Book 6: Chapter 76 - Can’t Make Her Into The Next Earth Monster

Sigh…” I leaned on Raffles’ shoulders in distress. It was my first time feeling this helpless. I didn’t know how to save this pitiful girl who looked to be about the same age as me.

The unreliable God had brought me here but He had at least left me at a decent place.

If I hadn’t met He Lei and Xing Chuan back then, and Uncle Mason and Harry hadn’t brought me back to Noah City, I wondered how my life would have been like if I had been caught by the Ghost Eclipsers in the western hemisphere. 

Raffles held my shoulders gently. “Go and take a look at her child,” he said softly. He sounded sad too. 


Raffles brought me to his lab. I felt upset when I saw the cold lab. I felt a heavy weight on my chest, suffocating me.

He brought me before an observation case. The white cocoon lay quietly inside. The monitor by the side displayed various data, including heart rate.

“We have scanned the cocoon. There’s a baby inside.” Raffles tapped the monitor and it showed a scanned image. There really was a small baby inside. On its back were a pair of folded wings.

The baby was very quiet. The small body was curled up without moving an inch. If there hadn’t been a steady heartbeat, I would have thought the baby wasn’t breathing.

“The baby is very healthy but I don’t know when she is coming out. According to the data, she should be a baby girl…"

“Open it,” I cut off Raffles glumly.

Raffles was stunned. I pressed the button on the observation case and it opened. The cocoon appeared right in front of me.

I extended my hand and carried her out gently. Her snow-white silk was so smooth, and she felt so light and warm in my arms.

Carrying the baby-sized cocoon in my arms, I looked at Raffles. “She has no father and her mother hates her. I don’t want to see her born in such a place.” I looked around at the cold lab filled with experimentation equipment. “Tell Haggs! Do not get close to this child!” I roared. Then, I carried the baby out of the lab while Raffles looked on awkwardly.

I had my principles and my bottom line.

I still retained my worldly views from the world I had come from. I wouldn’t allow Raffles and Haggs to conduct experiments on this child regardless of whether their goal was for the future of humankind or otherwise.

The future of humankind would come anyway. There was no need for a baby to act as a catalyst.

Returning to my room, I found the most beautiful blanket to wrap around the cocoon. Then, I carried it before me. With me around, Haggs wouldn’t have the chance to think about doing anything to this child.

*Knock, knock.* WIth a knock on the door, Ghostie came in. “The party is starting…” He froze when he saw me.

I slung the cocoon up so that it rested on my front.

PoofHahaha!” Ghostie suddenly burst out in laughter. He walked before me and hooked up the blanket I hung around my neck. Peeping inside, he asked, “What are you doing?”

“Don’t touch!” I slapped his hand away. “Your claws are sharp. You will scratch her shell!”

“You are not trying to hatch her, are you?” Ghostie joked. “Let Little Har and the other lucid birds do it instead. They’re more experienced.”

I rolled my eyes at him and carried the white silk cocoon that looked like a pillow. “Haggs wants to conduct experiments on this child. I have to protect her.”

Stunned, Ghostie dropped his hand. He became quiet as he studied me for very long. His gaze turned gentle, revealing affection in his eyes without him realizing it.

“You are still so kind… That’s the monster’s child. Aren’t you scared?”

“Like I said! Don’t call her the monster’s child!” I glared at Ghostie. “We can’t make her the next Earl, the next Earth Monster, the next…”

“I’m sorry. I’m sorry. Don’t get agitated,” Ghostie comforted me gently.

I held the baby in my arms tightly. Since I’d brought her back, I had to take responsibility for her.

Ghostie scratched his head and looked at the white cocoon in the blanket. “Actually… she looks kind of cute too.” He couldn’t help but stretch out his hand to poke the cocoon again.

I immediately slapped his hand away. “I told you not to touch her!” I held the white pillow closely to me.

Ghostie looked at me and flashed a doting smile. “You really look like a mother taking care of her child.”

“Get lost!” I rolled my eyes at him again. “We are still in a war. Stop your nonsense.”

“Oh yeah. Only He Lei doesn’t know that you are a girl. When do you intend to tell him?” He winked at me and nudged my arm. “That guy is really sincere about you!” He wriggled his eyebrows. He didn’t look jealous at all.

Seeing him like this, I raised my eyebrows. “Ghostie, I remember back in Hagrid Island, you would jump out and pounce at whichever man who dared to get close to me. What happened to you? You look happy when you see Ah Zong or He Lei next to me.” 

Ghostie’s smile foze on his face.

I tiptoed and leaned on his helmet.

*Bubble.* He blew out a bunch of bubbles. Then, he blinked and looked away. “He Lei is your good brother and he is willing to take a bullet for you. Ah Zong… he can make you happy…”

My heart skipped a beat and he avoided my gaze. “So… you think that it is most important that I am happy. Am I right?”

He didn’t say anything but nodded in reply.

I felt a prickle in my nose. He was still the same. He viewed my happiness as his top priority.

I couldn’t help but lean on his chest. His body instantly tensed and stiffened.

“Ghostie, you are so nice to me. Don’t ever leave me. Otherwise, I will be unhappy,” I said into his chest as I happily listened to his thunderous heartbeat.

He stood dumbfounded on the spot. Gradually, his heartbeat slowed down as the sunset poured over him. His water ghost body warmed under the sun. 

Mm…” he replied.

I leaned on his chest as I listened to the familiar heartbeat. The heartbeat that belonged to Harry.

“Moto and the other young men don’t know that you are a girl too. They will definitely be frightened if they find out,” Ghostie said softly. Just like how Harry had used to whisper in my ear. “They admire you now.”

“Yeah.” I left his chest. “How did Moto and the other young men change? I don’t mean just Moto. I mean Margaery’s beautiful young men group.”

“Haggs broadcasted our battle live.” Ghostie pushed his chest out in pride. He placed one of his hands on his waist, displaying Harry’s confidence.


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