Book 6: Chapter 69 - Everyone Has A Story

On the other side of the empty field, shuttle machines neatly lined up around a metal track one after another, perfectly intact. In front of them stood huge rings. It was the prototype of wormhole creation that Raffles had mentioned before. The futuristic shuttle machines looked like silver seagulls waiting to shoot through the ocean of stars!

Further away in the distance, there seemed to be a mysterious sleeping giant waiting to be woken up.

“Raffles, are you seeing this?!” I contacted Raffles excitedly.

Raffles’ image appeared next to me as he watched the center of the radiation zone with excited eyes too. We had yet to reach our destination but we were already seeing so many precious resources! It was simply too exciting!

“We definitely have to figure out a way to recycle all of them!” Raffles was full of hope.

Mm!” As we drew closer, the scenery was even more astonishing. “However, we have yet to settle down. These resources will be safest here.”

We had yet to settle down in Margaery’s livable zone. There were many ongoing tasks to be done. We had yet to take over the tenth zone too. If we brought the resources back too soon before we could properly protect it, it would be too big a waste to have it land in enemy hands.

Suddenly, the spaceship shook. I asked Ice Dragon, “What happened?”

Ice Dragon looked at me smilingly. “The thing under me can’t stay still.”

“It’s still alive?!”

“Yes, it is big in size. The intensity of the antibacterial agent obviously wasn’t enough to kill him. It might have lost its life force earlier. But due to the stimulation of radiation, it is awake now.” Ice Dragon spread his hands. “May I ask if I can throw it down now? I am disgusted.”

“I know.” I sped up. “Goodbye, worm!”

Ice Dragon immediately sped up as though he couldn’t stand having the worm on him a second longer as well.

As we flew through the thin wall at the center of the radiation zone, the object below Ice Dragon instantly turned into ashes. Blue flames fluttered in the air.

At that very moment, I saw a person struggling in the blue flame before he instantly vanished into thin air.

“Raffles, did you see that? The metahuman seems to have turned into a spirit in an instance at the center of the radiation zone.” I had clearly seen the blue figure, who looked very similar to spirits.

“I saw. There is a very strong wave of energy movement. It might be related to the phenomenon,” Raffles was interested. “The radiation-resistant power of a metahuman determines the level of radiation zone they could survive in. Earth Monster could resist level six radiation but his worm state could enter a higher radiation zone. His survival power is extremely strong. That might be the reason why he didn’t completely die in the level nine radiation zone in his worm form.” Raffles looked at the tablet in his hand. “It’s a pity that you killed him. You should have kept him for my research.”

Keep him for you and Haggs to research more about him!? Haggs is already very similar to Hagrid Jones!

I absolutely won’t let the two of you conduct any human experiments!

“A cloud of energy detected. It invaded the spaceship,” Ice Dragon reported and suddenly a blue light popped up in front of my seat. A spirit pounced at me!

At first, I thought it was a spirit from the historical site. But when I saw the body entangled with worms, I instantly felt numb all over. “Earth Monster!”

He was already pouncing at me. Right then, Jun and Zong Ben leaped out from the side. Zong Ben stepped on Earth Monster while Jun stood on him.

Spirits could touch one another.

Earth Monster struggled under Zong Ben and Jun. He’d turned into spirit. How had he turned into a spirit?

However, his body was different from Jun and Zong Ben’s. He seemed to be evaporating because the blue light spots were slowly leaving him. The parts of his body that were made of worms seemed to break apart from his body and vanish into thin air too.

It seemed that I didn’t need to take any action and he would still vanish in the center of the radiation zone.

“He is not a spirit.” Haggs’ image suddenly appeared next to Earth Monster, watching him closely. His gaze wasn’t that of a person looking at another person, but the cold eyes of a scientist looking at a specimen without emotions.

From Haggs’ gaze, I could feel that Earth Monster wasn’t a life form to him, only a specimen.

“His radiation resistance power is high. That’s why the blue crystal cells in him are strong too.” Haggs was expressionless but he glared at Earth Monster sharply. “It’s the blue crystal energy that enabled his blue crystal cells to condense temporarily, so he is in the state of a semi-spirit. It is a unique energy form. This is my first time seeing this too. Let him stay on for a little longer so Raffles and I can gather some data.”

The brutality of what Haggs had said made me suddenly feel cold all over.


Let him stay on longer for research purposes.

Although he was a Ghost Eclipser and he didn’t deserve our sympathy, we couldn’t torment his dead body or… his semi-spirit form.

I extended my hand to touch the blue light spots that had left his body. Suddenly, flashbacks filled my mind…

The child that turned into worms was rejected by his own tribe…

“He is a monster! Kill him! Kill him!”

“Throw him out! He is too scary! He is a weirdo!”

No one liked worms. The people in his tribe threw him into a high-level radiation zone. He endured the pain and corrosion that radiation had caused him. He survived. His life force was as strong as a worm. 

Margaery took him in and raised him. He returned to his tribe and took revenge on the people in his tribe who had once abandoned him. He used his worms to enter the people’s bodies and he watched them get eaten up by worms. He watched his worms wriggle out from their eyes, ears, noses and mouths. He watched them wail in pain. In the end, he ate their children. He became the nightmare of his tribe. They knelt before him to plead for mercy.

He took over the tribe and became the chief of the tenth zone. He began to build spacecraft for Margaery. He worshipped and admired Margaery.

He began to torture a girl. She was the chief’s daughter, and was once the princess. He tortured her, raped her, made fun of her. He used his worms to cover her body but he didn’t let her die. He would kill everyone in the tribe if she died…

The flashbacks vanished before me. I looked at Earth Monster before me. It was a complicated feeling. I knew that he could still hear and see.

“You remind me of Earl. He shared the same experience as you. He was abandoned by his tribe but he met a great master, Gehenna. He received respect and love from Gehenna. But Margaery only taught you hatred and revenge. I’m sorry to kill you today. But don’t worry, I will take care of your child, even if he or she is a worm like you.”

Earth Monster who was struggling under Zong Ben’s body suddenly stopped moving. The worms all over his body suddenly broke and scattered around like blue ribbons fluttering in the air.


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