Book 6: Chapter 84 - Raffles Was Jealous

I glanced at the remaining moonlight. “I’m going back first. I’m still very worried about Jun and Zong Ben. We can communicate in my dream so I have to go home and dream now. See you tomorrow, Lei!” I said then ran into the palace as he watched me blankly. My footsteps were light and easy.

I had never expected that He Lei had actually admired me in secret for so long. I’d seen how he felt awkward when I’d been with other men, and misunderstood that he’d been awkward because I liked men.

Now that I think about it, He Lei is quite cute.

But Sayee…

He Lei was a good man. He had to be responsible for his tribe and Sayee. Hence, he decided to confess his feelings and put down the complicated feelings.

He was a man who was able to advance or retreat. 

After four continuous wars, everyone was exhausted. We had to rest up in order to welcome the upcoming wars.

I took a longer route. He Lei didn’t return with me, but stood in the moonlight alone. I reckoned he needed to cool off alone.

Me too.

To me, the confession was like a spring breeze. It blew past before me, warm and beautiful. But it was over and there was no need to be reluctant to leave.

It was also how I liked it. Everyone should be frank with one another. Otherwise, he would feel entangled while I would continue to feel suspicious.

Now, everything was clear and we were still good gay friends after we had put that down.

No, maybe not good gay friends because He Lei wouldn’t become my good friend like Ah Zong. Hence, our relationship would instead return to the initial, simplest comrades who fought alongside each other!

When I returned to the palace, I saw Eletta and everyone else wailing in tears. Everyone seemed drunk and they were all wailing hysterically. 

Shocked, I watched as they walked past before me in tears. They had completely lost themselves in tears. They didn’t even notice that I was standing there while they cried.

Why are they crying again?

I happened to see Moto walking past me, and immediately pulled him. “Moto, what’s wrong with everyone? Why is everyone crying?”

Moto was surprised when he saw me. He seemed to be only half-conscious and quickly wiped away his tears. “Sorry to make you worried, King. Everyone is just, just…” Moto choked with sobs. “.... we never experienced the feeling of home…” Then, he cried again. He looked like he couldn’t hold back his tears.

Raffles walked down the gemstone stairs elegantly behind them. His grayish-blue long hair turned into a charming silver in the moonlight. He looked like a handsome man from Northern Europe.

He walked next to me and patted Moto’s shoulder. “Quick, go back and rest.”

Mm.” Moto wiped his tears. “King, don’t you worry. We will be fine after we cry…” He then walked back with the other young men.

“They are drunk. Wine is a great thing. It helps them to vent out their suppressed emotions entirely.” Raffles sighed as he watched them leave. “There is nothing left at the bottom of their hearts. They cried it all out.”

Yeah. The first time they had cried had been when I’d killed Margaery. They had cried their fear of Margaery out loud. Now, it was because the warmth of home had made them cry out their insecurity and anxiety.

I felt sad for them when I heard Moto say that they had never experienced the feeling of home.

According to their age, they should have grown up among the Ghost Eclipsers. They had been walking on eggshells since young. They had been fearful of being eaten too. It had really been an inhuman life.

“Tonight… you…” Raffles suddenly stuttered and his eyes flickered. “Where are you going?”

“Where am I going?” I began to walk back. “Nowhere. I want to rest too. I fought two wars back to back. I am exhausted.” I stretched. I hoped that no one would attack us that night.

“I mean which room…” Raffles asked softly without looking at me. He followed next to me.

“Of course, my room.” I looked at Raffles curiously. “Which other room can I go to?”

Raffles blushed, the corners of his lips lifting to a happy angle.

I studied him for a while before I finally connected the dots. At once I lifted my hand to pinch him. “What are you thinking about? Ah Zong lost!”

“Then… What if he didn’t lose?” He turned to look at me. “Ah Zong definitely can make you happier…” He looked down bashfully.

“Even if he won, we’d definitely only be chatting. Then, he would go back to his room and sleep. Ah Zong was just joking. He wanted to provoke He Lei.”

“He Lei?” Raffles blinked at me confusedly.

I looked in front. Then, I saw Fat-Two and Silver Snake lying on the ground dead drunk. Lucifer, Pelos and the others were moving them. As Fat-Two was drunk, he was another size fatter. Silver Snake had fought with his all. He’d even had his replicators drinking.

There was a bunch of Silver Snakes scattered all around.

Luckily, the key members weren’t drunk. Otherwise, if we’d all been like Fat-Two and Silver Snake and the enemy attacked, we would have been butchered. Spotting me, Lucifer immediately ran over to me. “Sister Luo Bing, kiss!” He moved his face close to mine. “You promised!” He puffed his cheeks, his silver eyes glistening.

Raffles was confused. He looked at me and I smiled. I pulled Raffles. “Together.”

“Huh?” Raffles was stunned. Then, he seemed to understand something. He smiled gently and leaned down to kiss Lucifer’s cheek on each side with me.

Lucifer suddenly spread the wings on his back and chuckled happily. “I am going to patrol the town now!” He flew out happily, as fast as a sharp arrow. He went to patrol with Little Bing and the other lucid birds.

“Lucifer is so cute.” Raffles watched Lucifer flying past the bright moon.

Suddenly, I felt someone watching me. I turned to look outside the door. Frightened, the person lowered his face before he walked out before me in embarrassment. He was the young man from the tenth zone.

Raffles gazed at him gently and asked, “What’s the matter?”

“Professor Raffles.” The young man bowed politely at Raffles, then turned to me. “King, my name is Ah Fei. Can I see Ah Duo? We are friends.”

I was delighted. “Sure, Ah Duo needs an old friend like you. I hope you can help her. She…” I knitted my brows, laden with anxiety. “ not doing too good.”

“I know…” Ah Fei became sad. “I watched them giving Sister Ah Duo as tribute…” Ah Fei’s eyes were trembling with tears. He lifted his hand to wipe his tears away resolutely, becoming tough. “If it is possible, please allow me to take care of her for the time being!”

“Sure!” I glanced at Raffles while Raffles hugged my shoulder happily. Ah Duo had someone she was familiar with and he was her tribesman who truly cared for her. She might recover slowly.

Because to her, all of us were strangers and we were also the Ghost Eclipsers.


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