Book 6: Chapter 66 - Thank You, My Dear Lucifer

He Lei had improved a lot over the years. He had trained up through countless wars!

He was much faster, much more decisive, and much more tactical compared to before. No wonder he was famous among the Ghost Kings.

“Hey, cough.” Zi Yi coughed drily. “Lucifer is done throwing up. Mm!” Zi Yi had been tormented too. His usual cool appearance completely shattered as he began to retch like a pregnant lady with his helmet on.

Although he couldn’t smell anything, he still had to watch Lucifer producing his cud and wrap it up.

I turned to look at him. Zi Yi was pale as he supported himself against the cabin door. He had never called my name nor addressed me as King. He either referred to me as ‘hey’ or he would just talk to me directly.

I got up and returned to the cabin with Zi Yi.

A few huge bubbles were floating in the air, filled with a light yellow paste. The color wasn’t as disgusting as I had expected; it looked more like a milkshake.

Lucifer sat under the bubbles, panting. He’d returned to his young man form, seemingly exhausted. He looked like he was about to starve to death, even though I’d let him eat for so long earlier.

Walking forward, I spotted another onion by the side. I picked it up and placed it before him. His eyes immediately opened wide and he turned away to throw up, “Retch! Take it away! Take it away! I never want to eat onion ever again!”

“You are ridiculous! Humph!” Zi Yi said grumpily behind me. “He is only a child! Don’t you feel bad for tormenting him?!”

I turned and placed the onion before him. “You eat it then.”

Zi Yi immediately turned his back to me. “My duty is only to protect you. Everything else has nothing to do with me.”

I chuckled and threw the onion to the side. I helped Lucifer up. “Sister Luo Bing, don’t give me any mission like this in the future anymore…” he said softly in a helpless tone. “I never ever want to eat onion ever again.” His voice was hoarse, as though he was going to cry. 

I looked down and kissed his head gently from behind the helmet. Stunned, he touched the spot where I’d kissed. I touched his face gently and praised him, “Thank you for your hard work. You performed an extraordinary deed!”

He broke into a smile. Suddenly, he held his stomach. “I don’t feel so good.”

“Hurry up and rest up in the medic cabin. Sister Luo Bing didn’t take good care of you. I’m sorry, Second Sis.” I hugged him apologetically and rested my chin on his fluffy hair. “There won’t be a next time. When we return to Queen Town, I shall make you delicious food to make it up to you.”

Mm!” He stood up happily with his hand over his stomach, looking at me with his beautiful silver eyes shimmering like stars in the clear night sky. “Sister Luo Bing, can you kiss me again when you take off your helmet? I like you kissing me. Mom said that you liked to kiss me when I was young.”

Zi Yi’s body stiffened at the door and he looked away awkwardly.

I touched his hair and replied, “Sure. I’ll kiss you until you are a grown-up."

Zi Yi rubbed his arms stiffly.

Lucifer pouted when he heard my reply, hanging his head in disappointment.

“What?” I looked at him confusedly. “Why are you upset all of a sudden?”

“Because I grow up very quickly. I don’t want to grow anymore,” he said and walked out of the empty cabin with his head hung low.

Yeah. Lucifer grows up very quickly. He’ll be turning into an adult very soon.

I glanced at the floating bubbles and said, “Inform Sia. Prepare to send the goods.”


Our spaceship parted with He Lei’s. Ghostie was flying He Lei’s spaceship.

The huge bubbles that held Lucifer’s onion juice cud surrounded us.

Zi Yi was in Ghostie’s spaceship and they were going to the east. Our spaceship was headed the west with Sia. We began to move towards the tenth zone.

“Pelos, call for rain clouds,” I commanded as I looked in front of us calmly.


Then, the sea of clouds below us began to churn and turned dark.

“He Lei, there is an enemy’s fighter plane. Take care of it for us! Don’t let it come near us.”

“Got it!” He Lei immediately charged at the fighter plane!

“Report, Ice Fire King. The rain clouds are ready in the sky above the tenth zone!” Pelos reported on the screen.

On the video feeds transmitted by the scouting robots, the rain began to pour down over the tenth zone. People on the ground ran to hide from the rain. There were a lot of people. Judging from their looks, they should be the slaves.

As we moved nearer to the tenth zone, we realized that the tenth zone was actually really small. There was a huge spacecraft right in the middle of the city. It made the tenth zone look like an expanded munitions factory.

The spacecraft was huge. A part of it was still merely a frame. It crouched under the dark sky like a sleeping dragon.

The worms outside the tenth zone had yet to disappear. They plunged out from the soil and charged into the rainclouds. This metahuman obviously knew that the rain was unusual and that metahumans normally hid among the rainclouds.

Huge black snakes wriggled into the dark clouds. They looked like tornadoes that connected the sky and the earth. The entire screen looked like another apocalypse.

“The bubbles in the east are ready!”

“The bubbles in the west are ready!”

The huge bubbles began to dip into the rainclouds. The liquid inside was whooshing above.

Eyes on the black tentacles, I commanded, “Release!”


Zi Yi and Sia ceased their superpowers’ hold, dropping the bubbles into the rainclouds. In the dark sky, huge bubbles were falling down one after another. It looked like a sea had suddenly descended from the sky.

Once the huge bubbles emerged from the dark rain clouds, the tentacles immediately attacked and burst each and every one of them. The onion juice filled with antibacterial agents burst in the air, flowing down along the huge tentacles and merging into the raindrops. It immersed into every inch of the soil along with the rain, submerging the holes on the ground.

“Suspect detected. It may be the host body of Earth Monster.” A scouting robot had seized the chance to enter the tenth zone among the chaos. It had found a pile of black slithering objects at the city gate. That mound was extremely disgusting and beneath it seemed to be someone wrapped up by countless earthworms. A round object that looked like a head slid in and out of sight.

Rainwater poured onto that pile of objects and the worms around his body began to fall off. The head became more visible too.

He opened his mouth to breathe with great difficulty, gasping for air.

The rainwater poured into his wide open mouth and his head began to bulge as though something was churning under his skin.

Suddenly, *bang!* His head exploded!

Then, countless small black earthworms slithered out from the exploded head and slid away in a fluster, only to slowly die under the assault of the rain.

“Retch!” Lucifer and Ghostie threw up again. 

Ghostie glanced at me with his pale face. “Let- let Ah Zong replace me.” He left his seat, leaving only Ah Zong on the screen.


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