Book 6: Chapter 67 - Done And Wrap Up

Ah Zong shook his head lazily. “So we are done?”

“That’s disgusting!” Lucifer rubbed his belly. “Sister Luo Bing, I don’t feel too good again.” Lucifer left quickly too.

I’d mistreated them.

I’d never thought there would be a metahuman with such a disgusting superpower either!

If there was a God, I hoped that the upcoming metahumans we had to fight against would be in human form.

Ah Zong and I quickly descended our respective spaceships and entered the tenth zone.

Behind us were Fat-Two, Marcus and the rest who were watching the war. All of them had their faces turned away, unable to bear another glance at the screen.

“This is the most disgusting war I have ever been in,” Fat-Two concluded. “This is even more disgusting than the other metahuman who shitted a lot. I hope there isn’t any metahuman like this anymore in the future.”

It seemed that everyone shared the same prayer.

“It’s hard to say,” Uncle Mason said with his eyebrows tightly knitted. “There are many shapeshifting metahumans. I wonder what kind of worms we would come across next time."

I felt numb all over. Besides worms, the second place in disgust factor could be awarded to spiders. I wouldn’t want to come across any spider monster.

“Then, I hope it is some sort of insect instead of this low-class worm,” Ernie sighed. “Like a butterfly. At least it is beautiful.”

“Butterflies come from caterpillars,” Zi Yi shot Ernie down without reserve. “This is war. You don’t get to choose.”

“Exactly. Do you think this is a beauty competition? You can even pick your enemy?!” Marcus made fun of Ernie.

Our spaceships met again in the sky above the tenth zone. I ordered, “Fat-Two, Uncle Mason, go down and clean up.” 

“No!” They answered simultaneously without hesitation!

There was an awkward silence.

I held my forehead. Just how many generals of mine have to surrender to this worm?

Ghostie had been the first to say he wanted to call it quits.

Now, no one was willing to clean up.

In actual fact, that included myself. I had merely abused my authority as the main general to order others to do things that I didn’t want to do.

Why not…

Let’s abandon the tenth zone?

It’s so disgusting. I don’t want it.

No wonder the tenth zone was such a small livable zone. It wasn’t even suitable for living. At first, I had thought it was being used as a munitions factory because it was too small and wasn’t suitable for humans to live in.

Now it seemed that it was actually because the chief was too disgusting. Judging from Margaery’s aesthetic values, Margaery definitely wouldn’t keep him if it hadn’t been because he was useful. 

That thing had so many subs. He would definitely be useful when it came to building a huge spacecraft. Just one of his subs had been enough to crush Ghostie’s spaceship into a ball of steel. Moving machinery was simply a piece of cake.

I suddenly understood that the thing had served as a huge crane in the tenth zone.

I glanced at the half-built spacecraft. I still found it a waste to give it up. It looked great and in good shape.

So, we couldn’t abandon the tenth zone.

But I really couldn’t keep the remnants of this thing. I could only apologise to Raffles and Haggs.

“The enemy’s fighter plane has been taken care of,” He Lei appeared again.

At least, there was one person fighting the war. He Lei’s glum face appeared before us. “Asking for the next command.”

“Alright! Clear the war zone!” Uncle Mason immediately responded with a smile.

I shot him a sideways look. His smile was especially fake. “Xiao Lei, you are so powerful! You are simply invincible when you paired up with Xiao Ye! We shall let you clear up the war zone!” Uncle Mason turned his bootlicking skills all the way up, even giving him a thumbs-up.

“That’s right! You are awesome! Hurry up and clear the war zone! We already took care of the worm. We shall let you take care of the rest. It should be as easy as ABC to you!”

Now it was Fat-Two’s turn to get a sharp look from me. His expression was even more exaggerated.

“Alright. I will clear the war zone,” He Lei replied straightforwardly. He had also volunteered to kill the enemy earlier.

He swiftly flew to the tenth zone in his flying vehicle. “Requesting for scouting robots for back up. Find out the enemy’s location.”

“No problem!” Ghostie appeared again. He came back to work together with He Lei. “I am sending the scouting robots into the city now!”

Now, all the scouting robots charged into the tenth zone, leaving the enemy nowhere to hide.

I glared at everyone coldly and they all kept quiet.

Sigh. How could you bully an honest man?” Ah Zong looked at everyone.

In the end, everyone turned resentful eyes on Ah Zong. “You go then.”

Ah Zong slowly supported his head with one hand and tucked his pink hair behind his ear. “Mm… My charm… is useless before worms…”

Everyone sniggered, while Zi Yi glumly glared at them, as though he would kill anyone who laughed at Ah Zong if he had a chance to.

“This is the reason you told me to come and clear the war zone?!” Suddenly, He Lei’s unusually green face appeared on the screen. It seemed that he’d finally realized why. He gave everyone his middle finger through the screen.

Poof! Hahaha!” Everyone couldn’t hold back and burst out in laughter.

He Lei’s face was still green.

I glanced at him. “Take care of the rest of the Ghost Eclipsers. I will take care of that pile at the city gate.”

He Lei was stunned. He immediately looked away and gritted through his teeth, “I’ll take care of it. I will also check if there are other remaining heads.”

That was the reason why everyone wasn’t willing to clear the war zone.

If it was only to kill the remaining enemy, no one here would back off.

But we also had to check if there were any remaining suspicious body parts of Earth Monster in the pile of worms. Our experience so far told us that some metahumans might not die even when their heads were chopped off, especially shape-shifting metahumans. They might even mislead us by using a fake head.

“There’s no need to. I’ll get Zi Yi to wrap all of them up and throw them to the center of the radiation zone.”

“Phew…” He Lei let out a breath of relief on the screen. “I am going to clear the war zone.” Then, he vanished.

I glanced at Zi Yi. “Sorry to trouble you.”

Zi Yi’s face instantly grew grave.

“Zi Yi…” Ah Zong looked at him smilingly. ZI Yi furrowed his eyebrows and gritted through his teeth, “Alright!” He was willing to put up with anything if it was for Ah Zong’s sake.

After He Lei cleared the war zone, my spaceship hovered in the air above the tenth zone, which was filled with the sweetness of onion.

Pelos had already stopped the rainfall to prevent the onion juice from diluting too much. Our goal was to soak the soil with onion juice.

Zi Yi stood on the spaceship's wing as he wrapped up the pile of black things. Pelos then extracted some of the onion juice from the soil to soak that pile of things in it.

According to the scan of the scouting robots, it had no signs of life, including his subs in the soil. Raffles would definitely find it a waste again.

But I was not interested in the subs at all!

The soft, huge snakes were dragged out from the soil as we pulled their host away. It was an indescribably disgusting sight.

The pitiful Zi Yi could only clench his teeth and endure the disgusting feeling.

In order to increase the speed and lessen Zi Yi’s burden, we assigned Sia to assist.

Sia looked calmer. When I took a closer look, it turned out that he had blind-folded himself!

The people in the tenth zone popped their heads out from the huge spacecraft that had yet to be completed to watch us, evidently anxious and fearful. Looking down from above, they looked like worker ants cautiously peeping out at an unknown threat.


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