Book 6: Chapter 70 - Give Birth To Baby Again

He looked at me blankly as I extended my hand towards him. “Let me put your suffering to an end.”

He suddenly came back to reality and wanted to charge at me again. Face contorted with rage, he roared, “I will kill you!” His body seemed to be dissolving even more quickly due to his vigorous action. Before he could touch me with his outstretched hand, he’d already vanished into thin air.  

Zong Ben broke his body with a stomp, the sound as crisp as breaking a dead log. Jun stood by and watched in silence. He lifted his chin to look at Zong Ben but Zong Ben couldn’t be bothered. He retracted his leg and flew away.

Earth Monster completely vanished before me, turning into blue light spots in the air.

“He has no intention of mending his ways.” I felt sad for him.

He hadn’t become a Ghost Eclispser because he wanted to. His childhood experience had been heart-wrenching. But his life, in the end, had been his own decision. He had opted to worship the Ghost Eclipsers. He hadn’t cared about his wife and his child. His death was not to be regretted.

“Why did you kill him so soon? He is a Ghost Eclipser. He doesn’t deserve your sympathy.” Hagrid furrowed his brows. He found it a pity for Earth Monster to die so soon, as though his rare specimen had died.

Raffles tugged his sleeve and looked at me awkwardly. “We gathered enough data… You know what Lil Bing doesn’t like us to do…”

Hagrid wanted to speak but Raffles glanced at me with a smile. “Lil Bing, that’s West Port. Go and check if you can find the archive center. Send me the data of West Port.”

“Alright.” As long as it had nothing to do with human experiments, I was willing to do it for Raffles.

Our spaceship landed at a spacious hangar. Looking down from above, I realized that West Port was huge. The shuttle machines on the tracks looked as small and cute as a child’s toy.

Once I landed in West Port, I finally grasped how huge West Port was. The shuttle machines even surpassed Ice Dragon in size! They crouched on the tracks above like intergalactic spaceships!

Sixty years had gone by. They weren’t covered in dust at all, and instead looked brand new.

The entire West Port was pitch silent. What was strange was that the spirit flowers grew neatly without interrupting the runway. Neither did the spirit flowers grow on the tracks nor shuttle machines. It was as though someone had made it a point to trim it nicely.

I looked around but I didn’t see any spirits.

Having been to so many historical sites, I knew that there was a connection between spirit trees and spirits. Spirits stayed in spirit trees and spirit trees could be controlled by spirits. Hence, if the spirit trees grew neatly, it was definitely due to the spirits.

Plus, the spirits here had OCD. The distance between every spirit branch seemed to be meticulously calculated and measured too.

Zong Ben and Jun jumped off the spirit tree. Jun stood dumbfounded as he watched West Port.

Jun looked strange. If it was before, he would have been thrilled with happiness to see spirit flowers. He liked spirit flowers. He should be hopping around and collecting spirit flowers.

But he didn’t pay attention to the spirit flowers. He was watching something far away. No, he looked like he was searching for something.

Zong Ben jumped next to him and flew around him. Seeing that he didn’t move, Zong Ben picked a spirit flower and placed it on Jun’s head, among his fluttering long hair. Then, Zong Ben turned around and flashed me a malicious smile. Zong Ben liked to prank Jun. Then, Zong Ben started picking spirit flowers again. He shuttled through the branches, his tail light blinking in the air.

I leaned down and touched a spirit tree branch. “I am Luo Bing. Sorry for disturbing you. I came by to collect some data to make this world a better place.”

Just as I spoke, the spirit flowers on the branch twinkled. It opened and twinkled, then closed. Another scene that I had never seen in other historical sites.

I was surprised. The way they twinkled looked like some sort of code.

When I had gone for an outdoor survival camp with my dad back then, he’d taught me how to send an SOS signal via torchlight. Hence, torchlight was very important in the wild.

“It says welcome!” Raffles’ image appeared next to me. He looked glad and excited. “They are welcoming you! There were many engineers and scientists who worked here. That’s why they are familiar with all kinds of codes. That’s exciting! I am going to see the scientist from the past!” He walked forward. “Hello, all my seniors! I, I, I am Raffles. I am a scientist. It is my honor to meet all of you!” Raffles stuttered as he got too excited.

I leaned down to touch the tree branch to show my reverence. “Thank you!”

Straightening again, I swept my hand out across the sky. “Send scouting robots.”

A few scouting robots flew out from behind and scattered in all directions across West Port. We had received the approval from the owner here, so now we could search through West Port and collect their data.

As the scouting robots flew out, Jun suddenly leaped out from next to me. He paced back and forth on the spirit tree branch, before he abruptly soared out. He seemed anxious, moving swiftly as though he was searching for something.

“Jun!” I shouted.

Zong Ben immediately jumped next to me and gave me a nod before he chased after Jun. The two of them gradually disappeared among the buildings.

What had happened to Jun? But I was less worried as Zong Ben was keeping him company.

“Bing, when are you coming back?” I hadn’t expected that Ghostie would suddenly call after I had sent out the scouting robots.

I glanced at the scouting robots. They started scanning the area. “What’s wrong?” Ghostie definitely missed me.

“We have a situation here. That pregnant lady…” He seemed embarrassed as he said, “...looks like she is going into labor.”


“Hurry up and come back. We don’t know how to deliver a child!” Ghostie panicked.

“I don’t know either!” I, Luo Bing, only knew war. I really had no idea how to deliver a baby.

“What’s wrong?” Raffles watched me with worry. “Is there something wrong in the tenth zone? Should I send back-up?”

I glanced at him and said, “Earth Monster had a wife. She is pregnant."

“What?!” Suddenly, Hagrid appeared again. His eyes were shining with enthusiasm. “And?”

“And now, she is going into labor. But none of us know how to deliver a baby!” I stared at Raffles and Hagrid anxiously. It was the first time we had ran into such a sudden incident during war.

Anxious, Raffles started panicking. “What should we do? I’m afraid only Sis Ceci knows how to deliver a child. But I’m afraid we don’t have enough time.”

“I can do it,” Hagrid said calmly.

I gaped at Hagrid blankly. Hagrid can deliver a child? Or does he want to open her stomach to take the child out for research purposes?!

According to my understanding of Hagrid, the latter was absolutely possible. Hagrid still couldn’t forget how powerful Earth Monster’s survival ability had been.


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