Book 6: Chapter 80 - The Past

Xiao Ying turned to look towards the front. “In the past, Noah City didn’t have sufficient resources and we couldn’t support so many people. Hence, Elder Alufa didn’t force us…”

Yeah. When I’d first arrived in Noah City, everyone had still been girls. Sis Cannon and Sis Ming You had been at the age of marriage, but Elder Alufa hadn’t forced them to get married or make babies. 

There had been over two hundred men in Noah City. Many of them had either run into Noah City, were runaways, or had ended up there for some reason or other. Elder Alufa had taken all of them in without leaving anyone behind. 

Everyone had lived in Noah City and slowly became a family.

It was also the reason why I had loved Noah City. Noah City was filled with love,

“Remember how you then brought the resources in Kro back to Noah City? Elder Alufa hinted at us to get married and make babies so that the ratio between men and women could be balanced…”

I found it funny now that I recalled it. I remembered the first spring after I had brought the resources back. Elder Alufa had woken up earlier to broadcast announcements and sing. He had hinted at us to get into a relationship, get married and make babies. Elder Alufa had been really cute.

It was hard to imagine that such a loving old man had made such a ruthless decision back then. He had even sacrificed his own son.

I didn’t know how Noah City would become but I hoped they would become better.

“Look. After you left, Arsenal gave birth to two and she is pregnant with the third. Sis Cannon gave birth to one and she is pregnant with her second. Sis Xue Gie just gave birth to one too. Sis Ming You is preparing to get married but she is actually already pregnant…” Xiao Ying blabbed non-stop, just like how Noah City was making babies non-stop. “You didn’t see Sis Meizi, Aunt Susanne and the rest. They have actually been giving birth for the past few years too. All the women in Noah City are giving birth to more babies as long as they can still give birth. Not one of them is here to fight for the world with you!” She looked at me gratefully. It was the first time I saw a mature expression on her cute face.

She looked straight at me, held me hand and said solemnly, “Brother Bing, thank you for returning to Noah City and helping me to shake off such a fate. Although…” she looked down, “... I know that it is our obligation to give birth to more babies. As a princess, Arsenal leads by example and she works hard on giving birth but… But I feel that such a life is meaningless. I don’t want myself to spend my life giving birth to babies. There are so many women working hard to give birth to more babies. Even without me, Noah City wouldn’t lack for babies. I now understand why Princess Arsenal is jealous of you, and why Sis Cannon and Sis Xue Gie are envious of me leaving.” She looked up at me, eyes hot with emotions, “Because they are unhappy with their fate. Their superpowers are above mine. They can fight and they can become warriors. They can leave their names behind in history as warriors, but not… as a pregnant lady who kept giving birth to more babies…” Xiao Ying sighed and looked away as she shook her head.

What Xiao Ying had said, moved me. I seemed to understand Arsenal’s attitude towards me now. She really was jealous of me. She was jealous that I could fly free in the outside world.

I remembered how Arsenal had used to look up at the sky when we had been in Noah City. She had always said that she wanted to go out and look at this world and the people outside.

We had gone to Blue Shield City then, and she’d been thrilled with excitement.

Yet when we gathered again, she had become a grumbling woman who regularly gave birth.

I shouldn’t be angry with her. As the Princess of Noah City and a woman in Noah City, she had picked up the obligation to reproduce. She was working hard to balance the ratio of men and women.

She was a responsible princess. She had put her dream aside and given up her goal for the sake of her responsibility.

It was a great sacrifice.

“Luckily, Brother Ah Zong turned some of the Honeycomb boys into girls. Otherwise, Xue Gie and the other girls would definitely have to give birth relentlessly,” Xiao Ying chuckled at their misfortunes. She leaned on my shoulder and hugged me. “There are over two hundred men in Noah City. It finally lessened Sis Cannon and the other girls’ burden. Bill doesn’t have to be jealous and worried that Sis Xue Gie has to marry another man. The men in Noah City finally don’t have to die alone and they don’t have to be upset that the others have wives but they don’t. Actually, it is really pitiful. That’s why I got together with Sia and Joey. We grew up together and I didn’t want to see any of them alone. This is great.” Xiao Ying smiled warmly.

“Yeah, thanks to Ah Zong. Ah Zong’s superpower is very important to this world.” I sighed with emotion. Ah Zong’s superpower seemed to have only just evolved in the past two years. Otherwise, he could have turned the Honeycomb boys into girls back when they had still been gigolos.

“Brother Bing, the happiest time is when we did training together. Xue Gie, Sis Cannon, Sis Ming You and Princess Arsenal, we were all together. We did missions together too, which was our first time leaving Noah City to see the outside world. Blue Shield City was a real eye-opener!” Xiao Ying became excited when we talked about the past. But she sighed not long after. “But everyone is different now. Princess Arsenal is jealous of you. His Highness Xing Chuan was her favorite, like the moon in the sky that was out of her reach. Yet you got it but you held it in contempt. How could she not be jealous of you?” Xiao Ying pouted and shrugged. “If it was me, I would be dead jealous.”

“Jealous?” I gazed at her solemnly. “Talk about yourself. How many men have you stirred up? Joey and Sia have been following you infatuatedly since young. Their hearts haven’t changed…”

Xiao Ying stuck her tongue out. She let go of my arm and supported her cheeks, acting spoiled. “I am just too adorable.”

“Don’t try to switch the topic. Your adorableness doesn’t work on me. First, it was Fat-Two. Then, when we came here, you teased Silver Snake too. Xiao Ying, do you have to be jealous of me?”

Mm, I am adorable!” Xiao Ying flirted, “No matter how many men I have, they wouldn’t be like your Brother Ah Zong. I am super jealous of you!”

“Thank you for your compliment.” Ah Zong suddenly appeared next to me.

Xiao Ying immediately stuck her tongue out. “I shall not disturb you,” Xiao Ying said and wanted to run. 

“Sia and Joey are in their room,” Ah Zong reminded with a smile.

“Thanks!” Xiao Ying ran very quickly.

“Come back! I’m not done lecturing you!” I wanted to grab her but Ah Zong held my extended hand. His hand was soft and warm. I reveled in his grip. I didn’t want him to let go of my hand. 


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