Book 6: Chapter 75 - Officially Incorporate Beautiful Men Group

We brought Ah Duo back to Queen Town.

In the meeting room, everyone gathered in a circle again. Now, we were surrounding Ah Duo’s child, a baby-sized cocoon.

“It’s really not a human!” Uncle Mason rubbed his chin as he exclaimed in surprise.

“If it isn’t a human… Would Brother Luo Bing still take this baby in?” Lucifer was worried for the child. He watched me with a pleading gaze.

I rubbed his head and continued to look at the snow-white cocoon. Its silk was shimmering under the light. It looked so innocent and beautiful.

Its innocence was natural, just like an angel had wrapped a white cloud around the child so she could land it in the human world safely.

“Of course.” Ghostie gave Lucifer a smile. “Brother Luo Bing is the kindest! Try and guess if this is a boy or girl.”

Lucifer was as happy as if he’d just scored himself a younger brother or sister. “I’m guessing she’s a girl! I like girls!” He paused and took a glance at me, before blushing and lowering his head. “Just like when Brother Bing became a girl…”  

I smiled and rubbed his head again.

Everyone smiled without saying much. He Lei glanced at me while they chuckled. He looked curious yet bothered. I wasn’t sure what he was bothered about now.

“It will still be in human shape, right…?” Pelos glanced around at everyone else.

Everyone seemed worried. 

He Lei took back his gaze and crossed his arms. He knitted his brows and sighed, “This child has a tough life."

“How is it tough? We will love her,” Uncle Mason declared determinedly.

His words shocked He Lei, whose black eyes then revealed a heartfelt warmth.

*Pak!* I slapped the table and said firmly, “This child is our child now. We are her family no matter what she looks like. No one can belittle her or hold her in contempt.”

“Yes!” Everyone responded in unison, and the entire meeting room was filled with love.

“How about her origins?” Xiao Ye asked. “Do we… keep it a secret from her?”

Everyone then looked at me.

We had no choice but to deal with the child’s mother, Ah Duo.

It was a difficult issue that we had to deal with.

We returned to Queen Town with four victories and no casualties. But we’d lost a spaceship.

Everyone in Queen Town came out to welcome us. I was surprised to see Eletta and the other beautiful young man cheering for us at the city gate. They looked entirely different from when we had first left.

They had used to look fearful and kept their distance from us before. They had also been tense and would stand ramrod straight in reverence whenever they saw us. But right now, they wore excited expressions that were thrilled with happiness. 

Queen Town below Ice Dragon was covered in green. It wore a brand new look.

The burned soil was covered with a layer of green. The plants had sprouted.

We landed at the square. Raffles, Xiao Ying and the other members stood at the stairs before the palace while Margaery’s beautiful young men gathered below the stairs. Every one of them looked full of vigor, their eyes spirited.

Moto was standing at the forefront. When Ice Dragon’s door opened, he ran over to me hastily in excitement.

Without warning, he knelt down on one knee. He called, “King!”

“King!” All the young men behind him knelt down on one knee, their voices reverberating in the air!

Hearing them call me their King, I knew my position in their hearts. I also saw their vigor soaring.

Moto lifted his chin and faced me determinedly, “We are ready! King!”

Looking over the beautiful young men kneeling on one knee before me, I could sense their drastic change. I felt their burning fighting spirits. They were like a spaceship with a full tank of oil, ready to charge into the universe at full speed. They could pierce through the sea of clouds and fight against the enemy!

What had made them go through such a drastic change?

Ghostie, He Lei and Ah Zong stood next to me and smiled.

I walked forward and helped Moto up. Moto immediately stood to the side respectfully.

Ghostie patted his shoulder to tell him to relax. But he looked at Ghostie, He Lei, Ah Zong and the rest with eyes full of admiration.

I stood before Eletta, Juye and the other beautiful young men. “Do you want to join my army?”

“Yes! King!” They replied with force. They were no longer soft-spoken nor afraid.

I watched them in silence and then stood straight. “Great. But you have to fix your standing posture. Stand up!”

Surprised, looked at one another.

Juye and Eletta met my eyes, then stood up with some hesitation. Then, the others stood up too, one after another.

I looked at them and placed my hands by the sides of my body. “Like this. Chin up, chest out!”

“Yes!” Their loud reply resounded in the air.

The beautiful young men stood with their chins up and their chests out under the brilliant sunlight. They were no longer just good-looking puppets.

Now, I smiled happily. Seeing my smile, their anxiety gradually faded away. They became highly spirited.

I looked at them evenly and said, “Remember, our knees are our dignity. When we put one knee down, we lay down half of our dignity! I want all of you to pick up your dignity! Fight for your dignity from today onwards!”

My sonorous voice reverberated in the air of Queen Town. Every young man in front of me had fire churning in their eyes, becoming fiercer in the sun.

They were truly ready.

They had once fought blindly out of fear of death. They had been a soulless soldier, like a walking dead.

At this very moment, however, their gazes became bright. They now had a direction. They had a goal. They knew what they were fighting for. They had become true soldiers!

Whatever it was they had gone through in the past few days or what they had seen, it had clearly awakened their souls. I was glad that they had joined my big family and decided to fight alongside us.

Raffles and I stood in front of Ah Duo’s room. Her room was temporarily under surveillance. She was in bad shape. She had neither eaten, drank, nor spoken. Sis Ceci was in charge of taking care of her and keeping her company because we reckoned that she would feel better if a woman kept her company.

Such a past had completely destroyed her.

However, we believed that her tough self still existed somewhere at the bottom of her heart. She had persevered for her people and her family. She had persevered so that the other girls wouldn’t be trampled on, even though we felt that her people weren’t worth her fighting for them.

Only when Earth Monster had died, did she stop holding on and instead turned to seeking release.

We had ended her miserable days but she had seized the chance to put an end to her life.

Anyone who hadn’t gone through what she had, didn’t have the right to advise her to let go and welcome a great future. Because she might not be able to let go of such a past.

It was easier said than done.


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