with a puzzled look.

Xue Gie looked at Sis Cannon in confusion too.

“Nothing. You have never seen a cucumber, you wouldn’t know,” Sis Cannon smiled coquettishly at Xiao Ying and Xue Gie.

I let out a breath of relief. Luckily, they didn’t get it. It’s all my perverted cousin’s fault for polluting my mind. Now I feel so weird whenever I mention the word ‘cucumber’.

Sis Cannon’s laughter caught the guys’ attention. They looked over curiously and walked over to us.

“What are you laughing about?” Khai asked curiously.

Sis Cannon’s face grew gloomy and she retorted, “None of your business!”

In the space of a second, the guys’ spirit had taken a critical hit; in unison, they spun on their heels and slunk away. They had strutted over like arrogant roosters with their chests puffed up in pride, only to leave like defeated roosters with heads hung low after Sis Cannon had roared at them. 

Harry chuckled as he leaned against the wall, and patted his brothers’ shoulders in consolation.

“What Master meant is, the nerve control system doesn’t give her the sensation of touch,” Ice Dragon cut in with his usual sophisticated tone, as though he was explaining on my behalf. “Master is looking for the excitement from the feel of touch."

I looked at Ice Dragon dumbfounded. The way he’d described it wasn’t any better.

Luckily, Raffles didn’t understand; he was an innocent child, and only nodded continuously. 

I held my forehead while Sis Cannon laughed hysterically again, “Hahahaha…” Sis Cannon had been laughing all the way. But how does she know the connotations of a cucumber? The others don’t know about it.

“But Luo Bing, there’s no cucumber anymore,” Raffles explained to me solemnly. “Even back then, there were many kinds of cucumber. Which kind of cucumber am I supposed to use as a reference?”

“Pfft! Hahahaha…” Sis Cannon burst out in laughter again.

D*mn! I felt like I was about to lose control, but I held back the urge to blow my top. Gritting my teeth, I tried to maintain my smile. “Whichever.”

“How much is whichever?” Raffles held his fist up. “It would affect the feel of touch. What kind of touch do you want?”

I’m about to bang my head against the wall.

“Hahahaha… I can’t take this anymore…” Sis Cannon held the confused Xiao Ying and Xue Gie by their shoulders and left. “I’ll laugh to death if I continue to listen to them. Hahahaha…”

Sis Cannon, you laughed so hysterically by the side. Did you even think about my feelings?

Forget it. I took Raffles’s hand and he immediately became anxious, rapidly blinking his grayish-blue eyes while his body grew tense. Grabbing his hand, I adjusted his grip to a rough thickness, “About this thick. Remember?!” This way, he’d definitely remember the feeling!

Raffles nodded at me blankly, “I, I remember.” His grayish-blue eyes glistened. “A diameter of six to seven centimeters.” Then, he went into calculation mode again, eyes staring before him at an imaginary design plan of the operating lever. “An error margin of fewer than three millimeters won’t affect the feel of touch.”

That’s enough! Can he not calculate in front of me?

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