Book 6: Chapter 62 - Work Together

“I never thought this metahuman would be so hard to deal with.” Marcus and the others discussed among themselves.

“Yeah. Its defensive power doesn’t seem strong but its reproduction ability is bothersome.” 

Mm. Everyone, calm down… There must be a way…”

“Sia, why don’t you send it into space?”

Ugh… There are too many of them… There’s a limit to my superpower…” Sia looked helpless.

Sigh. Lieutenant Ghostie and Lieutenant He Lei have no way too. Should we call for backup?”

“Who could’ve thought we’d be trapped by a worm? The previous few Ghost Eclipsers were much more amazing!”

“It really depends on their superpowers. Sometimes, their superpowers seem powerful but it is easy to counter. Some look weak but can still be so vexing to deal with.”

“Plus, we don’t have enough onions. Where do we get so many onions?”

“The sixth zone! It only takes half an hour to go back and forth. We’ve already taken down the sixth zone and there aren’t any opposing Ghost Eclipsers there.”

I immediately looked up at Pelos’ words. “Well said!”

Shocked, Pelos blinked at me.

I smirked. “If there isn’t any metahuman with the ability to fight off our enemy alone, we will work together. We can fight against the Earth Monster together!”

Everyone got excited.

He Lei immediately looked at me. “Have you figured out a countermeasure?!”

Ghostie crossed his arms and smiled. “You always have some weird ideas."

I looked around at everyone and smiled. “Let’s sterilize the tenth zone!”

Everyone became spirited and excited at my burning gaze!

Every metahuman with a unique superpower we came across was a brand new challenge to us. There were too many uncertainties and too much danger, and we might face failure.

However, that also made us even more excited and stimulated our desire to conquer!

I assigned Ghostie, Fat-Two and Pelos’ troop to return to the sixth zone in He Lei’s spaceship to fetch onions. Ghostie and Fat-Two were considered to be strength metahumans. They could complete the mission very quickly. Pelos’ troops would assist on the side to help with the logistics. 

The rest of us kept watch over the tenth zone from the high sky. We realized that the Earth Monster hadn’t responded to any of our miniature scouting robots. His power to detect non-life forms seemed to be weak.

The scouting robots sent us videos of the plain outside the tenth zone. There were holes all over the ground with what looked like black snakes popping out and swaying around. The whole plain was densely dotted in black.

The earthworms differed in thickness, and looked just like a man’s leg hair spread all over the plain. I felt disgusted just looking at it.

“This is why I don’t like leg hair,” I subconsciously blurted out. The sight of thick and dense chest hair, arm hair or leg hair on foreigners in my old world had always put me off.

Fat-Two and Uncle Mason laughed.

“Bing, leg hair is good for warding off mosquitoes in the summer.” Uncle Mason pulled up his trouser leg and revealed his leg hair, which wasn’t exactly that dense either.

Metahumans’ skin had evolved too. In fact, even male metahumans’ skin would usually be smooth and rarely had leg hair. Especially Ah Zong, whose skin was smooth and fair. His skin was even nicer than the female metahumans’.

“The Honeycomb boys have none.” Xiao Ye was smug. “Look.” He pulled up his trouser leg up to reveal his flawlessly smooth legs; his vanity as a Honeycomb boy was evident. “It’s nicer when it’s bare.” 

Zi Yi knitted his brows again. No matter what we discussed, he wasn’t interested. He always looked as though I owed him a lifetime of sentiments because he only cared for Ah Zong yet was forced to protect me.

Mm. Not too shabby.” Ah Zong extended his hand to caress Xiao Ye’s leg, as flirtatious as if he was touching a woman’s leg.

Stunned, Zi Yi looked away.

“Be serious!” He Lei’s voice was glum and he looked unhappy too. Ah Zong smiled at him and bit his lower lip. He Lei furrowed his eyebrows and watched the screen closely. “I didn’t expect that Earth Monster can divide itself into so many parts.” So what if He Lei’s speed was fast? The thing could grow. You cut it into two, it would grow into two worms. If you cut it into three, you would just end up with three worms. It was just like those duplicating parasites.

I clenched my fists. “I really want to burn them down!”

“Didn’t you say that fire is useless against it?” Having ascertained that there were no worms inside him, Lucifer came back and soon started eating again.

Ever since I’d first seen that worm, I had no appetite. I had not eaten for the entire day, besides that half of a grilled corn corb earlier.

“I meant my fire.” I raised my hand and He Lei’s expression stiffened. He quickly pressed my hand down. “Don’t act on impulse! There are many innocent people in there.”

I know. If it wasn’t because of those slaves inside, I would have turned that thing into ashes!

“Besides Earth Monster, we have to deal with the other people too,” Uncle Mason said as he tapped the console. “Ice Dragon, show us the information on the other Ghost Eclipsers.”


The screen started displaying the others’ information. The tenth zone was Margaery’s armory. There wouldn’t be only one chief and two or three underlings. The information showed that there were six other Ghost Eclipsers.

“One of Earth Monster’s underlings is Ork. His superpower is to control the temperature. He could direct high temperatures at his opponent and melt him.”

“Let me take care of him,” He Lei volunteered.

This metahuman wasn’t a speed metahuman. Hence, it would be easy for He Lei.

“The second underling, Hawley Booth. His superpower is to freeze. He can freeze whatever he sees in an instant.”

“These two superpowers… are suitable to make steel/” Uncle Mason seemed to realize something.

Humph,” Ah Zong chuckled lightly. “The old lady is good at using her metahumans. The metahumans in the fourth zone were tasked to make gemstones. The metahuman in the first zone could shatter rocks.”

“There is one who can make plants grow faster in the sixth zone!” Xiao Ye pointed out.

“There is also one who can turn wood pieces into rocks in the first zone,” Zi Yi added glumly.

“That’s right.” Uncle Mason tapped his fist against his palm. “The old lady was good at using her metahumans. The metahumans in every area were allocated there for a specific objective.”  

Yeah. Moto had mentioned it before. The old lady had a certain standard for a metahuman's appearance. If they were not good-looking enough, they wouldn’t be recruited to her troop. But she would keep those who were especially useful. 

That was why there weren’t many metahumans outside of Queen Town. The other ugly ones had been thrown to the other Ghost Kings.

“I’ll take care of this as well!” He Lei said with murderous rage.

He had been raging with anger ever since we’d discussed leg hair earlier.

Humph. Xiao Lei is especially raging with murderous intent today.” Ah Zong’s charming eyes saw through everything. “Xiao Lei, share your problem out loud. It isn’t good to keep it in.”

He Lei glared at him coldly. “Mind your own business!”

“You are taking care of everything. What should I do?” Ah Zong made fun of He Lei.

He Lei’s face grew glum. “You can keep Bing company,” He Lei said and glanced at Ah Zong.

Ah Zong supported his cheek with one hand and looked at him smilingly. “Don’t worry. I won’t let him act recklessly.”

I saw their expressions. They looked like they really didn’t intend to let me head out.


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