Book 6: Chapter 57 - The Enemy’s Surprise Attack

Marcus’ superpower was to slow down the opponent’s actions. It was an interesting superpower. Slowing down an opponent simply meant our speed would be faster by comparison. It was a practical superpower, especially when the opponent was a speed metahuman. It would be even more effective then!

Ernie’s superpower was to pass through walls. He was the person who had brought us out from the secret room in Koont Village back then. His superpower was weaker than Xiao Ye’s, and he couldn’t teleport long distances like Xiao Ye. He could only make a hole in a solid object within a certain distance. In other words, he could only make use of his superpower when there were walls or bricks.

Pelos’ troop had always lacked battle experience. It had been easy to tell they’d been strongly restricted by Uncle Akbu and Sis Shirley back in Koont Village. The elders had sheltered them so well that their experience was close to zero.

The main reason I’d brought them out on this expedition was to increase their experience. I’d never intended for them to really go onto the battlefield to kill our enemies. Marcus and Ernie had been chosen for this expedition, and everyone else was envious of them.

“They did well,” Ah Zong said slowly. He supported his head with one hand. “Ghostie and He Lei are just worried about you. I could feel Ghostie’s pain. His heart is aching badly because you got injured.”

Not far under us was Zi Yi, who never left Ah Zong’s side.

“I know.” I chuckled, but my eyes were teary.

“You… Did you find out?” Ah Zong asked softly.

I said nothing.

He didn’t speak, but stayed by my side quietly. Most of the time, he kept me company in silence just like this. He just looked at me quietly for a while. Then, he turned to look ahead of us. “I can smell it. Ghostie has Harry’s scent."

My heart instantly dropped. Previously, it had merely been Raffles and me making wild guesses. But now, I received confirmation from Ah Zong.

Although Raffles and I had been certain that Ghostie was Harry, we’d been confused because it was unexplainable. After Ah Zong confirmed it, I was filled with excitement and happiness. It was a different feeling from just making my own assumptions. It had been like fighting a lonely battle that had left me feeling lost.

“But… what happened?” Ah Zong said, deep in thought.

Thank you, Ah Zong. I feel so at ease now.

Ah Zong slowly withdrew his smile. He turned to look at me with sorrow and heartache. “It must be tough for you… to pretend you don’t know…”

I looked down. I really wanted to lie on Ah Zong’s shoulder and take a break. I wanted to be a little girl who had someone to lean on. But I couldn’t.

“It’s good to have you around, Ah Zong.” I smiled at him. It was the truth.

Ah Zong’s eyes quivered. Even though the barren plain was dry, it didn’t affect his moist skin and lips. He smiled sweetly. His red lips offset his white teeth, looking like glistening kernels of corn.

“How are you and He Lei doing?” I switched the topic of conversation so I could pull myself together and stop being the overemotional Luo Bing. I really wanted to know if he and He Lei were getting along too. I’d intentionally put them into the same team. 

Ah Zong smiled and bit his lower lip. He winked playfully as he said, “He… simply can’t leave me."


“With me, he performs so much better,” Ah Zong’s suggestive replies always directed people toward a crooked direction.

“Huh? The chief of the first zone was difficult to deal with.”

“No matter how difficult he was…” Ah Zong smiled flirtatiously and his hair fluttered past the corners of his lips. “...he was still a pervert.” Ah Zong half-closed his eyes and lifted his chin dreamily, continuing, “He looked at me… without moving an inch. Even after he died… His eyes were fixed upon me.” Ah Zong touched his lips coquettishly with pride.

Did Ah Zong use the beauty trap strategy?

“Brother Bing! Brother Bing!” Lucifer suddenly flew up and retracted his wings. He held a plate in his hand, and it contained delicious-smelling grilled corn and black buns. “Hurry up and eat. They’re freshly grilled.” He was wearing a tailor-made battle uniform that Raffles had designed for him. It was suitable for his body, which could grow and shrink. He also hadn’t forgotten the food bag.

“Thanks!” I rubbed Lucifer’s head.

Lucifer stole a glance at me carefully. Then he blinked, asking, “Sister Luo Bing, why did you fight with Brother Ghostie and Brother He Lei?”

“You’re still young. You won’t understand yet!” Ah Zong extended his arms and rubbed Lucifer’s head gently. “Sometimes, when one is worried for another person, they’ll be angry too.”

Lucifer seemed to understand, “Oh! I understand now! When I snuck out from the house, Papa and Mama beat me up when they caught me…" He said with an aggrieved air, “It hurt a lot.”

“Who told you to run around?” I continued to touch his head. His hair was fluffy and soft, and it was nice to touch. “Of course your parents would worry about you. Of course they’d get angry.”

“I’ve seen it on TV too.” Lucifer was very into the topic now. “I saw that the brother would fight with the sister when she went out on dates with other boys. The brother worried that the sister would be fooled by other boys! But when I see Sister Luo Bing with other boys, Brother Raffles never gets angry.” Lucifer looked at me seriously, and I suddenly felt awkward.

“That’s different.” Ah Zong helped me out. He tapped the tip of Lucifer’s nose. “You’re going to be an adult soon. Then you’ll understand. You,” Ah Zong picked up a bun from the plate and stuffed it into Lucifer’s mouth, continuing, “Eat more. We have a battle to fight!”

“Mm!” Lucifer immediately took the bun out of his mouth and stood up enthusiastically. He said excitedly, “I’ll go and take a look!”

The boy was always full of vigor whenever we talked about battle. Otherwise, he always seemed so lacking in spirit, as though he were starving all the time.

Ah Zong looked at him with a smile, saying, “You don’t have to go. They’re definitely prepared. It would be dangerous for you to go now.”

“Lucifer, sit down!” I pulled him down. He would simply be throwing himself in like a fresh piece of meat if he were to go now.

“Oh.” Lucifer sat next to me obediently.

I ate the grilled corn as I warned him seriously, “Don’t eat onions, garlic or things like that in the future. Okay?” Luckily, I hadn’t seen anything like durian in this world so far.

Lucifer looked aggrieved as he asked, “Why? Onions are so sweet. There’s so much water, and it helps to kill bacteria too!” He replied seriously. “Flying corpses have two stomachs. Some things that we eat aren’t clean too. Onions and garlic happen to help me kill bacteria and disinfect, so I won’t get a stomachache!”

My face grew serious as I exclaimed, “Because you-!”

“Bing.” Ah Zong leaned on my shoulder like a soft kitty. “Just let him have a little. His health is more important, isn’t it?” His soft voice made his words seem irresistible.


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