Book 6: Chapter 68 - The Ghost Eclipser’s Wife

The entire tenth zone was basically a huge pit to smelt metal. Everywhere were piles of what looked like reinforced steel bars and metal plates that had been removed from houses from before the apocalypse, as well as other old metals.

However, there weren’t any buildings for people to live in, besides the one and only metal house. It seemed to be where Earth Monster and the other Ghost Eclipsers had stayed.

The slaves likely slept around the mountains of stacked metals, just like rats that lived in the dump. It was a heartbreaking sight.

Zi Yi made a huge bubble and Sia lifted the body parts using his superpower so that Zi Yi could wrap them up.

They put in great effort, enduring the unbearable disgust as they exerted their strength of will to wrap up that thing. Zi Yi vacuumed the air out from the bubble, sealing in the worms. Then, he attached it to the bottom of Ice Dragon. Now Ice Dragon had a black bulging stomach as though he was pregnant. 

Once we arrived at the center of the radiation zone, Zi Yi’s superpower would be nullified by the radiation. The bubble would burst and the bunch of worms would fall into the center of the radiation zone.

I waved at everyone outside. He Lei stood in the control room of the spacecraft that had yet to be completed while Ghostie leaned on the other side with one foot crossed over the other. Ah Zong sat next to He Lei and waved at me with a smile.

The sight of them warmed my heart. With them around, I no longer felt the loneliness of fighting alone. The war had become meaningful to me too.

I drove the spaceship to the nearest center of the radiation zone alone. The place used to be the Metal City, West Port. It was said that Silver Moon City had made their outer shell there back then. There were many rare space metals left in it.

“Master, Lieutenant Ghostie requests to connect.”

“Connect.” My heart raced a little. Why did he look for me as soon as I left? Is he as clingy as Raffles now?

I blushed. Ghostie appeared on the screen in front of us.

“What’s the matter?” I tried to steady my heartbeat as I asked. I was even hoping that he could say something mushy, like how Raffles would say that he missed me.

“Didn’t you tell us to take over the tenth zone?” He spoke of official matters instead.

“Uh-huh.” It’s okay. He has an ego. He definitely can’t say it out loud.

He became awkward, seeming like he wanted to say something but didn’t.

My heart raced again. Is he going to say it?

No, that’s impossible. He is Ghostie now. Ghostie never clings to me. He would often avoid me too. That is also what makes me sad.

Ghostie looked at me and blinked his big fish eyes. “We have a problem.” Then, he moved to the side, revealing a gloomy room behind him. It looked like a bedroom, since it had a bed. On the bed sat a pregnant lady.

He Lei stood next to the pregnant lady awkwardly and looked in my direction.

The pregnant lady looked like a young girl. She hung her head low, her long messy hair hiding her face. She looked extremely quiet; all she wore was a simple black long shirt. Clenching her shirt at her knees, she slowly stood up. He Lei became anxious. He didn’t know if he should help her or not.

Suddenly, the pregnant lady ran to the window. She lifted her leg and wanted to jump out the window! 

“Stop her!” I immediately shouted.

In an instant, He Lei appeared before the pregnant lady. The pregnant lady was already leaning forward then and ended up knocking into He Lei’s chest, falling backward. He Lei quickly caught her but he didn’t know where he should place his hands. In the end, he only held her arms.

“Let me die! Let me die! Just let me die!” The pregnant lady wailed in tears and knelt before He Lei. Her stomach was huge and she looked like she was about to give birth.

He Lei pulled her up awkwardly. He panicked and didn’t know what to do. He gazed at me anxiously. “When are you coming back?!”

It was my first time seeing two of my lieutenants helpless. I suddenly wanted to watch them a little longer.

“You saw it. We are not good at… ugh… How do we deal with this?” Ghostie turned back with his brows tightly knitted. “She is Earth Monster’s wife. She is pregnant with Earth Monster’s child.”


I felt numb all over. My mind instinctively produced the image of a worm egg sack.

Ghostie moved closer to the screen with a disgusted expression. He muttered softly, “It might be a stomach full of larvae.”

“Stop!” I lowered my voice and furrowed my brows. “We can’t let her die. She must have been forced, that’s why she wants to die. I can understand her feeling of wanting to die. But if she is a pregnant lady, you definitely have to protect her! You can’t let her commit suicide! If we didn’t protect her and she jumps off the building, how would the people in the tenth zone view us? We would become the merciless Ghost Eclipsers in their eyes too!”

“What should we do then?” Ghostie looked at me helplessly.

“Where’s Ah Zong?” I met his gaze.

“He’s comforting the people in the tenth zone. Yeah!” Ghostie smiled as though he’d found his life savior. “Ah Zong can do it!”

I nodded. “Tell Ah Zong to look after her for now. We will talk when I return.”

“Alright, we will wait for you to come back.” He smiled and fixed his gaze upon me. His eyes flickered and he looked away bashfully. “Hurry up!” He then turned away and cut off our connection.

I smiled. He definitely misses me. I’m sure!

Earth Monster’s wife…

We would definitely run into a similar situation again in the future.

Over the decades, the Ghost Eclipsers in the western hemisphere had settled down. Many of them had married and had children. Some had been forced and some had done it of their own free will. For instance, Vanish and the others had their families too. 

In the upcoming war, how should we settle the Ghost Eclipsers’ families?

Looking at Earth Monster’s wife, my victorious feeling became complicated. Earth Monster had probably safeguarded the tenth zone because he was protecting his wife and his child.

But would he?

Would a Ghost Eclipser who was loyal to a demonic lady do that?

There were countless question marks in my head. It was hard to believe that the merciless Ghost Eclipsers would still protect their wives and their children.

On top of that, I wasn’t even sure if the girl had become his wife on her own free will. Judging from the situation, she obviously hadn’t. What had the girl gone through?

I simply couldn’t imagine it; I only felt that Earth Monster was guilty beyond forgiveness. How could I even think that he would protect his child?

Suddenly, a futuristic silver building appeared at the end of the horizon. After seeing so many old historical sites, I was astonished at how well-maintained the fully intact historical site was.

The silver building reflected a metallic luster under the sunlight. The stack-like design of the tower looked futuristic. It almost made me believe that I had arrived on a foreign planet that had once been advanced in technology. 


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