Book 6: Chapter 73 - The Abandoned Child

Even though I had never given birth nor delivered a baby, I had never heard of any child being dried after birth. Did he mean pat dry?

“Bing, she needs clean clothes.” Ah Zong came to stand next to me. “She is still very weak and she needs to rest. I feel that she is very helpless. She still wants to die…” Ah Zong watched the girl with sympathy. The girl laid on the bed quietly like a dead person.

“I know.” I glanced at the wardrobe by the side. Ah Zong patted Uncle Mason. “Bing needs to change her.”

“Alright.” Uncle Mason gave the girl a sympathetic look too, as though he was looking at a child in Noah City. “Lil Bing, take care of her."

Mm.” I watched Uncle Mason and Ah Zong exit the room. Other curious and worried people hovered outside the door but the two of them closed the door behind them. I opened the wardrobe by the side and realized that it contained mostly men’s clothing. There were only a few simple linen dresses.

I took out a navy blue dress and walked over to the girl. She looked up expressionlessly. She no longer pleaded for death but she didn’t request to look at her child either. She only sat there in silence without uttering a single word.

Haggs turned around and picked her up with the robot arm. I took off her clothes yet she still remained frozen. She didn’t resist nor did she look scared, even though I was a man then.

I took off her dress that was drenched in amniotic fluid and blood. Then, I put a new dress on her. When the robot arm placed her back down, she lay back on the bed without saying a word. I could barely hear her breath.

Looking at her, I felt my heart breaking. I was upset about what had happened to her.

“Would you like to see your baby?” I asked softly but didn’t receive any reply.

She looked up blankly, her tears dried in her eyes. It was as though I was talking to an empty shell.

“I suggest to not let her see,” Hagrid said monotonously.

I was angry. Although he was my lover, I was angry at how he placed experiments above life.

“Where’s the child?” I walked up to him and questioned him angrily.

He looked at me calmly and placed his tablet before me. On the screen, I saw a white cocoon…!

I looked down in disbelief, my gaze almost piercing through the tablet screen. It was really a cocoon!

No wonder Haggs said that he was going to dry it.

My body instantly stiffened. Haggs was right then. It’d be best to not let the girl see her child. She was so fragile right now. She would get another greater blow if she saw that she had given birth to a cocoon.

She was different from other mothers. I believed that other mothers who had conceive with men they loved would still love their babies regardless.

However, she was a girl who had been filled with hatred towards the child in her stomach since the very beginning. Because she hated Earth Monster, she hated her life, she hated her child and herself. She had even wanted to die along with the child.

“I need to scan and examine the child. Wrap up and come back to Queen Town soon.” Haggs was always so calm. He glanced at me coolly with the tablet in his hand. “I hope to see you on our bed tonight,” he said as though it was an order. Then, he vanished before me.

Stunned, I instantly blushed. He doesn’t have to be so direct! I am not a child. I will understand if he drops me a hint!

He was Haggs after all.

I turned to look at the girl. How could I leave her like this?

I suddenly thought that she might feel better if she could see her parents.

“He Lei!” I shouted. “Come in.”

The door opened and He Lei looked at me. “Bing, what’s the matter?”

“Gather everyone in the tenth zone downstairs.”

“Yes!” He Lei walked to the door and nodded at Ghostie. The two of them brought everyone else downstairs.

I stood at the opening of the window. It seemed to have become a balcony.

Everyone rushed out and scattered in all directions.I watched as everyone moved swiftly. I was glad to fight the war with such reliable comrades. It was my honor and luck to be able to fight with them.

The people in the tenth zone were gathered downstairs really soon. Terrified, they hunched over and stood below my balcony. There weren’t any other girls.

I looked down at them from above. None of them dared to make noise nor did they dare to look up at me.

He Lei, Ghostie and Ah Zong returned to my side like my knights guarding next to me.

“Which of you are the girl’s parents?” I asked.

Uncle Mason, Fat-Two, Sia, Pelos and the others scattered around as they stood on the piles of scrap metals and watched the slaves in the tenth zone.

The people curled up even more. They didn’t even dare to look around.

Suddenly, someone stretched out his hand and cried, “Them! It’s them!” It was as though they were identifying criminals. They pointed at a couple with white hair.

The two of them were shoved out by the people and immediately knelt down. “Show mercy, mister! Show mercy!”

“Your daughter just gave birth to her child,” I said. “Bring them in.”

They immediately shivered. When Uncle Mason approached them, they suddenly kowtowed anxiously. “Mis- Mis- Mis- Mister, she married Earth Monster willingly. It has nothing to do with us! You can do whatever you want to Earth Monster’s child, Mister! You can do whatever you want to Ah Duo too! You can keep Ah Duo if you like her. Please, let us live! Please! I beg you!” They continuously kowtowed.

Uncle Mason stood dumbfounded next to them, before his expression grew angry.

Ghostie, He Lei, Ah Zong and everyone else were stunned on the spot.

I stood at the balcony in disbelief. I couldn’t believe what I had just heard.

They are the girl’s parents!?

But why do they look like they hold their daughter in contempt more than anyone else?! Don’t they want their daughter back? They didn’t even want to admit that she is their daughter!

Humph…” Ah Zong humphed coldly. He leaned against the cracked wall lazily and commented, “Among all of you… there are many girls. Why does our King want one who has been used before?”

The old couple who knelt on the ground stopped moving but there was a great commotion among the people behind who had pushed them out.

They stared at each other in terror.

“They found out.”

“They found out…”

“Hurry up and hand over the girls!” Suddenly, the old couple turned around and pointed at the people behind them. Their faces looked vicious. “Back then, you forced us to hand out Ah Duo! Now, it is finally your turn! Hurry up and hand them out! Hurry!” They roared at the people hysterically.


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