Book 6: Chapter 71 - Time And Space

Raffles stared at Haggs in shock too. His gaze flickered and he grabbed Haggs’ arm as though he’d realized something. “Are you?!”

“Stay here,” Haggs cut Raffles off calmly. “I’m heading back to the tenth zone to deliver the child with Lil Bing.” Haggs glared at Raffles coldly.

Raffles opened his mouth but didn’t say anything. He blinked as Haggs looked at him glumly. Finally, he let go of Haggs’ arm. “Alright, go ahead. Ice Dragon, put my portable lab down.” Then, he lifted his tablet and did his work. He seemed to be avoiding me, trying to conceal his guilt with his work.

The portable lab in Ice Dragon had been installed when Raffles had come out on a mission with us back then. Having a lab made it more convenient for him to collect samples and do research.

A white cabin slowly descended from the bottom of Ice Dragon. The imaging device brought Raffles’ image before the portable lab.

“The portable base camp has yet to be retrieved. I will call it here instead.” Raffles tapped on his tablet while he said, “Hurry up and return to the tenth zone. Saving people is more important.”

Raffles was thinking above saving someone but I believed that Haggs might not be.

We immediately returned to the tenth zone.

I recalled how back then, the entire city had surrounded and watched Sis Meizi deliver her child. It had been a funny and interesting sight.

It was a pity that I didn’t get to see it anymore because I didn’t know when I would return to Noah City again.

Would Noah City… welcome my return?

Feeling a little melancholy, I deeply understood what people meant when they said, The things might still be here but the people have already changed.

I once thought Noah was my home but the reality told me that it isn’t...

Only my home in the world where I came from is my real home. Anywhere else where anyone tells you that they welcome you and this is your home, isn’t real.

Where is my home in this world?

Nowhere is my home in this world.

Hence, I want to build myself a home in this world. A home that belongs to me and my lovers.

“Haggs.” I glanced at Haggs, who stood next to me with a tablet.

“What?” He responded while still looking at the tablet. He sounded as calm as usual.

“The blue crystal meteorite under the historical sites could realize space teleportation. Do you think… I can go home if there is enough energy?”

Stunned, he turned to look at me. His quivering gaze fixed upon my face for a very long time.

He stared at me for very long. His usual calm and expressionless face was tainted with worries, anxiety and a sense of insecurity. Looking away, he lowered his face. “Theoretically… yes. However, it is difficult for us to fix the position. So, I can’t help but tell you that we can’t send you back with our current knowledge and techniques.” It was the first time he’d stuttered guiltily.

He had always spoken with certainty. He was probably worried that I would leave for real. Then, it would mean that I left them.

“Yeah… I was just asking casually. Heh, ever since I came here, I’ve lost all hope of returning.” I let out a long sigh and glanced at the tenth zone we were approaching. “If I can go back, how should I introduce the two of you to my parents? If I say that both of you are my husbands, they would definitely be terrified. Hehe.” I couldn’t help but chuckle at the thought of my dumbfounded parents.

“Even if… you can go back…” Haggs said with hesitation again, “you might not… be able to return to the time zone you were in…”

“What do you mean?” I gave him a confused look.

Haggs pursed his lips. He furrowed his brows in silence, before he turned to look at me. “The rotation speed of two worlds is not necessarily the same. Hence, the timelines would be different. If you were to go back, you might go to the future of the world or to the past. It is already difficult enough to fix a position. It is even more difficult to fix a point in time because time operates forward. Hence, it is extremely difficult to locate the correct point in time.”

The more he explained, the more I felt it was impossible to even imagine it happening.

“You mean…space and time are actually two concepts? It is actually simultaneous teleportation of space and time?” I seemed to be hearing a brand new theory.

“Yes, if you were to teleport through time, you might be stuck in a certain latitude in space. You can see the things that happened at the point of time but you wouldn’t be able to enter,” Haggs explained to me solemnly. “Teleportation in space is basically the phenomena that happened to you in the blue crystal meteorite under the historical site. The current technique can realize short distance teleportation, such as the shuttle machine and what Xiao Ye does. However, you also notice that there is no teleportation in time. Hence, the teleportation of time and space has to be done simultaneously. Which is something really difficult.” Hagrid creased his brows. “Otherwise, many people would have already returned to the past to change the future.”

I felt a heavy weight on my heart. It was already so difficult to teleport through time and space in the same universe, let alone teleportation to another universe.

It seemed that many more breakthroughs in technology that the current had yet to achieve, were required in order for me to go home.

I wonder which unreliable God broke a hole between two worlds back then and brought me here back then. Leaving me here is so irresponsible of him.

Shouldn’t He be working on how to send me back? Isn’t He worried that I might affect the revolving of the universes?

Now, I have become a part of the history of this world. I think the unreliable God can’t put me back in place even if He wanted to now.

I definitely couldn’t return. Although it was a foreseen ending, Raffles had at least given me a slim hope. Now, Haggs had given me a death sentence.

Our spaceship landed in the tenth zone. I felt like I had been rushing here and there without any break. We’d planned to return to Queen Town after the tenth zone but there had been so many unforeseen circumstances.

The tenth zone looked empty now. Everyone was still hiding in the pile of steels and popping their heads out cautiously. Dirty faces peered out at us, terror in their eyes.

Fat-Two, Lucifer, Pelos and the others were standing right in front of the one and only metal house. They quickly greeted me once they saw me.



“Brother Bing, you are finally here. It is a mess up there. Uncle Mason told us to prepare hot water for the birth.” 

“Brother Luo Bing, the lady upstairs is going to deliver her baby!” Lucifer said anxiously.

“Everyone, calm down…” Sia stood on the spot and said calmly, “Uncle Mason is very experienced.”

Sia was right. Uncle Mason was the oldest among us. There had been many women who’d given birth in Noah City too. Although he hadn’t been the one assisting with childbirth, he probably had some sort of experience.

I walked into the cold metal house with everyone surrounding me. I felt the cold air once I entered. The entire metal house was gloomy and cold. It felt just like a damp mountain cave.

The pregnant lady was on the second floor so they brought me upstairs. I saw Zi Yi guarding at the door.


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