Book 6: Chapter 63 - Dare Not Answer

My face darkened.

I am the general. How can I hide behind all of them like a turtle in its shell?

Plus, I, Luo Bing, have never hidden behind a man. That’s not my style!

“Lil Bing,” Uncle Mason suddenly called and I looked at him. His expression was unusually solemn. “You should know that it is unnecessary for the general to go to war personally. A general’s responsibility is to allocate the troop appropriately and bring them home safely.”

Stunned, I calmed down. I was acting on impulse earlier. Fortunately, Uncle Mason had advised me in time. Uncle Mason was right. I was the general and a captain. It was not necessary for me to go to war personally. My duty was to lead my team to return with victory. I’d wasted time on an insignificant issue.

Re-adjusting my mindset, I looked around at everyone. “Alright. We shall wait for Ghostie to return from the sixth zone. Then, Xiao Ye and Ghostie will move in one team while Sia and Uncle Mason will take another team, and eliminate the rest of the underlings.”


“What about me? What about me?” Lucifer hopped about excitedly. He was looking forward to another battle.

I looked at him solemnly. “Lucifer, you have an even more important mission.”

“What?!” He seemed to be glowing with excitement.

“To eat onions.”

“Huh?!” Lucifer stood aside in shock. He was completely dumbfounded.

Everyone was confused and they stared at me simultaneously.

“Why do you want Lucifer to eat onions?” Uncle Mason gave me a confused look.

“But, Brother Bing, didn’t you want me to stop eating them…” Lucifer fiddled with his fingers as he spoke, not daring to look straight at me.

I placed my hand on his head and he looked up at me with anticipation. Just looking into his eyes, I could see right through him that he actually wanted to eat them very much.

“This time is an exception. You can eat however much you want!”

Lucifer’s mouth dropped open, revealing a mouthful of white teeth.

“Are you happy?”

“Super-duper happy!” Lucifer was so happy that he was jumping around.

Everyone watched Lucifer with a smile. Even He Lei’s eyes revealed a gentleness that was rarely seen.

“You can finally eat all you want!” Xiao Ye chuckled as he looked at Lucifer.

“If that is a mission, that’s the best mission in the world!” Sia spread his hand and lifted his chin. He looked envious.

“Does everyone want to eat together?” Lucifer invited everyone enthusiastically.

Everyone broke into a smile. They obviously wanted to join in. It seemed that the onions were really delicious.

It was hard to imagine how delicious the mutated onions were. Even tasty fruits were rare in this world.

The meeting room became lively as everyone chatted. The mood had lightened up too.

Uncle Mason moved to my side and whispered into my ears sneakily. “Do you want Lucifer to eat it and….”

I didn’t reply, only maintaining a faint smile.

“Follow me out. I have something to ask you,” Uncle Mason said and left the meeting room.

He Lei kept watch on us from the side. His gaze hadn’t left me at all today. He was being even more vigilant than he was against the enemy, as though he was afraid that I might head out on my own.

Seeing Uncle Mason leave, he seemed confused.

I glanced at He Lei. “He Lei, continue to watch after the tenth zone. I’m leaving for a bit.”

Although He Lei looked suspicious, he didn’t probe further. “Go ahead.” He continued to watch me.

Suddenly, Ah Zong walked past me and he glanced at He Lei smilingly. “You can look at me too.”

He Lei furrowed his eyebrows and looked away. “Humph.

Ah Zong’s pink hair fell on the table, bringing warmth and beauty into the meeting room.

I didn’t know what Uncle Mason wanted to tell me but my sixth sense told me that it should be related to Ghostie. Is it time?

Walking into the cockpit, I saw Uncle Mason sitting on Harry’s seat. He touched the lever and control panel that Harry had once used. “When we rescued you back then, that boy blushed and told me that you are a girl…” Uncle Mason sounded like he was submerged once again in his feelings of loss.

As I sat next to Uncle Mason, he revealed a smile as he took a stroll down the memory lane. “He mumbled guiltily like this…” Uncle Mason turned around and mimicked, “Dad… That… That… is… mm… a girl… Hehe. I asked who is ‘that’? He then pointed at you, who was in a heavy stupor.”

I couldn’t help but chuckle. But my eyes were welling up with tears.

Uncle Mason imitated Harry well but Harry had been even better at imitating Uncle Mason. When we’d been out on a long journey, Harry would always mimic how Uncle Mason was so scared of Sis Ceci. He had definitely been skilled at making fun of his dad.

Uncle Mason scratched his head and shook his head with a smile. “I didn’t respond appropriately then. There are many boys and very few girls in this world. I thought he lost his mind thinking about girls. He thought everyone looked like a girl. I hit him and scolded him. I said that he couldn’t even differentiate girls from boys!”


“Then, he blushed harder. He said that he felt them. That’s why you got angry at him for so long…” Uncle Mason gradually became emotional. “Sigh… That child is silly sometimes… If it was me, I definitely wouldn’t have admitted it. Heh…

The past replayed in my head as Uncle Mason spoke, as though all that had happened only yesterday.

“I knew that you were a girl and you came from Silver Moon City. That’s why I told Harry that you belonged to him since he picked you up. He could make you his wife. He was thrilled with excitement. Heh, it was all my fault that you had a bad impression of him. In the end, he went through a tough time. I never thought the silly boy would fall in love with you at first sight and he’d get so crazy over you… Let me tell you a secret…” Uncle Mason suddenly lowered his voice and said sneakily, “Even I wasn’t as crazy over Harry’s mom back then. I still thought about getting a few more wives sometimes. Hehe…” Uncle Mason chuckled bashfully. It was my first time seeing him so cute. 

He chuckled for a while but his eyes had already turned red. Tears filled his eyes. He wiped them away and looked at me. “Lil Bing, I asked you out here to confirm something with you. Is Ghostie Harry?”

Uncle Mason fixed his gaze on me, his tears flowing out again. He got agitated as I didn’t reply to him right away. He panicked, got anxious and was also afraid of disappointment.

“Child, say something!” Uncle Mason’s voice shook. He shook my shoulders vigorously.

I knew that the answer meant a lot to him but could I be sure? What, what if he isn’t?!

I was so certain that Ghostie was Harry. But I didn’t dare to confirm it in front of Harry’s dad, Uncle Mason. I became hesitant.

Because I was worried that he would be disappointed after he gained hope. If all that waited for him in the end was disappointment, I might as well not give him any hope to begin with.


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