Book 6: Chapter 77 - Boost Morale

“He also showed the video of Moto fighting. The victory in the four areas affected the people greatly. They saw how you defeated Totole without using your superpower. They see you as God now. Humph. Instead of giving them words of encouragement, they should just see it with their own eyes. It really hit them hard and they finally pulled themselves together.” Then, he placed his claws over my head and did a habitual action that Harry had done all the time: he rubbed my head and rested his forehead against mine. “You lit up their hope, Lil Bing…”

I watched him in surprise, and he seemed to realize something and became awkward.

Suddenly, he knocked my forehead. *Dong!* I immediately held my forehead and he chuckled. “Hurry up. Everyone is waiting for you.” He beckoned for me to look outside the door.

“Alright! Why did you knock into me!” I rubbed my forehead and carried the white pillow out with me.

“Hold on. Are you going like this?” Ghostie glanced at the white cocoon I’d slung before me.

“Of course! I can’t give Haggs any chance!” I clenched my fist.

Ghostie held his forehead. “Haggs knows that you don’t like it and he definitely won’t touch the child. I think you are the one who isn’t willing to let the child go.”

I carried the cocoon and sighed with my head hung low. “Ghostie, it is a girl inside. Raffles did a scan. There is a baby. She has a heartbeat and she can hear our voices. I think she definitely doesn’t want to leave anyone’s arms. Ghostie, if this is your baby, would you be willing to leave her in a dark, cold room alone?”

I looked up at Ghostie, whose helmet reflected my sorrowful expression. He instantly stiffened and watched as my eyes trembled. He panicked at my emotional gaze.

He couldn’t deal with me being sad.

Seeing his panic, I took down the cocoon and slung the blanket around his neck. “So… you help me to look after her for now.”

“Huh?!” Ghostie was stunned.

I chuckled and patted his helmet. “I assign you as her father. You have to take good care of her when I can’t.”

Ghostie lifted his hand and slapped his forehead. “I got fooled by you. Heh…” He chuckled. His chuckle was filled with doting love. “I can’t do anything about you. Fine. I shall be a joke to everyone else.” Then, he carried the cocoon before him and looked at it gently. “I am your father now. What should I name you?”

“How about Angela? It means angel,” I answered as I walked. I turned around and walked backward so I could keep looking at Ghostie. Just like how Harry had always walked backward in front of me to look at me. Now, I understood that he had just wanted to look at me.

Ghostie looked back at me lovingly. “Isn’t Lucifer an angel too? You told me before.”

“Angels have many names. Angela is a general name referring to the innocent, beautiful angels. It is normally used for girls. Lucifer is a rebellious angel. He is a male angel who went against God’s command. Hence, he fell to hell and became a demon…” 

“Lucifer doesn’t behave like a demon at all. He is so obedient.” Ghostie felt that it was somewhat unfair for Lucifer.

“Don’t you find him good-looking after he transforms?” It felt like I was back in Noah City again, chatting happily with Harry as we walked.

Er… Your aesthetic standard is quite strange.” Ghostie scratched his head. “Lucifer looks like a demon after he transforms. Mm…” He crossed his arms and cocked his head to the side. “It is hard to imagine that such an adorable child can become so fierce after he transforms.” 

“That’s why I named him Lucifer, because Lucifer has two sides. At the bottom of his heart, he is still a gentle angel…”

Heh…” Ghostie continued to look at me. “I haven’t seen you this happy for so long."

I smiled and turned to face the front as I walked next to him. I felt at ease. “Yeah. Maybe it is because I am with all of you…”

Ghostie watched me as I spoke.

However, right now was merely a temporary breather. No one dared to put down their guards because our enemies were very likely preparing a counter-attack. Our enemies lay in ambush in the dark, waiting for an opportunity to launch an attack.

Although we were throwing a party in the palace, the defense network surrounding Queen Town was actually up and running. Any movement would immediately trigger the alarm.

Raffles and Haggs hadn’t rested while we were out for war the past two days. They had been busy setting up the defense network.

The investigation at the West Port had not ended either. But as it was remotely controlled, Raffles could still move around freely.

There was still no news of Zong Ben and Jun. It worried me.

Raffles felt that Jun might have known someone in West Port, which might have been why he’d behaved so strangely. That would be great if that was true.

Inside the exquisite palace, everyone placed fruits and bread on the table. Although the food wasn’t luxurious, everyone wore a happy smile. Margaery’s beautiful young men troop were no longer nervous, anxious and lost; instead they enjoyed the food with us.

They watched He Lei, Ghostie and Ah Zong in admiration. Even Pelos had his own fans. Every guy had found a hero to worship.

Later, we would categorize them according to their superpowers and carry out proper training. Then, they would be assigned into Ghostie, He Lei, Ah Zong and Xiao Ying’s troops.

Xiao Ying had been eyeing the beautiful young men for very long. It had always been her dream to have a troop of beautiful young men behind her.

Raffles would also educate the boys in civilization. It wouldn’t work if humans had no civilization. Ignorance was sometimes worse than incapability. Knowledge would make them stronger and more determined in their beliefs.

They needed a belief. Belief was a shapeless yet magical force. If they had belief, they wouldn’t feel lost again the next time they lost their master.

I was now the master they recognized in their hearts. They had pulled themselves together because I was standing in front of them.

I raised Margaery’s precious red wine as I stood on the stairs.

Everyone stood up and raised their glasses too.

“Thank you for your hard work. You have been running here and there with me and went on an expedition with me. This toast is for you!” I looked at Ghostie, He Lei, Ah Zong, Fat-Two and the other members. Then, I lifted my chin and downed the wine.

Uncle Mason, Ghostie, He Lei, Ah Zong, Pelos, Sia and the other members drank with me.

Raffles, Xiao Ying, Joey and the others smiled at us. Xiao Ying looked envious. She’d wanted to follow me out for war too.

Moto and the other young men watched us with surging emotions. They clenched their glasses as they gazed at He Lei and the other members in admiration.

I’d forgotten that the eyes were the windows to the soul. Whatever they had seen had moved their souls. It was far more effective than anything I could have said.

If talking was useless, just show them directly. Let them see what we were fighting for and how we fought together!

Not only were Raffles and Haggs scientists, they were also masters of psychology.


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