Book 6: Chapter 60 - A Scientist’s Composure

Ice Dragon extended a tunnel that connected to He Lei’s spaceship. The next moment, Ice Dragon’s system took over He Lei’s spaceship. We completed the connection and our two spaceships merged into single larger spacecraft. It would serve as our base camp in the air.

“Maintain altitude.” We were at an altitude of eleven thousand meters. Since we had reached this height, there were no longer any disgusting tentacles. I didn’t believe the worm could grow ten thousand meters tall.

We gathered at the rear cabin. The originally spacious rear cabin was instantly crowded with people.

Everyone surrounded the white platform in the middle. It was considered a temporary meeting room. It was also our first official gathering as a full troop.

It was Marcus and Ernie’s first time joining a battle. They looked thrilled, and they constantly whispered to each other softly.

“What the h*ck was that?”

“That was disgusting. It was like a worm. A big, fat one!”

“It was so amazing! It crushed our spaceship in the blink of an eye, as if it were twisting a towel! A worm destroyed one of our spaceships!”

That was right. Because we had been too concerned with the worm, I’d forgotten that we’d just lost a spaceship!

“Yeah, we’re so high in the sky! Why didn’t it freeze? It should be extremely cold outside. How could that thing survive?”

“Are we going to fight this worm or not? It looks kind of difficult to deal with."

“Calm down, the two of you! Be quiet!” Pelos admonished softly. He already had the stern look of a captain. He’d experienced a few battles, and he was much steadier. The battlefield was truly a great place to temper oneself.

The two of them stuck their tongues out and stole a glance at us. The rest of us wore solemn looks.

I looked grimly at Lucifer who had just returned, asking, “Lucifer, tell me honestly, did you eat that thing?!” Lucifer hung his head with guilt as though he’d done something wrong.

I slapped my forehead, barking, “Spit it out!” I would just think of it as Lucifer gathering a sample.

Everyone immediately moved out of the way for Lucifer. It was obvious that everyone was afraid of worms.

“How did it taste?” As Lucifer walked past Pelos and his friends, Marcus chuckled and asked softly.

“Is it sweet?” Ernie joined in the fun too.

Lucifer didn’t dare to speak. He stole a glance at me then smiled at Marcus and Ernie. Judging from his look, the worm had tasted great!

“Quiet!” Pelos barked at his friends again. Marcus and Ernie sniggered.

I pressed a button on the white meeting table, and a sample cabinet appeared in front of Lucifer.

The container could carry out a test and send the data to Raffles directly. Then, Raffles could dissect anything in the sample cabinet remotely via the system connection to investigate it.

Lucifer looked reluctant. He walked before the sample cabinet and opened his mouth. “Retch!

A fragment of a black meat worm immediately came into view! The piece had been torn off roughly, and Lucifer’s teeth marks were on it.

Did he just swallow it?! He didn’t even chew it!

Almost simultaneously, everyone looked away. No one could bear to take another look at a half-eaten worm.

Lucifer looked at it in surprise. “It’s still alive! It’s much bigger than when I ate it!” He suddenly exclaimed.

My face instantly turned pale. It meant that this thing could survive when it left its host. Plus, it would continue to grow. In other words, no matter how many pieces you broke it into, it could continue to live on its own! It was too disgusting!

I simply couldn’t imagine that. I felt numb all over when I thought of the sight of a bunch of wriggling black lines.

The sample cabinet immediately sealed itself up, and the black thing continued to wriggle inside it. Both ends began to grow, and it looked just like a black tapeworm.

I couldn’t take it anymore. I looked away, saying, “Connect to Raffles.”

The others looked no better. Even Uncle Mason, Pelos, and the others who claimed to have eaten worms couldn’t look straight at it. Only Lucifer was watching the worm grow. His expression seemed to imply that he simply felt comforted by the thought of not having to look for food for the rest of his life, because he’d just found food that would constantly grow.

“It’s way more disgusting than whatever we ate back then,” Uncle Mason complained.

Ghostie banged his head into the wall. He looked as if he wanted to commit suicide.

Uncle Mason thought carefully and spoke. “The meat worm I found back then was green. It looked very beautiful and cute.” Uncle Mason’s expression looked as though it were a fond memory!

“If it was cute, why did you give it to-!” Ghostie turned and shouted. But he waved his arm and paused halfway while he pointed at Uncle Mason. He responded the same way Harry had when he couldn’t win an argument over me in the past. “-to your son! You’re his dad! Shouldn’t you have let him keep it as a pet? Even water ghosts don’t eat worms, uncle!”

I reckoned only Ghostie the water ghost wouldn’t eat worms.

“Hahahaha!” Uncle Mason laughed hysterically.

Light suddenly poured down, then Raffles and Haggs materialized on both sides of the sample cabinet.

“Brother Raffles split!” Pelos exclaimed in surprise. Everyone knew of Raffles’ superpower, but they hardly ever saw Raffles split.

Raffles and Haggs stood next to the sample cabinet and watched closely. Now, there were three people observing the worm.

“It’s an earthworm, a mutated earthworm,” Haggs and Raffles made a conclusion without going through much examination. One of them continued to watch the worm, while the other picked up a tablet and began to analyze the data.

The lights in the sample cabinet flickered as they constantly scanned the worm.

“It can regenerate. It is a hermaphroditic creature. It can reproduce too,” Haggs said calmly. He squinted and continued, “Why are there teeth marks? It’s detecting Lucifer’s stomach fluid too.”

“Because he wanted to eat it. I told him to spit it out,” I said weakly. It was tiring to have a younger brother who liked to eat all kinds of strange things.

Haggs looked at Lucifer expressionlessly. “Lucifer, you’re lucky you spit it out. It’s a mutant. It can survive in any environment. Similarly, it can live in your stomach fluid. If you hadn’t spit it out, it would have reproduced continuously and stretched your stomach until it burst.”

Lucifer couldn’t smile anymore when he heard what Haggs said. He grew pale and asked, “Brother Haggs, what did you say?”

“He said that, if you hadn’t spit it out, your stomach would be filled with earthworms. Then, they would crawl out of every hole in your body,” Raffles explained clearly. “For example, your nostrils, mouths, ears, and bottom…”

“Alright!” I cut off Raffles. I knew that he liked to explain in detail, “Don’t say the exact locations out loud. We know…” I didn’t feel so good.


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