Book 6: Chapter 58 - Towering Monster

In the end, Ah Zong was right. If onions and garlic were beneficial to Lucifer’s health, I had to let him eat them. As Lucifer heard someone speaking for him, he broke into a big grin.

“Master.” Ice Dragon’s image suddenly appeared before me. “I’ve detected a strange movement underground. There is a huge mysterious object moving quickly towards us.”

“What?!” I immediately commanded, “Set off the alarm. Evacuate the ground.”


We were fighting against metahumans. There wasn’t any time for us to investigate and slowly evacuate. This was merely a race against time between metahumans.

In an instant, the alarm went off. Everyone immediately ran to their respective spaceships. Everyone was experienced, and no one stopped to ask why or what had happened.

He Lei and Ghostie ran out of the base camp and saw me from afar. I immediately waved and gestured for them to get onto their spaceships. He Lei immediately disappeared from in front of the tent with Ghostie.

The portable base camp began to pack up automatically, and removed itself from the ground. It rolled away at high speed. The grill grew a pair of legs and quickly retreated too. As it retreated, it folded itself into a box.

In the blink of an eye, the entire base camp had packed itself into a metal box. It clanged as it ran far away.

“It came so quickly.” Ah Zong stood up in surprise. He squinted in the direction of the tenth zone. “Mm… It must be because that thing hid underground. That’s why I didn’t smell danger…”

We’d set up a camp far away from them. We could barely see the tenth zone, but they’d still noticed us.

“Retreat!” I told Ah Zong. I hadn’t even eaten, but I left with corn in my mouth.

Zi Yi immediately jumped up. Ah Zong beckoned Zi Yi over with his gaze, and Zi Yi immediately carried me and took off. His face was still gloomy because he wanted to be with Ah Zong more.

Lucifer spread his wings and lifted Ah Zong into the air.

The spaceships took off one after another. Zi Yi landed in Ice Dragon, which had already taken off. Lucifer flew in with Ah Zong. Everyone had gone to the spaceship nearest to them.

Zi Yi sat in the co-pilot seat, but he was stunned when the spaceship didn’t respond as he prepared to pilot it.

“That seat belongs to Harry,” I said to him, and he looked at me apologetically. He knew that I’d lost Harry. Ah Zong stood behind him and looked down sorrowfully.

“Only Harry and I can fly Ice Dragon,” I said faintly. “Everyone, sit tight.”

Ice Dragon immediately departed at full speed the moment I finished my sentence. Ah Zong sat behind us, while Lucifer quickly took a seat and put on his seatbelt.

Just then, lumps rose out of the flat ground, looking like healed scars on someone’s face. The surface also resembled a huge tongue traveling underground at a high speed. This ‘earth monster’ was truly strange.

Suddenly... “Pak! Pak! Pak!” There were three pops, and three thick black tentacles burst through the ground. They scattered soil in all directions and quickly charged at our spaceships!

They were terrifyingly fast, and caught up with our spaceship very quickly. We immediately sped up and ascended, but the black tentacles pursued us closely! Just how long were they?!

They continued to chase behind us until we’d pierced through the clouds. The three huge tentacles plunged upward and swayed amid the sea of clouds.

Suddenly, Ghostie’s spaceship was entangled. I saw a black slimy object wrapping around his spaceship. It didn’t look like a tentacle, though. Its skin looked shiny and smooth as it shimmered under the sunlight.

“Attack!” I commanded. I chewed on the corn in my mouth as I attacked the tentacle that had wrapped up Ghostie’s spaceship. Seriously. I didn’t even have time for breakfast!

He Lei began to attack the other two so they couldn’t get close to us. Blasts of light from our weapons instantly sliced apart the slimy mass around Ghostie’s spaceship. The other end fell beneath the clouds. It didn’t look difficult to fight, but the other two were moving through the clouds very quickly. 

The surroundings became quiet, and soon there was only the boundless, churning sea of clouds in front of us.

Just then, we saw the tentacle I’d severed wriggling, still wrapped around Ghostie’s spaceship. The cut parts started to regrow, and soon there was a whole new black object!

It looked as if it had a head, and it was twitching in the air as if to provoke us! There were rings of black stripes along its body, and its head and tail constantly wriggled; it was a disgusting sight! I felt numb all over.

I, Luo Bing, wasn’t afraid of anything - except worms!

I’d always come across worms during outdoor training with my father. I naturally wouldn’t scream or jump, but I had actually always hated them. So I’d always insisted on not joining worm-eating survival training.

The black object wrapped around Ghostie’s spaceship began to clench its body, twining around the spaceship tightly like a dough twist. It constantly grew longer and longer, and soon it had almost engulfed Ghostie’s spaceship. It was as though Ghostie’s spaceship had been knocked into a cobra, and it was swallowing the spaceship up slowly.

“What the h*ll is that…” Ah Zong looked at it carefully and sniffed. “Mm… I can smell it… It’s… the scent of worms…” His face grew pale as he spoke. No one liked worms besides Raffles, who was a mad scientist.

“We have to take that thing off Ghostie’s spaceship!” He Lei and I flew around Ghostie’s spaceship. We connected to the ship, and I saw He Lei and Ghostie on my screen.

The sunlight on Ghostie’s screen was disappearing, and the lights turned on. Uncle Mason, Xiao Ye, Pelos, and Sia were in his spaceship. They looked confused, seemingly unaware of what was going on outside.

“What’s going on out there?!” Ghostie asked us. I immediately sent him the image, and they all put on looks of disgust.

“Activate electrocution.” Ghostie said, handling the spaceship with clear familiarity.

We saw the electric current running through the black object as the thing engulfed Ghostie’s spaceship completely. But what was really shocking was that the electrocution had no effect on it. On the contrary, it stimulated the object, which only clenched tighter!

“We have to remove it from outside!” I looked at He Lei and Ghostie.

He Lei creased his eyebrows. “We’ll hit Ghostie’s spaceship if we attack.”

“Too disgusting! No matter what method you use, get that thing away from me now!” Ghostie couldn’t take it anymore.

I thought for a while and I looked at Lucifer, saying, “Lucifer, get that thing off.”

“Yeah, you can send Lucifer,” He Lei agreed.

Although it had been cut off using a laser, the thing had grown back very quickly. So, tearing it off violently would be more effective.

Lucifer stood up happily. “I’ll go right now!” He was full of vigor. He was always in high spirits when it came to battle.

He jumped out of the rear cabin. Then, his body instantly grew huge and a pair of massive wings spread from his back. As he flew past my windshield, he was still chewing on a bun!


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