Book 6: Chapter 74 - Returning Evil for Evil

“Back then, Ah Duo was the prettiest! Who would we hand out if not her?!” Someone shouted.

“If we didn’t hand her to Earth Monster, how would he let us off?!”

“Now, she’s given birth to Earth Monster’s child! That child is definitely a monster too! Your daughter became a monster too!”

“Your daughter is a monster! She was touched by a monster and they don’t want her!”

“Shut up, all of you! Hurry up and hand out your daughters!”

“Yeah! Hand out your daughters! Otherwise, all of us have to die!

“Hurry! Hurry up! Stop hiding! Stop dragging all of us down!”

All of a sudden, the scene below had descended into chaos. Our people didn’t even need to do anything before they had caught the girls and shoved them out.

The girls immediately curled up in terror, shivering in silence.

“No! Don’t hand out my daughter!” A lady pounced forward.

“Get lost!” The couple kicked the lady away. Then, they pulled the scrawny girl out. I thought to myself that their daughter had probably been pushed out like her too.

They dragged the girl over to curry favor with me. “Mister, all the girls are here. They normally dress up like guys.” They knelt down on the ground again with a smile to ingratiate themselves with me.

Murderous intent soared from my body. I watched the girls as they were pushed out by the people who had betrayed them in order to live. I had no sympathy for them.

“These people are not worth saving,” He Lei commented glumly as he looked down at the cowardly and contemptible people.

“Let’s go.” Ghostie didn’t want to stay back any longer. “The people here are bad people.”

I suppressed the intense anger boiling in my chest and pointed at them. “Ah Duo sacrificed herself for all of you to live. But you! All of you!” I was so angry that I couldn’t say anything.

“They are not worth getting angry at, Bing!” Ah Zong glanced at me and urged, “Don’t waste your time with them.”

I took a deep breath, turned around and walked away. But I felt like I still had to get it off my chest. 

I paused and swiveled back to the balcony. I shouted loudly, “Do you know that you are the ones who created Earth Monster!? If you had not abandoned him back then, he wouldn’t have hated you! He wouldn’t have been picked up by the old lady! And he wouldn’t have come back to take revenge! Or eaten your children! Your vicious hearts made the monster! You have only yourselves to thank! Let’s leave!” I didn’t want to take another look at those people.

It was dead silent.

But they weren’t quiet because of what I’d said but because they were afraid of us. They were afraid of death.

Ice Dragon began to descend. The people below immediately moved out of the way. They looked terrified but no one pulled back the girls that they had pushed out earlier.

The girls huddled together and cried in fear.

Pelos and the others went forward to pull them away so that Ice Dragon could land.

The people here were bad and rotten. The only difference between them and the Ghost Eclipsers was that they had been the slaves. They had been enslaved. Other than that, there wasn’t any difference.

In order to live, they could sell their people and their family.

“Bring Ah Duo with us,” I instructed coldly. Then, I turned and left in huge strides.

He Lei and Ah Zong followed next to me, leaving only Ghostie to stand there alone. He was distressed for a while, before he carried Ah Duo and followed behind us.

Ice Dragon landed in front of the metal house and everyone quickly returned. No one here deserved our help. I wasn’t a saint. I would take my men with me and I wouldn’t entrust anyone to take care of the tenth zone because they were no longer under my livable zone. 

“Mister, please…” Suddenly, the lady who had been kicked by the old couple earlier pounced at us and hugged my leg. Then, she kowtowed. “Please, let my daughter go. I beg you. Please.”

I looked at her. I was glad that there was someone who still cared for her daughter.

“Their daughters are better looking! Bring their daughters with you!” She suddenly roared at the other girls in tears.

I was suddenly disgusted.

Ghostie was right. The people here were broken. They hated each other and there weren’t any feelings that a tribe should share.

He Lei immediately went forward and pushed the lady away. He glared at her. “Don’t touch our King with your filthy hand. Your daughters, we will bring none of them with us!” He Lei declared glumly.

They gaped at He Lei in shock. When they heard that we were not taking any girls, they weren’t happy but instead became even more terrified and fearful.

“No, no! Mister! Please, pick anyone! Don’t kill us!”

“Please, pick one! I beg you! They are pretty after they wash up!”

All of them panicked and shoved the girls towards us. They were like promoters who were trying to hard-sell their products to their customers back in the world where I had come from.

I got onto Ice Dragon without taking another look because I didn’t want to talk to them anymore.

“Silence!” He Lei stayed outside the cabin on his own and looked over all of them. “You are free now. The tenth zone belongs to you! Don’t even appear in front of us anymore! Do not come anywhere near Queen Town either!” He Lei announced, then turned to enter the spaceship. The people outside were all dumbfounded.

Ghostie flashed him a thumbs-up while Ah Zong looked at him smilingly. “This is our Bing’s First Mate!” Ah Zong leaned on my shoulder lazily. “Doing the things that Bing hates to do.”

Seeing Ah Zong’s behavior, He Lei knitted his brows again. However, he didn’t bother looking at him anymore, as though he was used to it. He no longer looked at Ah Zong in disdain.

Ghostie chuckled at He Lei’s expression.

I felt suspicious too. In the past, no matter which man approached me, Ghostie would want to kill him. However, somehow or rather, he didn’t mind when Ah Zong clung onto me.

Harry was once against Ah Zong. Whenever Ah Zong wanted to come closer to me, Harry would absolutely fight him off. But now… Why?

Ice Dragon took off and left the filthy land. Only filthy land would have worms.

When we left the tenth zone, the people were panic-stricken and chased after us. It was as though they were afraid if we would bomb the tenth zone after we left.

The only people who could save that place would be themselves.

He Lei’s spaceship was moving towards West Port. He would wait for Raffles to end his investigation there. Then, he would bring the portable lab and scouting robots back. He would also bring Jun and Zong Ben back with him. Hence, we placed Jun and Zong Ben’s carriers in He Lei’s spaceship too.

Raffles took over remote control of He Lei’s spaceship.

I was concerned about Jun. What had happened to him?

I couldn’t communicate with them when they were in spirit form. Although Raffles had built them an external shell, I still couldn’t communicate with them. Spirits had no brains so there weren’t any brainwaves that could be translated into language.

I was very worried about Jun. He had been behaving strangely at that time.


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