Book 2: Chapter 8 - It Was So Awesome That We Threw Up

“Master, we are going to crash,” Ice Dragon said calmly.

“Change, change to Harry!” I wanted to throw up.

“Changed to the second pilot, Harry.”

“Don’t suddenly change to me!” Harry shouted, but the system had already switched to his control. He quickly looked forward, only to see that craggy valley where he had saved me. Panicking, he did the pulling action and the spaceship finally came to a stop.

“Successful forced landing. The two of you can disembark to vomit.”

*Psst.* The door on both sides opened and the gravity that had secured us to the seats instantly disappeared. Harry and I leaped out as soon as we could to vomit.



“About this - retch! - you have to keep it secret!” Harry looked at me as he vomited, his face pale.

“I agree.” It was the first time Harry and I had both agreed on something. No one should find out about this embarrassing incident!

*Caw, caw.* Something small flashed past the cliff before us. Above us, there was a flock of crows circling in the sky.

Harry glared up at the crows and shouted, “What are you looking at? We are just throwing up!”

*Caw!* The crows perched by the cliff and stared at us, like they were waiting for their prey to breathe their last so that they could have a feast.

The law of the jungle applies in this world. You get to live if you are strong, and you’ll die if you are weak. There are many birds that would fight for dead bodies. If a person dies in the wild, his corpse would not be found.’

After Harry felt better, he asked, “Are you going to drive or should I?”

My body stiffened. You mean I have to throw up again when I get back? I immediately shook my head and pointed at him, “You drive!”

Harry smiled awkwardly as he scratched his head. Then, he coughed and said, “Cough, how about we let Ice Dragon drive us back.”

“I agree.” That was the second time Harry and I came to a mutual agreement. I felt that I shouldn’t fly the spaceship until I could master the operation controls.

Ice Dragon was parked where we had landed, silently watching over us. Despite being a spaceship, his titanium cockpit cover gave the impression of a person wearing sunglasses, standing there coolly as he watched us throw up.

Just as we entered the spaceship, Ice Dragon’s hologram form appeared again. He smiled mischievously at us and asked, “Did you have fun?” His narrowed eyes made him look like a sly fox.

“Shut up!” Harry and I said in unison, exchanging an embarrassed glance.

I glared at Ice Dragon, “If you say a word to anybody about today’s incident, I will break you apart!”

Ice Dragon frowned and commented, “Oh, Master, you shouldn’t treat me like that. You are a girl, you can’t be so rude.”

“I can!” Harry suddenly aimed his gun muzzle at Ice Dragon’s head.

“F*ck! I remembered you hit me once.” Ice Dragon looked so dignified even when he cursed. I hadn’t expected him to remember Harry hitting him. He pouted and bowed politely, “Your wish is my command, as long as you are happy.” Then, he disappeared with an air full of grievance.

Harry’s and my face darkened; I felt so embarrassed. My virgin flight is too different from how I’d imagined it to be.

In my imagination, I should’ve been driving the spaceship like a pro. I should’ve been able to execute different flight maneuvers, forming patterns in the air just like the fighter plane performance on National Day. In the end, reality and imagination are always so far apart. This is embarrassing.

On the other hand, Harry should’ve been feeling worse than me. He was said to be the best pilot in Noah City, and he’d been my flying coach to boot. As a member of the scouting troop, it was necessary to have great driving skills so that you could deal with all kinds of complicated weather. The legend was that there was nothing that Harry couldn’t drive. In the end, he was defeated by Ice Dragon too. 

What Raffles had built was too high-tech, both of us weren’t used to it.

“Prepare to return to Noah City,” Ice Dragon informed us. Then, the spaceship steadily got off the ground. D*mn. So this thing can fly slowly? Why did it fly like an unbridled horse earlier?

Ice Dragon took off gracefully, before gradually speeding up, smooth as a free bird gliding leisurely in the valley.

As we left, the crows resting at the cliff flew down to eat our vomit, even fighting each other for it. I couldn’t help but ask Harry in trepidation, “What do flying corpses eat?” I was afraid that I’d hear an answer that would shock myself.

Harry looked at me for a moment, then smiled and looked to the front again. “Don’t worry. Flying corpses don’t eat living people.”

Don’t eat living people?

“Flying corpses can fly across the sky above the radiation zone. They are constantly moving, so they can find places with water and fruits. But, there are times when they attack passers-by or plunder cities that they fly past. Heh.” Harry let out a disdainful chuckle and mocked, “They are better than humans. There are humans who eat other humans for food, but the flying corpses only resort to eating dead bodies as a last option. They would never eat a living person. Maybe, at the bottom of their hearts, there is still some humanity left. Tell me, why do some humans have no humanity when even monsters do?” Harry looked at me with a cold smile. I knew he was referring to the people in Ghost Eclipse City.

“Why don’t we attack them?!” I asked in anger.

Harry suddenly furrowed his eyebrows. He lowered his face and became quiet, before he reached out his hands and instructed, “Request for manual piloting.” He chose to evade my question.

I understood that even with the best resources that Noah City could muster, they could only fly one spaceship. They had yet to ensure that their people have enough to eat and wear. How could they form an army troop to attack an enemy that was much stronger than them? It was simply a hopeless battle.

From Harry’s disheartened expression, I could tell that he was just like He Lei; they both hated the people of Ghost Eclipse City. That was why he had nothing to say. Like Xing Chuan, there was nothing he could do about the situation. If even Silver Moon City who had blue crystal energy didn’t attack Ghost Eclipse City, it could only mean that the people in Ghost Eclipse City were very powerful and definitely had many amazing metahumans that would give even Silver Moon City pause. 

Harry started driving the spaceship manually. He was obviously more familiar with it than I was, given his experience; it looked like he had driven this type of system before. He didn’t drive fast but steadily, and seemed to be getting used to the driving mode.

Below us, a huge cave to the North of Noah City’s entrance came into sight. Through it were those familiar green rings of light.

“Prepare to descend,” Harry said.

“Alright,” Ice Dragon seemed to obediently follow his instructions, but I had the feeling that Ice Dragon was thinking to himself, ‘There will always be other chances to take revenge’.

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