Book 6: Chapter 72 - Midwife

“Ah!” I could hear a woman’s heart-wrenching scream before I even entered the room. “Ah!!!” 

Once I entered, I saw everyone stopping at the threshold to the room. No one else came in with me.

“Lil Bing, you’re back!” Uncle Mason was the first to come up to me. He was much calmer than everyone else. “Her water broke. She’s going into labor soon.”

I spotted He Lei guarding at the window in the dark room, Ghostie scratching his helmet impatiently, and Ah Zong holding the girl’s hand by the bed. “Take deep breaths… Take deep breaths…” he said gently.

“You are finally back. You shall take care of this.” Ghostie quickly ran away as though I’d just saved him.

He Lei quickly followed behind Ghostie. He took a glance at the pregnant lady and furrowed his eyebrows. Then, he retracted his gaze and said, “She won’t be able to jump off the building now.” Then, he left the room with Ghostie.

“What should we do now?” Uncle Mason looked terribly helpless. “I told them to bring hot water but I don’t know how to deliver a baby!” Uncle Mason was willing to help but unable to do so.

Ah Zong glanced at me. His pink fringe was stuck to his forehead that was covered in sweat. It was obvious that he was very worried for the girl. “She looks like she is in great pain…” Ah Zong watched the girl anxiously. “I have never seen a girl giving birth. It actually hurts so much."

Ah! Let me die! Please, I beg you!” The girl looked up and begged in pain. She was covered in sweat while her tears rolled down from her eyes.

Her pleas and her tears caused me great pain. She was a pregnant lady yet she was asking for death.

I immediately asked, “Haggs, are you ready?”

“Yes, please push the bed to the side of the window,” Haggs instructed and Ice Dragon flew up outside the window.

I called, “Uncle Mason! Help!” I came to the side of the bed and pushed it. “Need to push the bed to the window. Haggs will deliver the baby!” The heavy metal bed wouldn’t budge an inch.

Seeing my struggle, Uncle Mason quickly rushed to the end of the bed. He grabbed the end of the bed and exerted his superpower, lifting the bed with ease and pulling it to the window in an instant. To him, it was as easy as dragging a bed made of paper.

Then, Ice Dragon extended its claws in and grabbed the window frame. *Clang!* The window was broken, creating a huge opening.

Ice Dragon F1 was a miniature combat spaceship. Hence, it didn’t hold much equipment or cabins.

In Ice Dragon F1, there wasn’t a medic cabin. only a simple medic capsule where the wounded could receive basic emergency treatment. It only had functions to stop bleeding but there weren’t any other complicated surgery support functions like delivering a child. 

Just then, I saw even smaller robot arms that extended in. One was holding disinfectant and spraying the disinfectant on the other robot arm.

No way!

Does Haggs intend to control Ice Dragon’s robot arms remotely to deliver the child?!

I reckoned I could only see something like this in this world.

*Swoosh!* Haggs’ image appeared next to the bed. He glanced at Uncle Mason calmly. “Uncle Mason, bring the hot water."

“Alright!” Uncle Mason immediately left the room.

Ah! Why can’t you let me die… Why…” The girl wasn’t in good condition. Her breathing was short and shallow.

She pleaded and looked at me in tears. “Please… Let me die… I beg you…” She stretched her hand out to reach for me.

My heart ached when I saw her pleading. However, I felt helpless because I couldn’t say anything to make her feel better right now.

No one would understand her pain. She had been conquered by a terrifying demon. Then, she had conceived the demon’s child. It would be no doubt another blow to her if I asked her to let the child live. I could see that she had no love nor yearning for the child in her stomach.

She only wanted to die. She wanted to die along with the child in her, a thing that she viewed as a living sin. She wanted to put an end to her painful life.

“Ah Zong, make the pregnant lady happier. She is not in good shape. She won’t be able to last until the child is out.” Haggs looked at Ah Zong coldly. “This child is very important to me.”

Ah Zong stared at Haggs in shock. “Very important to you?”

I knew it!

Haggs wanted the child because it was Earth Monster’s child!

“Ah Zong, listen to Haggs first. Make the pregnant lady happy.” It would definitely not help the child delivery process if the pregnant lady kept asking for death. I knew that we were doing something against the mother’s will right now, but I couldn’t just watch a pregnant lady die.

“Alright.” Ah Zong nodded. He lowered his face and took the girl’s hand that was reaching out for mine, his body letting out a faint pink glow. I had seen it before in  Blue Shield City. He looked beautiful when he was glowing.

The pregnant lady gradually calmed down. She took deep breaths and the corners of her lips lifted. “What happened to me? I have never felt this happy before. Ah!” She screamed in pain again. “Please don’t leave me. Make me feel happy again. Please. Ah!” She gripped Ah Zong’s hand tightly, clinging onto the happiness that she might not have experienced before in her life.

Ah Zong’s superpower was to control the hormones and emotions in one’s body. Emotions were chemical reactions in one’s brain. Hence, Ah Zong could make the girl feel happy.

On the other side, the robot arm had already slowly lifted the girl’s dress. Two small robot arms moved below, while the other robot arm extended out from the spaceship with a clean towel.

Ah! Ah!” As the lady screamed hysterically, the robot hand suddenly pulled out a white object. I didn’t get to see it before it was wrapped up in a clean towel and brought back to Ice Dragon. But I didn’t hear any baby’s crying at all.

Panting, the girl lay weakly on the bed.

The glow on Ah Zong disappeared and he slowly let go of her hand. The girl became quiet and looked dead. She was looking up blankly without moving an inch.

Ah Zong sighed and put the blanket over her gently.

Uncle Mason rushed in with hot water and was surprised at the scene. “It’s done?”

“It’s done,” Haggs replied calmly like a gynae. “I needed hot water to help the girl wash up.” Then, the robot arm lifted the girl and removed the sheet that was covered in blood. The entire room was filled with a strange scent of blood. There might have been the smell of amniotic fluid but it was rapidly covered up by disinfectant.

“Don’t you need to give the baby a quick wash?” I asked Haggs.

Haggs was using his tablet. He was obviously controlling the robot arm in the control room. “There’s no need to. I’m drying the child.”

What does he mean by he is drying the child?!


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