Book 6: Chapter 59 - Big Fat Worm

“That thing is very suspicious. I think it’ll be best to let Raffles analyze it,” He Lei suggested with a grimm look. He looked at me and said, “Before we know more about it, we have to be extremely careful. We can’t act on impulse.” His sharp gaze made me feel as if he were staring at me because he was worried that I might act recklessly and get injured. His gaze was unusually cold today.

I nodded and told Lucifer, “Lucifer, bring some samples back.”

“Understood.” Lucifer’s voice had become hoarse after his body shape changed.

He Lei’s and my spaceships continued to fly around Ghostie. I constantly felt as if He Lei were watching me. But when I looked at him, he was flying his spaceship attentively with his gaze fixed ahead. Did I guess wrongly?

He Lei and I circled on opposite ends. We were on high alert against the strange, huge worm.

I really thought the objects were worms that had been magnified countless times. They were thick, black, long, jointed, and had no eyes or brain, yet seemed to have their own thoughts. Plus, they could regenerate after I cut them apart! They looked too much like fat earthworms.

Lucifer flew onto the thing. According to our earlier attack, it should have been easy to attack. There wasn’t any sturdy outer hide; this was just a worm made of meat.

Lucifer stabbed his sharp claws into the huge thing. Just then, it suddenly clenched and crushed Ghostie’s spaceship out of shape!

“Lucifer, stop!” I quickly shouted. Lucifer stopped. The thing didn’t attack Lucifer, but instead continued to crush Ghostie’s spaceship.

He Lei and I looked at Ghostie simultaneously, asking,  “Ghostie! How are you doing?”

As the thing crushed their spaceship, Ghostie’s image flickered and the alarm went off.

“It doesn’t look good.” Uncle Mason creased his eyebrows and looked around. “The exterior of the spaceship is severely damaged. Many circuits are cut off.”

“Abandon ship,” Ghostie said determinedly. He looked at me and said, “We’re going over to yours.”

“Alright. Ice Dragon, prepare to receive Ghostie.” Then, I looked at Lucifer again, saying, “Lucifer, return…” I was stunned at what I saw.

I saw Lucifer drooling as he stood on the big meat worm! He opened his mouth and stared at it blankly. He was going to bite into it.

“Lucifer! Stop!” As I shouted, Ghostie and the others had already left their spaceship via Xiao Ye’s teleport gate.

Although the worm under Lucifer was brainless, it seemed to notice Lucifer’s intention and it clenched its body. In an instant, Ghostie’s spaceship broke into pieces, and the huge worm fell as if it had lost all its strength. Lucifer immediately left its body.

“I really do not want to see that thing for a second time!” Ghostie said in disgust. He and his teammates were in my spaceship now.

“That was too dangerous. I thought we could barely make it out.” Pelos let out a breath of relief. He said with lingering fear, “That thing is so strong. It looks like a worm. How does a worm have such strength?”

“Because the worm is huge!” Uncle Mason joked.

“Brother Ah Zong.” Xiao Ye immediately went next to Ah Zong, and Ah Zong smiled at him. I hadn’t worried about whether they could escape. The time given had been more than enough for Xiao Ye. That was how much I trusted the capability of my troop.

“Is everyone okay?” He Lei looked at everyone behind me through the screen.

Ghostie squatted next to me and watched Lucifer closely. He looked awkward and stiff, saying, “Lucifer eats everything! You’d better talk to him.”

I had been shocked at the earlier scene too.

“He’s a flying corpse.” Ah Zong looked at us with a smile. “Meat worms should be a delicious meal to them.” Ah Zong’s gaze was filled with tender and doting love. He really liked Lucifer.

“We eat worms too,” Pelos suddenly said as though it were perfectly normal. I looked at him in astonishment, while he looked back at us casually. He looked confused as he explained, “There are times when there’s no food. In fact, it’s hard to find a big, fat meat worm, too.”

“That’s true,” Uncle Mason nodded emotionally. Has he eaten worms before?! From what I remembered, no one had the habit of eating worms in Noah City.

Ghostie stared at Uncle Mason, eyes wide. “You’ve done that too? When?!” I thought it was the sort of question Harry would be concerned about.

Uncle Mason smiled mischievously at him. That smile looked exactly the same as Harry’s. “It was when Harry was still young. I found two big meat worms. They were green in color. I had one and it was especially delicious! It was very sweet. But, I was reluctant to eat the other one. Guess who I gave it to?”

Uncle Mason winked at Ghostie. Ghostie opened his fish eyes wider and he turned around. “Retch.

“That’s disgusting! Officer Mason!” Sia immediately clasped his hands together to calm himself down. “Mm… Retch!” Sia dry heaved too. He couldn’t retain his composure.

“Hahahaha…” Uncle Mason burst out in laughter. “My young Harry enjoyed it, because it was difficult to find candy then.”

Retch. Stop it…” Ghostie held my armrest as he threw up, moaning, “My helmet is filthy now.”

Retch!” I could hear dry heaves here and there.


Sia and Xiao Ye’s retching covered up the reason why Ghostie had thrown up.

Uncle Mason smiled and watched Ghostie being sick. He looked delighted.

Fortunately, the helmet Raffles had designed came with a cleansing system. Otherwise, I could imagine how it would feel if Harry were to soak in his own vomit.

I could faintly feel a hint of terror now.

In reality, though, who hadn’t eaten a worm or two before in this world?

Just as Pelos mentioned, it was simply a feast to find a fat meat worm, because meat worms contained rich protein. However, it was really hard to find them because there were very few plants in this world. Most of the time, people would dig for ants or regular earthworms.

Xiao Ye and Ah Zong were Honeycomb boys who had grown up in Blue Shield City with abundant resources. So, just like me, they wouldn’t even have thought about eating worms.

“He Lei, prepare for connection,” I told He Lei. I needed to get away from the fact that Harry and Uncle Mason had eaten worms.

“Alright.” He Lei’s expression remained solemn. “Actually, we’ve had worms before because there was a lack of food…” 

“Stop!” I immediately raised my hand and lowered my head. “Let’s stop right there.”

“Heh…” He Lei chuckled. It was the first time he’d laughed since we met him.

Our spaceships flew in parallel. A deformed robot arm extended from mine and connected smoothly to He Lei’s spaceship in midair.


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