Book 6: Chapter 85 - Sis Ceci Got Angry

We brought Ah Fei to Ah Duo’s room. Now, everyone else had returned to their own rooms to rest. The entire palace was finally quiet. Only a faint scent of alcohol indicated that there had been a banquet earlier.

Ah Duo’s room was silent. Only Sis Ceci was sitting next to her bed, watching her in deep sleep.

When we arrived, Uncle Mason was watching Sis Ceci from outside the door. He looked hesitant, like he was contemplating if he should tell Sis Ceci about Ghostie.

Seeing us, Uncle Mason moved to the side. He put away his hesitation and focused on Ah Duo again. “You came.”

“How’s Ah Duo doing?” Ah Fei asked with concern.

Uncle Mason glanced at him and shook his head. “She hasn’t talked or eaten. She delivered a child today. This is bad for her body. She just fell asleep. Everything is lacking here. There is no nutrient solution for her.” Uncle Mason looked worried.

Ah Fei got even more anxious after hearing Uncle Mason. “I, can I go in?” he asked anxiously.

“He is…” Uncle Mason glanced at us uncertainly.

“He is Ah Fei, the young man from the tenth zone,” I said.

“I remembered.” Uncle Mason nodded with a smile.

“So, we were thinking if it would be better for someone from the tenth zone to take care of Ah Duo. He’s known Ah Duo since young,” I explained.

“What are you waiting for then?” Uncle Mason immediately opened the door and lowered his voice as he spoke, “Hurry up and go in. Press the button by the side of the bed if you need anything. It is an intercom.”

Mm.” Ah Fei rushed into the room.

Sis Ceci looked confused when she saw him. Uncle Mason waved at her. The tacit understanding between husband and wife reassured Sis Ceci. Then, she exhorted Ah Fei before she left.

“Are you hesitating if you should tell Sis Ceci about Ghostie?” I glanced at Uncle Mason, who looked solemn again.

Uncle Mason glanced at me and nodded.

“About Ghostie?” Raffles watched me confusedly.

I furrowed my rows and I looked at him. “Uncle Mason found out about Ghostie.”

Raffles was shocked. Then, he grew solemn. “Uncle Mason, don’t worry. We are figuring out a way…”

Uncle Mason’s eyes turned red. “It’s okay, Raffles. I am already happy enough to know that he is still alive. I see that Lil Bing is still loyal to that silly son of mine. I, I am very moved…” Uncle Mason choked with sobs.

“No, Uncle Mason. Harry is the one who didn’t leave me.” I couldn’t help but tear up.

Raffles lowered his head in sorrow. He was anxious too. He felt anxious for Ghostie. I knew that he felt bad that there still wasn’t much progress regarding transforming Ghostie.

“What? Why do you look so serious?” Sis Ceci came out and Uncle Mason happened to have his back facing her.

Uncle Mason averted his eyes and wiped his tears in silence. He turned back and smiled at her. “You must be tired. That boy is from the tenth zone. He knows Ah Duo. Let him take care of her.”

Sis Ceci nodded gratefully. “Sigh. Ah Duo is a poor child. It would be better to have someone she knows next to her. What about the baby?” Sis Ceci looked at us with concern.

“The baby is with Ghostie,” I said.

Uncle Mason’s expression turned gentle. He smiled gently as though he was imagining Ghostie with a baby.

“How can you hand a baby to a water ghost?” Sis Ceci got angry that we had entrusted the baby to Ghostie. “A water ghost’s claws are sharp. What if he tears the baby?” Sis Ceci glared at us angrily. “You are all kids after all. You don’t know how to care for babies. Give me the baby.”

“Sure,” I said happily. I would be more at ease if the baby was in Sis Ceci’s hands.

“Let’s go. Bring me to Ghostie’s room. Where does he stay?” Sis Ceci walked out in a hurry. Uncle Mason smiled at her gently.

Sis Ceci behaved as usual. She acted immediately and resolutely.

Uncle Mason draped his arm over her shoulders but Sis Ceci pushed him away. They used to behave like that in Noah City too. That was why Uncle Mason had always said that I was similar to Sis Ceci.

Raffles and I followed behind them. Recalling what Xiao Ying had said, I asked Raffles gently, “Raffles, why didn’t Sis Ceci and Uncle Mason have another child?”

Raffles was quiet for a while before he replied, “They… love Harry too much. So…” Raffles paused. We’d arrived at the royal pool.

Ghostie’s room was the royal pool. Made of translucent gemstones, the pool was shimmering like crystal under the moonlight. The floating pool looked beautiful under the moonlight.

Sis Ceci saw Ghostie in the floating pool. There was a huge rubber duck floating on the water above him and the cocoon was vaguely visible in the rubber duck.

Uncle Mason burst out in laughter. “This boy is so cute.”

“Cute?!” Sis Ceci was angry. “You youngsters are so reckless. What if the baby drops into the water?”

According to the silk cocoon’s condition, it should float above water…” Raffles had yet to analyze the situation but Sis Ceci had already rushed up via the stairs.

“She likes kids…” Uncle Mason sighed as he watched Sis Ceci’s back. “She helps Arsenal, Xue Gie and the other girls to raise their children…”

“Then… Have another child, Uncle Mason!” I clenched my fist. “I believe you can!”

“Of course, I can!” Uncle Mason emphasized that it wouldn’t be a problem to give birth to another child. “But she…” Uncle Mason looked sad. “... she can’t put down what happened to Harry. She is worried that she will forget about Harry if she has another child…” 

Sis Ceci ran to the side of the pool and suddenly stretched her arm out to grab the rubber duck.

At once, Ghostie woke up and grabbed the rubber duck reflexively. He was stunned when he saw Sis Ceci.

I tapped the pool’s gemstone wall and Ghostie glanced in our direction. We waved at them and he smiled. He let go of the rubber duck and Sis Ceci pulled it over to her side.

Ghostie dived down and swam to the edge of the pool. He wasn’t in his battle uniform or his helmet. So, he couldn’t speak right now.

He stood before us quietly. I placed my hand on the wall while he placed his against mine with the gemstone wall in between us.

Woo.” Uncle Mason suddenly broke down in tears.

Ghostie stared at him suspiciously. Uncle Mason turned and left to get Sis Ceci.

I glanced at Ghostie and made a drinking gesture to tell him that Uncle Mason had too much to drink.

Ghostie smiled and looked upwards in mock exasperation.

Sis Ceci carried the cocoon in her arms and smiled gently. She gazed at the cocoon for a while before she left with Uncle Mason.

Ghostie looked down and gave me a thumbs-up. He seemed to be telling me that it was a wise choice to hand the baby to Sis Ceci.

I smiled and nodded.


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