Book 6: Chapter 64 - Prepare For War

“Lil Bing!”

“Yes! Yes!” I answered at Uncle Mason’s roar. Even as I felt relieved, I still watched Uncle Mason’s eyes worriedly.

Because Harry had become a water ghost. How could he and Sis Ceci accept it?

Uncle Mason slowly removed his hands from my shoulders. I felt a heavy weight on my heart. How could I comfort Uncle Mason?

“That’s great… That’s great…” Uncle Mason finally said.

I watched Uncle Mason anxiously but he smiled as he teared up. “It’s great that it’s him. The silly child is still alive. He is still alive…” Uncle Mason shed tears of joy. “It’s great that he’s still alive… I knew that our Harry is a blessed child…” He broke down and cried, “He wouldn’t die so easily…”

“I’m sorry…” Watching Uncle Mason cry like a child, I didn’t know what to say or how to face him.

“You don’t have to apologize, you don’t have to…” Uncle Mason looked at me with a tender smile. He reached out and held my shoulders. “My child, you brought us the best news. Really the best news…"

I couldn’t fight back my tears too. “Please give me and Raffles some time…” I choked with sobs. “We will definitely figure out a way to bring Harry back…”

“Alright… Alright…” Uncle Mason wiped his tears away,.“As long as he’s alive…”

*Swoosh!* Suddenly, the door opened. I turned to look at the door, where He Lei was standing, stupefied. He looked away awkwardly, his eyebrows faintly knitted.

Uncle Mason immediately turned and wiped his tears. Quickly I turned away to secretly wipe my tears too. “What’s the matter?”

“Ghostie and his troop returned,” He Lei reported while averting his eyes to the side.


I glanced at Uncle Mason, who waved at me. “Let me be alone for a while.”

“Uncle Mason, I hope that you know that it isn’t time yet…”

“I understand,” Uncle Mason cut me off with a smile. “I understand…” He sighed, leaning back into Harry’s seat as he looked in front of him. “Go ahead… I understand…”

As I got up, I gripped his shoulder. He closed his eyes, tears flowing down from the corners of his eyes and past his lifted lips; he patted my hand, wanting to let me leave without worries.

Uncle Mason was like my father. How could I feel fine when I saw him cry?

I left the cockpit with He Lei. He glanced at me worriedly. “Are you okay?”

I shook my head.

We walked down the tunnel in silence. He watched me for a while before he finally asked with concern, “What happened?”

I didn’t reply, only continuing to walk forward.

“You don’t have to answer if it’s not convenient to share…” He felt awkward.

“We talked about Harry.”

He Lei became silent at my answer. He too missed Harry, who had been his comrade and his friend.

Both of us kept quiet as we arrived at the cabin that was connected to the other spaceship. Lucifer and the others ran over.

Once the cabin door opened, a pungent onion scent billowed out. Everyone immediately held their nose.

Cough…” Fat-Two, Pelos and the others coughed explosively, as though they were facing a strong fire.

Only Ghostie smiled smugly at the others because he had a helmet on and couldn’t smell a thing.

“The smell is so strong!” I fanned the air before me.

Fat-Two, Pelos and the others ran over to our cabin as though they were running for their lives.

Ghostie suddenly took out an onion that was almost the size of a watermelon. “The size is huge. Of course, the smell is strong.”

“Wow!” Lucifer charged forward and grabbed the onion from Ghostie’s hand.

“Boss, hurry up and get rid of the onions. Otherwise, the smell will get into your spaceship too.” Pelos was tearing up and his nose was running.

It was starting to hurt my eyes too.

Thinking quickly, I looked at Zi Yi who’d followed Ah Zong over. He was holding his nose when I told him, “Zi Yi, please wrap up the air here.”

Ah Zong was especially sensitive to smell. Hence, he was holding his nose with his eyebrows tightly knitted. The pungent onion smell evidently made him very uncomfortable.

Seeing Ah Zong’s reaction, Zi Yi immediately held both his palms up before him. At once the air before us wavered, and an unnoticeably thin wall sealed up the exit of the tunnel, simultaneously cutting off the terrifying source of air pollution. Fast and efficient, just like how he’d scooped me out of the water and brought me straight to Ah Zong’s room back then.

“I brought you the goods. What are you going to do next?” Ghostie leaned on the air wall with his arms crossed. He smiled as if he was anticipating something fun to happen.

Everyone turned to me simultaneously. All of them looked excited for the upcoming war. 

I looked at everyone evenly and commanded, “Everyone, prepare for war!”


“Lucifer, head to Ghostie’s spaceship to eat the onion!”

“Yes!” Lucifer was drooling by now.

“Zi Yi, put on a helmet and follow me.”

Zi Yi glanced at Ah Zong and Ah Zong smiled at him. Zi Yi casually picked up a helmet by the side and put it on. I put on a helmet too. The onions could do more than killing worms. Just the smell alone could even kill humans!

“He Lei, Ghostie, Ah Zong, continue to watch the tenth zone’s movement. Act according to changing circumstances.”

“Understood!” Ghostie gave me a thumbs-up.

He Lei nodded at me solemnly.

Ah Zong looked away and fanned the air before him. The remaining onion smell in the air still hurt him. He quickly put on a helmet too before he finally managed to breathe. Then, he flashed a charming smile at me. His face was red from holding his breath earlier.

Lucifer, Zi Yi and I walked into the tunnel under the others’ curious eyes.

“Fat-Two, go to the cockpit. Don’t stand here and watch!” He Lei furrowed his brows and glared at Fat-Two in disdain because he saw through Fat-Two’s thoughts.

“Oh.” Yet Fat-Two still turned back every few steps as he followed behind He Lei. His expression obviously showed his hunger and desire to eat.

“Fat-Two, tell Lucifer to keep some for you,” Ah Zong said smilingly to Fat-Two. Everyone could tell what Fat-Two was thinking about.

Fat-Two chuckled naively, “Sure!”

“But then again, how will you meet Xiao Ying when you return?” Ah Zong winked at Fat-Two, breathing easily in his helmet.

Fat-Two’s expression stiffened.

“We will return once everything ends here. It wouldn’t take too long,” Ghostie told Fat-Two confidently. “I also heard that it is useless to brush teeth when it comes to onion smell.” Ghostie grinned maliciously at Fat-Two.

Fat-Two turned back and left determinedly. Everyone burst out in laughter.

Zi Yi raised his hands and the air wall opened slightly. Lucifer was the first to charge in. As a flying corpse, he should have been sensitive to smell. However, most likely because he saw the onion as food, he didn’t find the smell repulsive at all.

I quickly entered with Zi Yi, informing Uncle Mason that Ghostie was back as I went.

Coming to the spaceship’s hold, I opened the door. Mountains of onions filled the space.

Lucifer’s eyes opened wide at the sight, his mouth dropping open in excitement. Lucifer was a greedy glutton. His ravenous appetite and Fat-Two’s yearning look just now made me wonder just how delicious the onions could be.


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