Book 2: Chapter 6 - Fly With You

Harry chuckled. “Look, it’s been completely brainwashed.”

I looked at the spaceship in surprise. I have never seen AI in real life, only on TV. This is so cool! Plus, our AI is still quite robotic, unlike this one which is so human-like. I couldn’t help but give Raffles two thumbs-up. “Raffles, you’re so amazing! You’re my idol!”

Raffles suddenly blushed and looked down bashfully. He smiled widely and continued, “It was so difficult to hack Silver Moon City’s program. But I managed to analyze it within a day; their coding was amazing but not as amazing as I am.”

“Alright, alright. Are you done?” Harry pushed Raffles and he stumbled. But he continued to smile bashfully, not caring if Harry pushed him around. Raffles was a person who was easy to bully.

Harry looked at me. “Waifu, hurry up and start the spaceship!” He gazed at the spaceship with anticipation.

I raised my hand again, and this time placed my finger on the fingerprint scan box without hesitation. The light shone around my finger and all the blue lights on the spaceship lit up like a beautiful wave.

“Identity confirmed. Luo Bing. Gene code recorded. Master, you can give me a name now,” the spaceship said elegantly. It was hard to imagine that an AI who spoke like an English gentleman also had the ability to curse.

I still couldn’t calm myself down and my heart was racing. Anyone who received a brand new spaceship out of nowhere wouldn’t be able to react quickly. My excitement wasn’t helping at all, as I couldn’t think of any good names. “Snow Queen!” I somehow blurted out a name.

“I’m sorry, Master, but I am male. ‘Queen’ is not suitable for me.” The spaceship tactfully expressed his dissatisfaction with the name.

That’s true. But this spaceship sounds so hard to please.

“Snow King then,” Harry said.

“You are not my master. You have no right to name me.” The spaceship sounded unhappy. Rejected by the spaceship, Harry’s expression stiffened. He turned to look at Raffles and asked, “Raffles, didn’t you calibrate him to be more gentle?”

Raffles blinked and there was guilt in his eyes. He lowered his head and explained, “That’d be more difficult, and time is ticking.”

“I think you just didn’t want to change it.” Harry smiled maliciously at Raffles. He abruptly extended his hand, slamming it against the spaceship body next to Raffles’ face. Anxious, Raffles stared at Harry with his eyes wide open. Harry eyed Raffles’ head and said, “Your two brains think a lot, no? What do you mean by this, hm?”

Raffles was so nervous that he couldn’t say anything. I wanted to push Harry away because I couldn’t stand this, but someone else roared, “Harry, do not bully my little cutie pie!”

*Retch.* That wasn’t Harry but the other guys next to Williams. They pretended to retch affectedly like delicate maidens, covering their mouths with their pinky fingers extended. They were mocking Williams.

Williams glared at them. “Why? Are you jealous?!” 

Harry glanced at Williams, then smirked mischievously and let Raffles go. Raffles looked away guiltily. 

Raffles definitely had his reasons. With his ability, it would be easy to change the AI’s character. In my view, it wasn’t that Raffles didn’t make it more gentle, but that Raffles deliberately set the AI’s character as such. I quite like this AI. He seems more human-like. Next time when I am traveling for a mission, there’d be someone to chat with me.

“How about Desert Eagle?” Everyone started discussing.

“But he’s white, not brown.”

“Then, Desert Swan?” What the hell is that?

“Rolling Pin?”

“Flying Baymax?”


“Stop fooling around. How is Luo Bing going to think when all of you are so noisy?” Sis Cannon roared and Xue Gie nodded in agreement coldly.

I looked at the spaceship in front of me. When it wasn’t speaking, it had the air of a sleeping dragon. Inspired, I immediately said, “Ice Dragon! My spaceship must carry my name.” Plus, my dad was born in the year of the dragon; I hope that my dad would look over me in this world. This way, it would also feel like my dad is by my side. Mm, I’ve decided. I hugged the front of the spaceship, feeling as if I was embracing my own child.

Letting go, I continued to admire it, my fondness growing the more I looked.

“Name received,” Ice Dragon replied. “Now, confirm co-pilot. When you are not around, he will be your emergency contact. He is permitted to drive me and become my second master.”

“Me!” Harry shouted and immediately leaped over. He cut in front of me as though he was afraid that I would stop him.

In fact, before I could realize what it meant and react, Harry had already pressed his finger on the fingerprint scan box. 

I hurriedly pulled his hand away but the light had already gone dim. “Emergency contact person confirmed, Harry. Now, please enter the spaceship. I’ll bring the two of you up into the sky to enjoy the beautiful scenery.”

I felt uneasy. It felt like my food had been stolen by a pig, or like someone had snatched away my favorite toy. But what’s done was done - Harry had already become my emergency contact person, the second master of Ice Dragon.

Harry couldn’t wait and ran to the side of the spaceship. From the moment he had seen Ice Dragon, he hadn’t been able to conceal his favor and desire for it.

A gap appeared in the body of the spaceship; it was the cabin door. Then, the blue lights all over the spaceship lit up. The back of the spaceship cracked open, slowly spreading out like a bird stretching before its first flight. Its wings had been hidden all along! This is so high-tech! If it wasn’t for Noah City’s lack of energy resources, they could venture into outer space too!

Raffles got excited too. He started walking backward. “Everyone, get further back. The spaceship is taking off!”

Everyone took a few steps back, their eyes filled with excitement and envy.

“Brother Harry, hurry up!” Xiao Ying shouted excitedly.

“Go for it, Brother Bing! Let Ice Dragon fly!” Everyone cheered.

I was indescribably excited too. I’ve never even touched a car’s steering wheel before, yet today I’m actually flying a spaceship! This will be a historical moment in my life!

The other side of the spaceship opened too.

Harry got into the spaceship while I got in from the other side. Then, the cabin door closed behind us.

It wasn’t very spacious in the spaceship. There were two pilot seats and the remaining space could hold at most another five to six people. However, there weren’t any seats. I wonder what the extra space is for? Would it be space for us to bring resources when we head out for missions?

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