Book 6: Chapter 65 - Eat And Throw Up

I turned to Lucifer. “Lucifer, I want you to finish these as fast as possible. How fast can you eat?”

Lucifer grinned at me with his baby face and said smugly, “I can finish them very quickly.” So saying, his body swiftly grew bigger, almost filling up the cabin. 

He pounced forward at the mountain of onions like a fish diving into the sea. In mere seconds, I felt like the number of onions had significantly decreased. In his larger form, Lucifer was as fast as a giant gobbling down melons.

“What are you trying to do?” Zi Yi stood at the door and asked.

“I need you to make an air bomb, the kind that you can wrap water in. How many can you make?” I looked up at Zi Yi.

Zi Yi’s purple eyes flickered for only a moment before he answered determinedly, “However many you want.”

“That’s great. After this, I need you to send air bombs to the sky above the tenth zone,” I pointed in two different directions.

“That might be difficult.” Zi Yi knitted his brows. “I can only control them to move them in one direction.”

“It’s okay. We have Sia. Sia’s superpower is to control gravity, he can control the ones in the other direction.”

Zi Yi nodded. “Then, there’s no problem.”

Burp.” Suddenly, a loud burp was heard from the mountain of onions. Lucifer was already lying on a pile of onions with a happy smile across his face, satisfiedly rubbing his belly. 

“Are you done, Lucifer?” I asked. Luckily, we were wearing a gas mask. Otherwise, we would definitely have been suffocated to death.

Lucifer nodded, too full to get up.

“Then, vomit them out and eat more.”

“Huh?!” Lucifer suddenly sat up and stared at me blankly. His belly was so round he looked pregnant.

Zi Yi stared at me in surprise too.

“After going through initial digestion, the onions’ antibacterial agent would be adequately extracted.” Not only could a flying corpse eat a lot, their digestion system was also powerful. Their first stomach was like a grinder. It could break down and process whatever they ate very quickly, which helped them to store more food.

To put it in other words, cut fruits definitely take up more space than squeezed orange juice. Hence, the onions in Lucifer’s stomach had definitely become a distilled paste.

That was why we had been shocked that the worm that Lucifer had eaten had actually survived and remained intact. It meant that the worm’s body must have been soft and tenacious like a piece of gum or balloon that could be rubbed and squeezed as one wished. 

I glanced at Zi Yi. “You can make an air bomb now.”

Zi Yi came back to reality. “So, you actually want to pack Lucifer’s cud?” 

“Yes.” I turned around. “Please help to pack them.” I couldn’t look at it. If I were to see Lucifer throw up, I would definitely throw up too.

Zi Yi opened his eyes wide and stared at me with his faintly green face.

Knitting his brows, he raised his hands as he gritted through his teeth, “Lucifer, you can throw up now.” Zi Yi’s voice sounded extremely distressed, full of raging intent to kill Lucifer. 

Not long after Zi Yi spoke, there was a loud retching noise.

“Ice Dragon, play some music.” Lively music at once resounded in the spaceship, muffling the sound of Lucifer’s puking.

“Lucifer, have more after you are done throwing up."

“Sister Luo Bing, you are bullying me,” Lucifer protested resentfully. 

Suddenly, the spaceship shook.

“What’s going on, Ice Dragon?” I immediately returned to the cockpit.

On the screen were Ghostie and He Lei.

“Luo Bing, our enemy sent a spaceship to investigate. We are preparing to avoid them,” He Lei answered as our spaceship began to turn around at full speed.

The videos transmitted from our scouting robots were playing on the screen. As expected, two spaceships had flown out from the tenth zone, parting ways in the air to search for our locations.

Our enemy couldn’t wait any more.

It was great that our enemy was in a hurry. We should drag it out longer and make them lose patience. Someone in a hurry would naturally make more mistakes.

Plus, them sending their men out was a bonus for us. Scattering their manpower opened up more angles for us to attack.

“I request to go to war. It is a great opportunity to attack.” He Lei fixed his burning gaze on me.

“Alright. We shall let them know how amazing we are and make them not dare to leave their livable zone!” I smirked.

Mm!” He Lei instantly disappeared from his seat. He obviously couldn’t wait either.

Then, Ah Zong took over He Lei’s seat. “Xiao Ye, follow Lieutenant He Lei.”


Ghostie laughed. “He Lei’s hot temperament is as fast as his speed. How are things on your side?” Ghostie stretched his neck to try to catch a glimpse of what was going on behind me. 

“Do you want to see? Ice Dragon, plug in Lucifer’s side."

“Are you sure?” Ice Dragon asked smilingly.

“Yes. Lieutenant Ghostie wants to see.”

Retch.” Ghostie immediately stiffened at the retching noise. He quickly covered the screen before him. “That’s enough, that’s enough. You should know how much I already feel like throwing up today.”

Mm. Why didn’t I know that water ghosts are hermaphrodites?” Ah Zong seized the chance to make fun of Ghostie.  

“Get lost!” Ghostie rolled his eyes at Ah Zong, blowing a bunch of bubbles in his helmet.

Ah Zong smiled sweetly at him. “The seat you sat on belongs to Harry.”

Ghostie’s gaze flickered and turned away. “Oh. I’ll try not to break anything…”

On the screen, a flying vehicle flew out from under our spaceship. It was He Lei.

Then, a space gap suddenly opened up in mid-air. It was Xiao Ye! Turned out that Xiao Ye’s superpower could be used like that too!

He Lei’s spaceship entered the gap and the gap instantly vanished.

“Drag it out a little longer. We are almost ready. Tell Sia and Pelos to get ready."

“Okay,” Ghostie glanced at the other screen and commanded, “Sia, Pelos, come to the cockpit and be prepared.”

The screen switched to show the meeting room, where everyone was on standby.

Pelos and Sia stood up and replied, “Yes!”

The screen in the spaceship showed He Lei’s image too. He and Xiao Ye appeared behind the enemy’s fighter plane and instantly launched an attack. The enemy’s spaceship also quickly activated their protective wall.

A metahuman came out and was about to wave his hand at He Lei’s flying vehicle, when the space behind him suddenly cracked open. Before he could see the person’s face, his head had already rolled off his neck and He Lei appeared in the air.

The entire process was clean and fast. It was a swift battle.

Suddenly, another metahuman came out from the cabin to attack He Lei. But He Lei had already vanished into thin air. In the blink of an eye, the other metahuman had died before He Lei too.

Our enemy’s fighter plane began to fall. He Lei jumped away from the falling fighter plane. His swift figure flew in the air, as handsome as a storm petrel. A gap opened in front of him again. He did a beautiful backflip in the air and dived into the gap, disappearing in mid-air once again.


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